May 30, 2016: New-look Android!  New Cast Members!

Interesting.  I came across this photo of our lovable Android over on Among the other goodies, the site offers a breakdown of the season 2 cast and Raza crew including…

May 30, 2016: New-look Android!  New Cast Members!

Melanie’s Liburd’s Nyx Harper and…

May 30, 2016: New-look Android!  New Cast Members!

Shaun Sipos’ young medic, Devon.

May 30, 2016: New-look Android!  New Cast Members!

In addition, there’s are new pics of some familiar faces accompanied by character descriptions and a little background on each cast member.  Check it out!

May 30, 2016: New-look Android!  New Cast Members!

In addition, there’s a season 1 refresher – but only for those who have already seen it.

For everyone else, there’s still time to binge Dark Matter’s first season on Netflix or over on!

May 30, 2016: New-look Android!  New Cast Members!Finally, while on the Syfy site, you can also peruse this rundown of The Raza crew – and what we know about them…

Meanwhile, @AdamSquareOne offers his own Dark Matter fan primer:

Hang in there!  Approximately one month to our Dark Matter season 2 premiere!

May 30, 2016: New-look Android!  New Cast Members!

12 thoughts on “May 30, 2016: New-look Android! New cast members!

  1. A little(Well a tiny bit..) over a month until the big premiere!. It’s crazy how time seems to fly. Also, the show page is about 39k likes away from 100k likes on Facebook. I wonder if after Season 2 finishes airing it will finally hit that goal.

  2. SyFy ran the promos for Dark Matter and Killjoy last night.
    Ditto KathyC – loving the “less androidy look” of our Zoie!
    Counting down to July…

  3. Hey Guys!
    Behind The Scenes bonus alert!
    Head on over to Joe’s
    @darkmatter_show twitter page for more breakdowns and teasers of what’s to come in season 2 from TV Junkies! (link is posted in the timeline)

    And if you’re not already doing so
    Dont forget to follow @darkmatter_show and join us for an explosively fun live interactive tweet up party July 1st beginning at 10 pm edt
    It’s going to be A BLAST!!! 😀

  4. Ah! Darn it! According to the new teaser breakdown from tv junkies, When Joe mentioned the other day ‘only TWO knows who the true mole is’
    he simply meant that when the crew awakens in prison she is apparently the only one aware that it was SIX who turned them in.

    And here was me having so much fun devising all sorts of delightfully demonic and irresistibly ingenious new methods of interrogation to get the new information out of her!

    Oh well. Such is life eh.
    Guess i shall just have to find alternate use for my latest evil brilliance.

    By the way: If anyone is free next weekend I would love to give you a tour of the new wing i built onto my remote forest estate that is buried deep in the mountains far far away from the things of man. 😀

  5. Lots of new faces, new ships, new locations & a new look for the Zobot!! Season 2 looks to be amazing!

  6. Mingna Wen posted a tweet about a new dessert.
    Macaron ice cream sandwishes – looooooks yummy.
    I dont know how to post a pixture of her post. Maybe the link to her twitter might work??? – scrooooolllll down til you see the huge macarons….yum.

  7. I’m prediction Zobot Android will have a personalizing name soon in the 2nd season. My hope is Alpha, or “A” for shipboard short.

  8. Our favorite android needs a name for sure, and more backstory. I’m looking forward to seeing the new cast members in action; wish my doc looked like Shaun Sipos, then my flu shots would be up to date.

    My new addiction is Dramaworld, a fast binging adventure into the K-Drama version of Pleasantville, like ODing on sparkles and sunshine:

  9. Love the new-look Android 👍

    The recent run of articles and interviews has revealed some interesting aspects for Season 2, giving even more things to think about!

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