February 25, 2016: A #stargate Reunion On #darkmatter!

Well, what do we have here?  It’s a Stargate: Atlantis reunion on Dark Matter!  Princess Harmony and Rodney McKay, back together again!  This takes me back…

February 25, 2016: A #stargate Reunion On #darkmatter!

And this…

Today was our cast read-thru for Episode 207 and, while I can’t confirm that Tabor Calchek will be making a return appearance on the show (There’s a possibility that David just came in to replace the space heaters in the conference room), wouldn’t it be funny if he ended up on the ship and had to go toe to toe with our Android?

Hey, while we’re on the subject of Stargate/Dark Matter, here’s a little something for an upcoming episode…

February 25, 2016: A #stargate Reunion On #darkmatter!

What could we possibly have in store in season 2?

32 thoughts on “February 25, 2016: A #Stargate Reunion on #DarkMatter!

  1. Oooo I can’t wait! I hope those two get a few minutes of screen time together. Good to see Five will be in an episode…since she was missing from the crew shot.

    And what is happening in that screenshot…I’m thinking it’s for traveling the galaxy with the Transfer Transit.

    On an unrelated note, I just ate half a 190g bag of Jelly Babies. My mouth is still sore from the root canal last week, so the chicken nachos I ate for dinner were not a good idea. I wanted soft, sweet comfort food…sigh.

  2. Cool! That must have been a fun reunion, and I can’t wait to (maybe) see Tabor on the ship!

    That screen looks like some kind of Transfer Transit/Gate address. Either way, someone’s getting a road trip!

  3. These teasers are so awesome! Would be great to see the 2 of them on screen again! Curious as to what that screen is displaying & for what it’s connected to…..

  4. Awwwwe, it’s Mr. and Miss “You don’t, don’t not like me. You like me!” And David is striking his locked and loaded pose, I bet he has that picture in his living room at home. Harmony was one of my favorite SGA episodes. Loved Jodelle in it.

  5. “…wouldn’t it be funny if he (David Hewlett) ended up on the ship and had to go toe to toe with our Android?”

    Oh, don’t tease us so. Having those two together would be epic.

  6. Looking at Jodelle’s shirt, I had to wonder…was it Cat Shirt Thursday? Or Wednesday? Or whenever this was taken?

    And I agree with gforce, that looks like either a Transfer Transit display or Samantha Carter’s dialing computer.

    @Drea Yesterday:

    I loved the Zombie Calculus (as represented by red and brown lentils). Jackie hasn’t seen it yet because she’s been riding along on semi-rig test tracks (part of her test lab at her co-op). Maybe she’ll see it this weekend.

    @Jeff W Bacon Bourbon? –> Should I even dare ask? 😀

    It was something I tried a few nights ago…I was drawn in by the thoughts of bacon and bourbon together. The initial impression was more like bacon bits and Southern Comfort, but after a couple of more tastings, I’m getting a twisted appreciation for it. I found it’s better on the rocks. I still can’t say it’s my favorite, but I wouldn’t turn away a glass if offered it in the future. See:


  7. Nice walk down memory lane. “Harmony” was such a fun episode. I’m hoping David dropped by to replace the space heaters & for wardrobe fitting for an upcoming episode.

    As for the mystery graphics, I’m thinking coordinates for interdimensional space travel, wormhole technology and something related to Five’s “key”. They do look like little chevrons don’t they? I bet there’s some kind of quantum physics involved as well, if only we knew a quantum physicist from the Pegasus Galaxy.

  8. A Dark Matter universe DHD? Yay! Don’t tell me it’s something boring like an infirmary console.

    Is the gate 201 meters above 42 Tweedsmuir Rd, Winnipeg? I was surprised to see coordinates that actually land on a discrete location. Usually random ones are in the middle of an ocean or something. I love trying to find easter eggs where there are none.

  9. Episode 7 and we get to see Tabor Calchek’s new wardrobe and more David Hewlett ‘McKayisms’ – woohoo!

    I’m with @MaggieL80 thinking about the graphics – coordinates for interdimensional space travel, wormhole technology and something related to Five’s “key”. 😄

  10. Ahh brings back fond memories. of past sci-fi :). I keep meaning to ask how is it for you to be working with someone you have worked with as a child? do you find that you compare those times or do you just not consider the age thing and just continue working with the person? (i have no idea if that makes sense on the page?) I know that i have worked with people from childhood myself and i find i don’t even consider that they are children but just people who got bigger and more experienced.. i just wondered if it was the same for other people.

  11. In the display, I’m guessing are symbols designed for quick recognition from a distance, like other icons seen on Dark Matter displays. I don’t see a reason for writing to have evolved this particular direction in just 200 years unless it’s for something specialized like that.

  12. LOL, “Lies, all lies”. Jodelle was so young in that video, so cute. ♥ Will be awesome to see David again in season 2 and even better if he gets scenes with Jodelle. Can you tell what are those pictures behind them? Memorable scenes?

    No idea what the other picture could be. Scanning something? Searching for something? No, transferring something/someone? I like the design of the letters/symbols.

  13. Another great SGA reunion. Harmony was such a quotable ep, and Jodelle was terrific as a tiny imperious queen.

    And I enjoyed the spoilerish production still’s tacked up behind J & D. Can’t glean much from the pics; Two looks sad that the ship is out of coffee, and Three either is celebrating a field goal.

  14. Drea: Praying all goes well!

    Ponytail: How are your parents? You doing ok?

    That was fun seeing David and Jodelle. It was nice seeing her act like a kid, while she was doing such a grown up job of acting. I follow David on Twitter and his son keeps him young.

    I measure everything in one unit of measurement lately “how old was Evan then?”. Evan is the name of my son and he’s turning 21 this year. Time flies!

  15. @ponytail @TheOtherOne Thanks. 🙂 They’ve now confirmed its a mass and requires biopsy. But I already knew that based on the symptoms. What I did not know and what was making me nervous was how big or small it actually is and if it could possibly be something located elsewhere in my body. The good news is it appears small and localized. The bad news is:
    Cant seem to shake my chocolate cravings so looks like am going to spend the weekend making chocolate bars and brownies anyway! Though I don’t have an actual baking mold of Mikita, maybe I’ll just use one of his web photos and improvise.

    Will definitely be sure to share pics if any of it turns out “interesting”. 😀

    @Ponytail: How are you doing? Did you get the paperwork transferred to your name ok? and did they end up transferring your dad? or is he still at same place?

  16. @Jeff W Actually the lentils in part one are just to explain & introduce “part two” where the zombie play and all the ‘fun stuff’ happens.


    re: Bacon Bourb …… ( normally big mouthed audacious humored
    greek-american science geek slash ballerina puts on dark sun glasses and mutters “no comment” under her breath as she walks off into the sunset eating one of the american made chocolate bars she retrieved from inside her long classic tan trench coat. Stops for a moment after taking a bite with a puzzled look on her face and looks down to read ingredients on the chocolate bar’s wrapper, guarded tightly like a prized treasure, in her left hand.

    ” cocoa, milk, sugar, bacon ……………”

    hmmmmm Is there nothing left in america that doesn’t have bacon added to it in someway?

    By the way: I’m not sure a certain Canadian has quite forgiven you yet for making him try “Bacon Soda” 😀

  17. Ah Joe! There you go again being an evil tease! Making us think (via the mystery graphic) that one or more of the cast is perhaps going to do a TT visit to a star gate address.

    Ya do realize CHOCOLATE has been proven to calm some of the more aggressive symptoms of ETS (Evil Tease Syndrome), dont ya?

  18. @Tam Thanks xo (She says with a mouthful of a snickers bar)

    Apologies for the rudeness of talking with my mouth full. Just really needed to get the taste of that bacon chocolate bar out of my mouth.

    Sending 3 musketeers light fluffy hugs your way!

    ~Have A Great Day Everyone!~ <3

  19. And hey….congrats to Jodelle for her Saturn award nomination for “Best Younger Actor on TV.”! Not sure how Dark Matter missed the “Best Science Fiction TV Series” category though…

  20. Awesome! Can’t wait to see more Tabor. I really want to see his character more fleshed out more. I don’t think he’s had enough screen-time for us to really see what he’s all about.

    Looks like we’re in for more Transfer Transit fun! Again, I must say how much I LOVED that twist when ONE showed up as someone else on the other end of that TT in season one. THAT was awesome!

    Hmm……..could they be using that trick to their advantage in some sort of heist in season 2?

    Why did we not get a gallery of “Cat Shirt Thursday” this week? Was there nothing new to show?

    Saw this on Yahoo’s front page today, made for an interesting read. Not entirely journalistic in nature, more of an opinion piece:


    What was even more interesting were the comments contrasting the article. You could say that it’s just a bunch of die-hard fans defending their beloved franchise, but there are some that make some very good, well thought out points. I will definitely agree that there is still quite the large cult following out there, and probably always will be, at this point.

    I’ve noticed SG fandom turn up in the weirdest places sometimes….(the fandom comes out in the comments):


    I like the fact that the SG related comments are the most upvoted amongst all these random posts. 😉

    -Mike A.

  21. DAVID!!! Will so be looking forward to seeing him in the near future. Whether it be on the show or for more blog cameos while doing other office repairs.

  22. Wow, sorry man. I totally didn’t mean to spam your comments section like that. I had no idea imgur links show up like that, I figured they’d just be linked text. Next time(if there ever even is a next time) I’ll use shortened URL addresses.

    -Mike A.

  23. Cool pictures Mike A.

    I really enjoyed Harmony. She played them both like a guitar, knowing exactly which strings to pluck to make the right chords.

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