With the start of prep on Episode 208 and the commencement of principal photography on Episode 207, Friday, February 26th, marks the unofficial halfway point in the production of Dark Matter’s second season.  On the one hand, I am amazed and delighted that it has gone so quickly and so smoothly to date; on the other hand, I am stunned and slightly unnerved by the fact that we have less than three months to go before wrap.  I await internal notes on Episode 208 and am almost finished my pass on Episode 209.  Paul is working on Episode 210 this weekend and I have a first draft of Episode 211 sitting on my desktop, awaiting review.  I’ve got an outline for 212 and want to get started on the script by next weekend.  As for 213, the BIG season finale…well, we’re keeping the details on that one under wraps but suffice it to say if you thought season’s finale was a shocker..

Many have asked me “What happens in season 2?”  What lies at the heart of the show’s second season?”  All I can say is: “Tune in this summer and find out.”  But, in the meantime, I’ll just leave this right here…

February 20, 2016: A Dark Matter Tease!  Answers!  And Dogs!

Some of you had questions.  And I have answers!

KathyC writes: “Question for your next mailbag: are there ever comments you don’t let get posted? I’m sure we are ALL awesome and don’t comment anything inappropriate. Have you had problems in the past with comments, is that why you approve them?”

Answer: When I first started this blog, I decided to approve comments because, frankly, at the time I didn’t know what kind of comments I’d be receiving.  Over time, I’m glad I did because, moderation requires me to read all the comments, allowing me to get to know my blog regulars.  Back when I was on Stargate, there were a few instances where I had to delete some rude or disrespectful comments but nowadays my censorship is limited to the occasional spam message that manages to make its way through the filter.

Duptiang writes: “Is Martin Gero going to join you in any capacity for Season 2?”

Answer: I wish, but Martin Gero has his hands full with his hit NBC show, Blindspot, which will keep him very busy for the foreseeable future.

MaggieL80 writes: “Who is Titch? (I know the reveal is coming)
Will the Android be reprogrammed at H-8? Will she finally get a name?
Will we find out more about Five’s background & her little gang before she boarded the Raza?
Will we ever see Six again?
Will One finally tell Three why he thinks he was on the Raza & who he really is?
Who is that big eyed Rock & what does he want?”

Answers: Titch?  All will be revealed in Episode 204.  There will definitely be some tinkering on Hyperion-8.  The details of FIVE’s background will come to light over time.  Oh, we’ll definitely see SIX in the early goings.  Someone else may reveal ONE’s secret first.  As for that big-eyed Rock – the answer would be too big a spoiler.

dasndanger writes: “Even though you felt that SDCC was a waste of time, don’t you think it may have given DM more exposure than had you not gone? Also, wouldn’t it be a good way to get a feel for fan enthusiasm – to see if it’s grown since last year – or has the comic con become nothing more than a big cosplay event?”

Answer: Actually, the fan component of SDCC (cosplay, panels, etc.) is the BEST part of the con and I have no issue with it.  Ultimately, my participation is neither here nor there.  What’s important for the show is the presence of the cast (and as many cast members as possible).  I’m sure they’ll be more than happy to report back.

P.S. Just finished the first season of Better Call Saul on Netflix.  My favorite new series!  Highly recommended.

Today, let me leave you with a couple of pics from the homefront…

February 20, 2016: A Dark Matter Tease!  Answers!  And Dogs!


February 20, 2016: A Dark Matter Tease!  Answers!  And Dogs!

And lavagirl

11 thoughts on “February 20, 2016: A Dark Matter tease! Answers! And dogs!

  1. Now that’s a version of Sharkboy/lavagirl I enjoyed!

    I’ll be sure to check out “Better all Saul”. Thanks for the recommendation!

  2. Love Sharkboy & Lavagirl! My 16 yo wants a pug so bad. If he wasn’t going off to college in a year & a half we’d consider it, but leaving it with us to take care of while he goes away isn’t happening. While we love having pets (currently a guinea pig, finch & gecko) we are looking forward to the freedom of an empty nest to do some spontaneous travel, and a dog isn’t part of that plan.

    Thanks for answering my question!

  3. How wonderful you decided to do follow recommendations this week! 🙂 I had a similar idea and had typed up a promo for Jeff Teravainen to run Saturday but when I saw you had posted one yesterday – I decided to run mine simultaneously. He was simply over the moon when he saw two new promos running at the same time!! <3 Jeff is one truly talented hard working actor. A beautiful human being and I wish him much joy, wonderment and success in all future endeavors! XO

    @Ceresis & @Zoe Thanks so much for your help with RTs of all the promos!

    🙂 🙂 🙂

    Love the photo of Bubba & Lulu together. xo Has the makings of a perfect 'day in the life' photo to blow up to wall poster size, frame and hang.

    Hope you're feeling better and have a relaxing Sunday!
    Thanks again for taking the time to do mailbag! You definitely spoil us Joe!

    Big Hugs Always!
    xo -Drea

  4. Oooh, I vaguely remember seeing that card before. First in Ep 3, then again in Ep 5 & 6. Eager to discover more about this “key”. Bet someone is still looking for it!

    Enjoyed the mailbag, thanks for including my questions. Love the dog pics!! And I am also a fan of Robert Rodriguez.

  5. So, the “WAIT” is OVER! – My Niece finally had her 2nd Son earlier tonight! – BENNI! – I’m a Great-Auntie for the 4th time!

  6. @ Ganymede.. CONGRATS on your grandnephew 🙂

    Oh Joseph Mallozzi, you tease. Yeah I know you aren’t going to tell us anything, and Cross could be back but you won’t show pics to keep us in suspense. I get it, really. Just like my nephew has a close friend on Survival and I’d bet anything he knows if he won, but he’ll never tell. I personally had never watched more than 15 mins since the show began but rooting for him.

    While I am blaming you for things, like desperate need to know about the missing crew, I also want to first thank you for the cute doggie pics (love the shark)… and blame you personally, yes YOU, for my daughter wanting pugs and frenchies. I’m a BIG DOG person. You have corrupted her. She doesn’t read your blog, just looks at the food and dog pics. Her theory on the vast amts of food you eat is you have to be bulimic or an alien. Either way she says unfair.

  7. Giggles. Lavagirl and sharkboy. Adorable.

    Jeff is holding Better Call Saul for me until I finish up Breaking Bad. I wasn’t interested in watching it, but I wanted him to watch The 100 and now we are mutually hooked.

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