I knew of Jason Priestley through his extensive work in front of the camera but, over the past year, I’ve been hearing more and more about his work behind the camera as well.  And then, back in October, when we were putting together our directors’ schedule for Dark Matter’s second season, his name came up again. And again.  According to people in the know, Jason is a pretty damn fine director.

So, I did my due diligence, asked around, and learned that not only is he a good director, but he is, apparently, a great guy to work with.  Win-win!

February 24, 2016: Director Jason Priestley At The Helm!
Jason leads prep on Episode #207

Jason started prep on Episode #207 last week.  On his first day, he was fairly quiet. In hindsight, he was clearly getting the lay of the land, familiarizing himself with the production, its personnel.  And then, on day 2, he was ON – breaking down the script, its scenes and shots; fielding any burgeoning issues in cool, collected fashion.  Every episode will have its challenges and the mark of a great director is how he/she deals with them.  Jason has been great at quickly identifying potential problems (ie. the ghost stunner, the escape beat, the Nyx time cut) and then coming up with possible solutions.

February 24, 2016: Director Jason Priestley At The Helm!
Overseeing the props meeting, Episode #207

Over the course of this past week,he’s been prepared, professional, upbeat, and ever-positive.

Also, he likes bourbon.  In the words of a late great Dark Matter villain: “That’s a win-win…win!”.

February 24, 2016: Director Jason Priestley At The Helm!
Jason makes a contribution to the Dark Matter whisky/ey club!

Production on Episode #207 begins Friday (as equally fab director, Andy Mikita, flies in to begin prep on Episode #208) and I look forward to seeing Jason on set and in action.

Also, at the next meeting of the Dark Matter Whisky/ey Club.

February 24, 2016: Director Jason Priestley At The Helm!
Burning the late afternoon oil!

24 thoughts on “February 24, 2016: Director Jason Priestley at the helm!

  1. I feel you should throw a “90210” somewhere on a bulkhead, door entry panel, computer screen, or…somewhere. Because that’s exactly the kind of thing you’d do and fans would think is hysterical.

  2. Welcome to Dark Matter Jason! Has he ever directed sci fi before? I too am very familiar with his onscreen work, but as a fan don’t know much about his behind the scenes work.

  3. It’s great that Jason is working out so well. I’ve heard elsewhere some pretty positive things about working with him also. I have to admit, my memory of him always seems to be stuck in his “90210” age, so when I see him “a bit older” it’s still a bit of a shock. Good thing I haven’t aged at all since then. 🙂

  4. Welcome Jason 🙂

    On another note, Syfy aren’t doing that great with their shows lately, these were the Monday lineup ratings. The Magicians 0.65 mil, 0.27 18-49, Lost Girl 0.32 mil, 0.09 18-49, Bitten 0.35 mil, 0.10 18-49. As you can see, Dark Matter doesn’t have that much in the way of competition on the network so far this year.

  5. This is going to be an episode to watch for sure. Going to be a great to see his personal stamp on this episode.

  6. Can’t wait to see his episode. I believe he directed the episode of “Call Me Fitz” that Dark Matter’s own Android, the lovely Zoie Palmer, appeared on, and in which he also stars.

  7. Sadly my place of work does not have a whiskey club, but we do try to have a monthly Happy Hour. I’m trying to up it to weekly.

    Looking forward to watching Jason’s Dark Matter directorial debut. He looks intense!

  8. Oooo! A new single malt! Oh, and Hi, Jason. 😉

    I’m looking forward to seeing this episode when it airs (only one)?

    You all will have to tell me what you think of the Auchentoshan Three Wood when the Whiskey Club reconvenes. I might be looking for a change after my recent Bacon Bourbon experience…

  9. LOVE Jenny Horn’s idea! Oh please do that. Like a pineapple or an Alfred Hitchcock walk on, that could be Jason’s directing signature. Do it!

    Maybe he is such a nice guy because he has learned by watching over the years how bad attitudes and behavior can affect a set.

    Win, win, win. Let me see, he is a good director, great guy to work with, and he likes bourbon. But he has a fourth “win”… you can put him in front of the camera anytime!

  10. Cannot wait to see new season. Somehow I had missed the video of the reveal … really fun. Now get in there and find a way to redeem the mole 🙂

    I wonder if the did a poll of actors if your greatest influence of introduction to foodieism is in the top 10. It sure as heck is one of mine. I can’t have to booze, but you’ve inspired me to try a lot of things.

    Wasn’t aware that Mr Priestly directed til I noticed on Saving Hope. Welcome, and look forward to your work!

  11. I can’t wait to see Jason’s work 207 and Andy’s 208. I guess the potty humor is in 209. Just kidding but I have listen to enough of his commentaries to understand his humor. Fine director. 😀 Having just watched the episode 2 of Caprica first season, I didn’t like all that hand held work. I can very much appreciate your directors’ work.
    I guess I will have to schedule rewatching Season One the coming April to coincide with with the new season.

  12. Glad to hear Jason Priestly is working out so nicely for ya. That boy sure has come a long way and racked himself up quite a few nods & awards along the road since his 90210 days! http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0000594/awards?ref_=nm_awd

    Hooray! Andy Mikita is finally returning! I was feeling somewhat tense this morning (imaging appointment of that pesky mass is today) until you mentioned him. Now there’s someone I will always consider irresistibly yummy! <3 Was thinking of experimenting with creating homemade chocolate bars and new brownie varieties this weekend to calm my nerves. Gee, Ya think if I asked Mr Mikita nicely enough he'd send me a 3d cast baking mold of himself? 😀 Ha!! Now that'd cheer me up, for sure! 😀

    @jorie74 Looking forward to seeing how your 'almost silent film' project turned out. That my maternal great grandfather, Walter Cleveland Simon, composed the very first original music score for silent movies in America I seem to have a built in natural attraction to the art.

  13. @Jeff W Bacon Bourbon? –> Should I even dare ask? 😀

    O’ Hey! Did ya check out the zombie calculus vid I sent ya? Its definitely one of my all time favs. xo Caught myself giggling aloud at quite a few of the scenes first time I watched it.

    The fella who posted it was a HUGE Walking Dead Fan. Bet Joe would love him, eh!

  14. Welcome Jason, can’t wait to see this ep; ghosts, Nyx, escapes. Wondering if”ghost stunner” movie lingo for a cool effect.

    Nearly done with my Almodovar retrospective, and threw in Abre Los Ojos for fun.

    And I had to rewatch “Michael”-love the way our heroes came off as sinister while Michael was the victim (up until he hightailed it through the gate with Teyla as the world’s cutest MRE). So many moral conundrums in that ep. Flanigan makes a great villain.

  15. Go Jason!

    >>the ghost stunner
    >>the escape beat
    >>the Nyx time cut
    ….awesome, teaser, teaser, teaser!

    Some more cool props on that table, too 👍 #BringOnSeason2

  16. So happy to see Jason involved with Dark Matter. I’ve been a fan forever and I know he will be great in this genre! He has a great sci-fi resume.

  17. The Dark Matter art and props depts are awesome! And, btw, I’m a huge SGA fan. Even so, any SG association on DM is great.

  18. I am damned determined to get caught up TODAY to 3/16. I want my 3/17 Happy Birthday nod for your binge-reader, Patrick is on spring break this week and he is laying next to me watching Eight Below. I always cry in this movie even though I know it is coming (the dogs that die)

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