June 1, 2016: And That’s A Wrap On Toronto!

Pictured above: My french bulldog, Lulu, let’s me know she’s ready to head back home.

And good thing to because, after weeks of prep, 90+ days of production, and seemingly interminable meetings, mixes, and migraines, we are Vancouver-bound.  I’ll be waking up tomorrow bright dark and early – 4 a.m.! – and head out with the dogs for a nice little walk, make sure they’re good and emptied out.  Our pick-up is at 5 a.m. for a 6:50 a.m. flight out, the first of the day!  Let me tell you, production can be incredibly challenging but nothing equals the stress of flying with your dogs.  Lulu usually quiet as a mouse but Bubba, my 13 (almost 14) year old pug can get a little cranky when he’s hungry.  Cranky and vocal, wailing like a child during the in-flight meal service.  BUT, it’s only five hours in the air (and roughly 30 minutes on either side) and then we’re back home and I can finally relax.

Juuuuust kidding.  There’ll be no relaxation for me.  I’ve got interviews lined up online and over on imgur.com, an upcoming reddit AMA, and my relentless online campaign to get the word out in advance of our July 1st season 2 premiere.  There’s that new pilot I’ve been working on (30 pages in!) and, oh yeah, starting June 13th, the Dark Matter writing department convenes to break stories for the show’s third season.  No, we haven’t been picked up…yet…but having seen the first five finished episodes, I’m feeling confident audiences are going to be blown away.  And that official pick-up will soon follow.

And, once we’re underway, I’m coordinating with the teams at Syfy digital and SyfyInternational on some fantastic fan giveaways.  Stay tuned!

A few Dark Matter-related links to prep you for our return:

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June 1, 2016: And That’s A Wrap On Toronto!

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Dark Matter season 2 trailer:

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See you in Vancouver!

15 thoughts on “June 1, 2016: And that’s a wrap on Toronto!

  1. Sending my best thoughts Lulu and Bubba’s way for a comfortable trip back to Vanc. And of course to Akemi and you that everything may go well too!

    I can only relate in a way to your Toronto time with my time at the rental house that I was in last year while the house was being built. It’s where you’re staying, but never really quite “home”. It always felt temporary, like a long hotel stay. I’m sure it will feel great to be back HOME. 🙂

    I can’t wait for the new season to start! And will be looking forward to reading more about what’s coming up.

  2. Lulu says “zip me up, I’m ready to go!”
    Bubba is probably following Akemi around not letting her out of his sight.

  3. Safe flight, Joe. Keeping my fingers crossed for ya. Hope your latest pitch is met with success. xo

  4. @Tam LOL! 😀
    Yes, I know.
    I actually download or
    livestream many of
    my movies\tv shows these days.

    I was simply suffering from
    a momentary MAC attack.
    (Middle Aged Crankiness).
    Its an irreversible chronic condition
    often triggered when someone
    of the younger generation
    refers to a tech trend
    as old school or antiquated
    not more than a couple seconds
    after i’ve finally become
    moderately comfortable using it.
    Techhology advances
    so quickly now a days
    It’s become nearly impossible
    for us, nolonger so quick on the draw
    but none the less favulous, folk
    of the baby boomer generation
    to keep pace \ adapt.

    Sending oodles of hugs n love
    to you, Lucy & the family.
    Please give warrior princess
    Dr Jo warmest hugs from me
    as well. Let her know she is
    in all our hearts n prayers always.
    Bet your son is excited about his new internship, eh!?
    When does he start?

  5. Hope Lulu & Bubba make the check in weight. A little like Vision Quest! Wishing you a safe, uneventful, boring trip home. No Stephen King & The Langoliers, Twilight Zone & monster on the wings traveling for you!

  6. Ditto everyone above!
    Wishing you, Akemi, Bubba and Lulu, all a safe journey home… 😊 … I bet, stepping through the front door can’t come soon enough!

  7. Chiming in with one more “safe travels”! I hope your journey is uneventful and boring.

    I’m excited, it is June, and my little art showing is up in a local coffeehouse. I almost feel like a competent adult!

  8. Maybe I’ll bump into you on a Vancouver street because I’m westbound next week. Safe travels!

  9. Hope Lulu and Bubba can rest on the trip, I can’t imagine how happy they will be to see their backyard again and check out their favorite sun spots. These pugs seriously need their own show.

    Just re-watched Eureka; a Syfy classic. Roger Cross popped up, responsible for nearly vaporizing the adorable Felicia Day. Just how many villains has Roger played? Considering he (was) such a sweetie on DM season 1. He’s a darn good villain too, I nearly threw my laptop across the room at that DM finale cliffhanger. Counting the days to DMS2. Safe travels to Joe, Akemi and the doggies.

  10. @ I’m feeling confident audiences are going to be blown away.

    I think that reflected in season ones numbers. I mean, the show was stable in overall viewers and in the 18-49 demo the entire season. People liked what they were watching. Not to mention the show doubled its live audience with Live+7 dvr viewing. In general I think there’s a lot of positives to take away from how the show performed.

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