So, a couple of weeks ago, Akemi and I watched a documentary about artist Ushio Shinohara and his wife (and fellow artist) Noriko.  Ushio is known for his boxing paintings which involve him donning a pair of boxing gloves, dipping them in paint, and then pummelling out his artistic expression on canvas.

The film, by Zachary Heinzerling, is great and you should definitely check it out on Netflix.  Anyway, it inspired our Bubba – not a boxer but a pug – to do a little artistic pummelling of his own.  With a  little help from Akemi and I…

May 29, 2016: Cutie And The Boxer And The Pug!

The artist double-checks his equipment.

May 29, 2016: Cutie And The Boxer And The Pug!

Sourced from Michael’s and the local Pet View: paints, painting equipment, sponges, doggy socks and booties.

May 29, 2016: Cutie And The Boxer And The Pug!

Akemi spent much of last night, carefully cutting out tiny little circular sponges she then glued to rubber dog booties.

May 29, 2016: Cutie And The Boxer And The Pug!

She chose to go blue – dark and light.

May 29, 2016: Cutie And The Boxer And The Pug!

And set up the mini canvases at a dedicated boxing/painting station.

May 29, 2016: Cutie And The Boxer And The Pug!

The artist was outfitted with the proper equipment.

May 29, 2016: Cutie And The Boxer And The Pug!

Then transferred over to yours truly who would help direct his artistic expression.

May 29, 2016: Cutie And The Boxer And The Pug!

Ready to punch out a masterpiece!

Bubba creates!

May 29, 2016: Cutie And The Boxer And The Pug!

Bubba proudly displays his work.

May 29, 2016: Cutie And The Boxer And The Pug!

May 29, 2016: Cutie And The Boxer And The Pug!

Now to get these babies framed.

May 29, 2016: Cutie And The Boxer And The Pug!

A hard-earned rest.

May 29, 2016: Cutie And The Boxer And The Pug!

19 thoughts on “May 29, 2016: Cutie and the Boxer and the Pug!

  1. So Lulu does not want a piece of the action?!? Bubba is so cute and really getting into it, about the 5 second mark. Team effort!! Another great share!, thanks.

  2. What an artistic family you all are!

    I think I prefer Bubba’s artwork to Mr Shinohara’s. Bubba’s has more depth and feeling. The composition in each canvas, is free and uncompromising …. (do I sound like I know what I’m saying?!)
    I love the picture showing Bubba posing proudly with his finished works. Great photo!

    How’s Lulu doing now?
    Is she hoping to be Bubba’s muse?

  3. Bubba the boxing pug, I can see that turning into a film franchaise all its own!!! 🙂

    Me, I am finishing edits on the final three episodes of my webseries “Preflight Launch” and madly writing my new non-sci fi project. Instead it’s fantasy. Will let you know more once I solidify my scripts, lol.

    Are you doing any more writing at the moment, or taking time away from the notebooks/computer/tablet to just chillax a bit?

  4. @Joe New York’s Museum of Modern Art Called.
    They want to know when Bubba’s master works
    will be available for an exhibit.

    Glad to see you finally got a shot at ‘directing’ a production
    so you can cross it off your bucket list. 😀

  5. @Tam Hope Jo is enjoying her weekend at home
    and is surrounded by the love of family, friends, her kitties and plenty of laughter.
    I enclosed a link for you to show her under Joe’s May 27th posting.

    Albeit if you haven’t shown it to her already
    Am thinking may be best to wait until Tuesday
    when she heads back to the hospital
    so she doesnt have to think about medical stuff these wknd.

    @Maggiemayday. Glad to hear the healing is coming along. <3
    Congrats n good luck on your show coming up in June.

  6. Love the artistic endeavor!! The different shades of blue contrasting on a white canvas with the black frame really speak to me. I think you’ve got something here. You could have a whole series – the boxing pug, the walking pug, the trotting pug, the running pug.

  7. @Ceresis Indeed!
    Am pretty sure we will ‘eventually’ find out
    Anders is known by other names
    and that he’s in league with someone
    other than the General or GA.
    Unfortunately with all that Joe
    has jam packed into season 2
    I dont think this question will be
    much explored until season 3.

    Who knows eh?
    Maybe at some point
    our devilishly handsome Lt Anders
    will end up on the run and find himself
    needing to take refuge aboard the Raza
    much in the same way Tabor Calchek had to.
    Bet it would make Three awfully jealous
    when Anders starts laying on the charm
    with the lady’s on board
    and they all start going out of their way
    just to be near him! 🙂
    Might be a good opportunity to expose Android
    to her first puppy love type crush and broken heart
    while offering the audience a comedic
    love triangle episode.
    i.e: She likes him. But he likes some one else.
    But that someone else likes someone else other than him.

    UH-OH! Can u say ‘cat fight’ boys n girls?. 😀

    Yippee ki yay. Giddy up! and

  8. @Drea Nailed it! I like your way of thinking……..
    …..more information about Lt Anders in Season 3 (just to whet our appetites even more)…..
    ……then boom……
    ….that’s what Joe’s Dark Matter spin-off series is going to be about – the adorable Lt Anders! 😉

  9. Thanks Drea! I’ll forward the link to her. Jo’s still in Texas but supposed to get here sometime tomorrow.

    Bubba doesn’t look happy about his painting session. It must be tough to be so loved… 😉 He does look kind of proud though.

  10. Too cute, i think Akemi needs to make two more booties and let let Bubba walk around on all fours or all furs, sorry couldn’t resist the pun. If some guy can leave his glasses on the floor at a museum and someone snap a picture thinking it’s art…I think Bubba put a little more thought and creativity into his work. Frame them and auction them off for a charity or funding for your new super secret project.

  11. Dark Matter spinoff (You heard it here first, folks!).

    …vous ne perdez pas de temps !!

  12. @Tam You know what a refined actor Bubba can be and how he often enjoys hamming it up in front of the camera..

    That was simply him portraying the look of the tortured artist. 😀

    Apologies. I must have gotten things turned around in my head.
    Thought Jo was coming home this weekend and heading back tomorrow.

    Hope you and the family had a good weekend!? <3

  13. @Ceresis 😀

    Actually, my hunches tell me Joe’s new spin off is going to be about artificial intelligence, clones, super humans and such things along those lines.

    But hey! ya never know eh!?……… xo

  14. Omg, you guys are so crazy. 😜

    In the beginning, I thought you were going to put the canvas down on the floor and have Bubba walk around in his paint booties.

  15. Bubba already has the ennui and angst of a true artiste, I love how chill he is about his art, bravo. Do these masterworks have names? I think I’ll call the framed one “Ballons aux Bleus”.

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