February 26, 2016: Today On Dark Matter!

Uh, why is that stasis pod on?  In emergency lighting mode?  Haven’t seen that since…oh…scene 1 of Episode 101.

February 26, 2016: Today On Dark Matter!

Well, look who it is.  Director Andy Mikita (Episodes 112, 113 – and soon-to-be 208) has come bearing gifts: not one but TWO bottles of whiskey.

February 26, 2016: Today On Dark Matter!

A little something from the props department.  It’s actually a huge teaser – but you’ve got to know what you’re looking for.  Or at.

February 26, 2016: Today On Dark Matter!

It light up and everything.  And when I say “everything”, I do mean…

February 26, 2016: Today On Dark Matter!

A little work-in-progress via the VFX department.

20 thoughts on “February 26, 2016: Today on Dark Matter!

  1. Hmmm. Those are some interesting pics. The whisk(e)y one is the only one I know what’s going on!

    That thing that lights up – when you say it’s a prop vs. a set piece, are we to assume that it is actually something that the actors will use? Looks like part of a tanning bed to me.

  2. Stasis pod, red equals danger – a remote signal activated it, and there’s another crew member still aboard, who never woke up with the others…🤔

    More fab VFX work!

    Huge teaser… a mini portable tanning bed? After all, you don’t get to see much sun whilst on board a spaceship!

  3. Joe, your teasers are driving me crazy. Thanks for sharing, but season two isn’t coming soon enough. Can’t wait so I’m going to have to be satisfied rewatching season one again. Have a great weekend to you and all.

  4. Stasis pod on emergency is not a good thing, or is it…..?? The prop looks like it could be used in a torture chamber! That last picture looks like a prison on an ice moon, wonder how is escaping from there?

  5. Nice touch of snow/frost lined canyon walls your VFX dept is working on. Though tell them they might want to fade the snow borders on the wall a bit because when i enlarged the view to get a closer look the frost/snow kinda sorta looked a little bit like it was painted on?

    Ha! See that! One more reason to have a fan crush on Andy Mikita. He’s not only talented and charismatic, he’s also generous! 🙂

    @Mike A So I was reading the comments you mentioned when i came across this re-posting from Richard Dean Anderson


    Which led me to this hilarious posting and comment in response to the 1st repost


  6. @Tam When is Evan’s Birthday? I remember when my Evamarie turned 21. Definitely a special memory. (mini cheese cakes & soft lemon cake).

    Am making some soft gooey chocolate brownies tomorrow. If they turn out well I’ll save some and send them your way. <3

  7. hmmmm. seems the middle of my post directed at Kathy C was mysteriously cut off. then mashed up the end comment to meet the comment i made to Tam.
    Ok lets try this one more time. hopefully the ‘full’ post will show up this time so it makes more sense, eh! 🙂

    @Tam When is Evan’s Birthday? I remember when my Evamarie turned 21. Definitely a special memory.

    @Kathy C Sorry to hear your ouchie is still bothering you. 🙁 Goodness! What made ya want to try something as difficult to chew as gummy bears so soon!?
    Sure sounds like you’d benefit from some soft sweet comfort food schooling from our lovely blog sibling MaggieMayDay. -> (mini cheese cakes & soft lemon cake).

    Am making some soft gooey chocolate brownies tomorrow. If they turn out well I’ll save some and send them your way. <3

  8. I’ve decided that I still like the occasional surprise so I’m not going to speculate today on why the stasis pod is glowing red when in Ep 101 it was glowing blue when life support was failing or what the mysterious infrared panel thingy is. As always thanks for the pics. Can’t wait to see the production version of Hyperion-8. Have a nice relaxing weekend! Drink some bourbon! Catch up on The Walking Dead or watch The Martian.

  9. It looks like you are burning down the house in that last picture. Or at least a prison planet. Someone make those square thingys up there overheat and cause a fire or explosion?

    Always good to see a familiar face, bearing gifts too. You’ve got a pretty big Whiskey(y) club going there Joe!

    @ Drea and Tam – my dad is being released in less than a couple of weeks. They think they have done all they can with him. They are recommending 24 hour care, which means nursing home. But my mom wants to try and let him come home first. Which means extremely expensive 24 hour personal care. Waiting on a quote right now from a company we have chosen. I now have power of attorney over both of their medical and financial business. We will be “scooting” all their assets over to me so I can handle everything for them. Luckily, I am very good with money. If this personal care turns out to be more expensive than a facility, I have started research on good multi care facilities, where my mom can live in an assisted environment and my dad can be at the same place in a skilled nursing environment. I would like my mom to have some assistance too. I got a billion things to do… (while working a 45-50 hour week job!)

  10. A light up … toaster? Display rack for trading cards?

    Ah, CPI, the soft foods are getting softer. I’m beginning to replace a meal a day with a protein smoothie or shake. Things have gone downhill gutwise. One more painful scary thing. Sigh. Insert profanity here.

  11. Drea: Evan turns 21 on August 2nd. His dad’s going to take him for a beer. 🙂
    Still praying for good results on your biopsy! Brownies, Yum!

    Mr. M.: Still bummed out about Konatsu? You are right about wanting a pooch that blends in. I made that mistake by bringing Ruby in with Harry. I loved Ruby but she was a big bully. Harry would have been much happier without the tension.

    Dr Jo is coming home today!!! Her extremely shy cat, Monty, is so lonely that he’s coming out to let me pet him. I’ve only seen glimpses of Monty for the last two years, so this is big! If Jo waits any longer, Monty will be mine. 😉

  12. Those are servers, or server parts? Hehe, love to speculate, even if i am probably always wrong. The last picture is just WOW. It looks already awesome, i can imagine how good it will look when it’s finished.

  13. Good luck @ponytail; it’s so hard to go through what you are going though. I had to do something similar for my mom (my dad had already passed so it was a bit easier, only 1 to coordinate) and it’s never easy. I’ll keep my fingers crossed it all works out.

    Thanks @chocolateparty! I’d love some of those brownies. Gummy bears are so soft I thought they’d be fine; the jelly babies were much easier to chew. Not sure why I made chicken nachos for dinner; I knew I’d never be able to handle the tortilla chips. Happily I am almost back to normal today; until I go back and have the temporary filling removed and find out what happens next (crown or not.) Then the dentist will make me hurt all over again. Sigh…but in the meantime, I can now enjoy cold food and beverages without pain. So it’s all worth it in the end!

  14. So Andy does not shy away from the rye. Nice touch. I might have to pick myself up a bottle.
    Summit Brewing just came out with their 21 edition to the their unchained series; a lovely journey in Craft ales (if you are into that sort of Thing.)
    Space Heaters, I was thinking winter was almost over or were they poached from the local warming shed? Or, I was thinking a stage prop from Rush’s R40 tour. Yes I saw then in Toronto. I am one of those small dots in the video.
    Amanda, Andy, Peter, is Bill Waring going to make a show?

  15. Stasis Machine aka Ultimate Breakup Machine. Got a pesky ex who won’t stop calling? Invite them over to the Raza for a nap in one of the many faulty stasis pods for a refreshing memory wipe.

    That VFX image is making me wish for a DM video game, a cross between Doom and the Alias videogame.

  16. @Ponytail That must be so hard and so stressful. Sending my love to you. I hope you find a good solution. 24-hour care is VERY expensive.

    Andy needed to bring 2 bottles because the whisk(ey/y) club is getting bigger and bigger.

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