Last week, I almost convinced Akemi that we should adopt a senior pug.  More to the point – I did convince her that we should adopt THIS 10 year, 9 lb bundle of joy –

February 21, 2016: A Trip Down Memory Lane With You!

It seemed such a sure thing that Akemi was entertaining a possible name change to Konatsu (a type of Japanese orange) while I was considering how to break the news to our sometime travel companion (and blog regular) Jeff who could be charged with escorting the newest addition to our family on our next Toronto trip. Sadly, however, things did not work out.  Apparently the old gal has a bit of a temper and doesn’t play well with others – specifically, other dogs.  And, even more specifically, other dogs who tend to roam too closer to her food bowl (which Bubba has been known to do on occasion).

So, no Konatsu for us.  I am truly bummed.

Hey, speaking of Jeff – he’s been a long-time blog regular and, the last time he was in town, I decided to find out how long.  As it turned out, over six years.  His first post was on January 27th, 2010 and started: “I’ve only recently started reading your blog, so I’ll apologize in advance if I’m covering old ground, or if I’m out of step with the current backstory.” before going on to discuss Black and White sausage, haggis, and, of course, Stargate.

Intrigued, I decided to check out a few other regulars.

dasNdanger – who hasn’t been coming around as regularly because she wants to avoid spoilers – started posting back January 22nd of 2008 (Over eight years ago!) with a comment that began: “Hiya, Joe…  Cute pup.  I’m new to the fandom…” And, tellingly: “… despite my husband watching SGA from the beginning, I was only sucked in by Common Ground – excellent episode – and now watch mostly because of Todd. Love the character, and his shaky alliance with the SG team.”  The beginning of a looooong love affair.

gforce – feels like he’s been around forever but, in truth, Gary has been around since November 27th, 2009 when he dropped a quick message to  let me know how much he was enjoying my Tokyo gastronomic travelogue.  He came for the Japanese food, but stayed for the Stargate.

ponytail – One of this blog’s most prolific posters started weighing in back on August 13th, 2008, with a comment on Stargate: Atlantis and then, a week later, expressing her outrage at the show’s cancellation.

Tam Dixon – August 7th, 2009.  Let me know how impressed she was with my diet dedication – and how perfectly okay it is to make a couple of bites of chocolate part of your daily regimen.

PBMom – January 8th, 2009, Hilda introduced herself as a blogger for Fox 26’s “Your Family Matters” news segment – and, over the years, we’ve gotten to know her, her husband and, of course, her son Patrick who, despite his challenges, has come such a long way in such a seemingly short time.

Sparrow_hawk – and fellow avid reader started posting here on December 14th, 2008, with a post about anime, CG, and, of course, books (Curse of Chalion, Paladin of Souls, and Beowulf!).

Going AAAAALLL the way back to my earliest of early days, I see a few familiar names, among them…

Carolina – Left a comment on my very first post, aptly titled “The Beginning” back November 21st, 2006.  Although she’s now an infrequent poster, we still keep in touch via email.  In fact, just a couple of weeks ago, I sent a few recommendations her way in advance of her planned trip to Tokyo.

And just looking back over the past day’s comments, here are a few posters, newbies and veterans alike, and their respective “start dates”:

KathyC – September 28, 20013: Gave The Ladies #1 Detective Agency the thumbs up.

DebraDownsth – August 17, 2007: Inquired about an ascended Daniel.

Ganymede – June 20, 2008: Invited me to Polaris22

Maggie L80 – August 27, 2015: Just started watching Dark Matter!

Duptiang – December 7, 2010: Weighed in on my Narita travel experience.

And so many more.

Do you remember your first comment to this blog?

55 thoughts on “February 21, 2016: A trip down memory lane with you!

  1. I remember that book – loved it. I may have to go back and read it again. I definitely was a lurker for a long time before actually posting a comment. I think I’ve read your column daily since…since…oh geez. I don’t know when. 2012, maybe? Hard to remember, it’s been so long.

    Konatsu is so cute!! Love the tongue.

  2. Used to be daubermaus, then maushiem, then a few other sign ons, now I just follow on fb. Came on board at the start of SG-U, after googling a recipe and finding you.

  3. I don’t remember my first but I do remember giving you the idea for the book club….which I never did get credit for!

    The KW humane society had/has (should have checked) a pug cross. Sadly the bylaws won’t let me adopt another doggie. We are at our limit of 3. I’d take more if I could.

  4. Sorry to hear about Konatsu not working out…I would’ve been glad to be her airline escort. 😀

    And I had honestly forgotten what I had written in that first post. How in the world did I get on the subject of white and black sausage?

  5. I have been following you for an age and a half. First here but now, mostly, on Facebook. I have so many irons in the fire, now, trying to find Real Steady Work that I don’t get to read every day and end up playing catch-up on the weekends. And, no, I really have no idea what my very first comment was. No doubt something to do with SGA, though…

  6. My first post here was just a few months ago when I discovered Dark Matter on Netflix & binge watched all the episodes in about 3 days! I knew nothing about Dark Matter at all & didn’t know there was only one season out & was so freaked out when I watched the last episode & saw there was not a second season! So I did some online research about the show & here I am! I have been traveling a lot for business for the last 2 years so missed out on a lot of TV during that time & had never heard of the show. I am so looking forward to the next season & look forward to every post on this blog. Wish there was more activity on the shows Twitter account. Would love to see re-tweets of the casts show related tweets on the shows Twitter account. Since I am so busy I mainly use Twitter for all my social media & news needs as it is quick & easy to keep up with everything I care about.

  7. I don’t recall exactly my first post, but it was around 2008, for sure. I know you had a live Q & A (am I remembering that correctly?!), one of your early ones, and I asked you for good places in Vancouver to find excellent sources of chocolate. I came for the StarGate and stayed for the random food videos and the pups. 🙂

  8. So sorry to hear about Konatsu – he looks like such a cute little guy. At first I thought Konatsu was the name of a heavy equipment manufacturer, but I think that’s Komatsu. But yeah, you have to think about your current pups first for sure.

    I had no recollection that my first comment was about your foodie endeavours, but I guess that shouldn’t be surprising! 🙂 It warms my heart from that first contact sprang such a nice friendship with you and Akemi. It’s very much a treasure to me. It’s so cool to see when all the long time posters first commented and how they first started. Kinda makes me a little misty feeling, really. Your blog has been a great joy to me and I’m sure many people here. Even after all these years it’s still required reading every day!

    Here’s to many more posts, many more comments and the great community that we have here!

  9. I remember lurking but can’t remember commenting back during the SGA days. Then when the show was cancelled I guess I just stopped my regular check-ins. That could also be during the time my job was economically downsized & I had shoulder surgery before starting a new job. I drifted away from the SyFy channel for awhile – seriously tired of having shows I enjoy cancelled. Then low and behold I was watching Killjoys & taped the show coming on after it and a new addiction was born! And I rediscovered your weblog & another nightly addiction…

    I hope Konatsu finds a new home!! I applaud the love you and Akemi have for your dogs.

  10. I’ve read every post since… At least 2008 I think. But I only post when I feel there’s something I can add to the conversation. And since I own a cat (we had a family retriever growing up, but I’ve never been a huge fan of pugs. Sorry. 😛), and I’m not much of a foodie (occasionally I skim over the “food” posts), and rarely sit down to read a fiction novel, I don’t weigh in very often. I mainly stick around for the behind the scenes insights, particularly how the production process works. And I’ve always enjoyed writing (not professionally, just things such as this comment), so I also appreciate insights into the writing process.

    I’m curious when my first post actually was, in hindsight it probably came across as unintentionally arrogant or demanding. I had only read several days worth of mailbag entries (always my favorites), so I had an impression that this blog was one big Q&A, AMA. And it was also filled with books. So I believe my post was something like “Hey Joe, with all the books you have read, have you ever read the bible?”. While my intention was purely curiosity, since you’re such a voracious reader but it’s also such a mammoth undertaking, in hindsight I’ve always regretted how it may have unintentionally come across as heavy handed. That was not my intent.

  11. Yep. Avid reader. That’s me. I even got das to start reading again -once I discovered her weakness for pallid, white-haired anti-hero types…

    November, 2006. DANG! I’m impressed. And pleased. And I’ll stick around for as long as you care to keep entertaining us and sharing with us.

    My son (25 and out of the house and mostly beyond my influence) stopped by for dinner last week (duck breast with cherry sauce). He mentioned that finally started watching Dark Matter on Netflix. And ended up binge watching the entire season. And was just wondering if I knew if there was a second season.

    Another convert!

  12. Joe said:
    Do you remember your first comment to this blog?

    Gee, no, but I followed At least two of your previous blogs /production diaries at GateWorld and starting around…2003?

    Coincidentally, when Colin Cunningham and I chatted a week ago, we also tried to figure out the length of our acquaintance. I first met BOTH of you at Gatecon 2002, just after I discovered SG-1 on Sci-Fi Channel (now Syfy in the USA).

  13. Egad. Mine was probably a Sam/Jack question. How you must miss us shippers…. I came for Stargate tidbits and stayed for, well, everything. I don’t post a lot, but not a day goes by that I don’t read this blog. In fact, it’s the only blog I do read!

  14. I know I have been here a spell, can’t remember dates. I remember seeing you post on the gateworld site. And this is a fun ride, I enjoy just reading the posts, and don’t always post, and others I can actually think of something to say…Thanks for sharing all you do.

  15. Hmmm…I joined WP in Nov. 2008, but it’s proving difficult to find my first comment.

  16. (Sorry for multiple comments.)
    I feel sure I accessed this blog through other accounts or as a guest before 11/2008, because we exchanged stories about Don Davis before his death earlier that year.

  17. You made me look. I have been lurking here since at least May 2008. Wow, it’s been a long time.

  18. (Last for tonight, I swear.)

    No joy searching for the first comment, but the earliest mailbox Q&A was 5/11/2007.

  19. I’m really sorry to hear about Konatsu. But I’m sure he’ll find his forever home soon. Are you looking for a shelter pup to save?

    I don’t remember what I wrote, but I started sometime in 2007. I was one of the “Anonymous” people, until I made myself into a horse. I’ve always wondered happened to some of the other old timers like pg15 (Cal Tech?) and Morjana.

    Although I don’t comment much anymore, I’m hoping this year will be better and I can get back in the saddle.

  20. Poor Konatsu. I guess if you were smaller than the other kids and your tongue hung out all the time, you’d be a little more defensive and stand up for yourself after a lifetime of the other dogs staring at you. Hoping she will find a home were she is the only dog.

    I was googling Jason Momoa and came across your blog. I lurked at least a year before getting up enough courage to comment. I enjoyed your blog so much, I went back and read every entry from the beginning. And have read every one since. Back when you talked about traveling to Japan and eating (of course!). I swear Das was commenting back then, long before 2008.

    BTW – I apologize for anything I might have said about the SGA cancellation. I remember it depressed me really bad for a couple of weeks.

    One of my first comments that got your attention (you answered the following comment in a mailbag) was after you cruelly accused one of your dogs of chewing up your expensive shoe:

    August 31, 2008

    “As one of the lawyers hired by Suspect #2, I have heard their side of the story and decided to represent all 4 of the accused. In addition, we are filing a countersuit for public defamation of character, being falsely accused of a crime they did not commit, and pain and suffering from distress created by these alllegations from their owner . (How could you even think that!!).

    Mr. Mallozzi, where you aware that dogs chew, things like food, bones, and other items? I’m sorry, was that a “yes”?.

    Mr. Mallozzi, do they have doors on closets up there in Canada? Did you just mutter another “yes”?.

    Mr. Mallozzi, finally, did you actually OBSERVE one of the suspects chewing your shoe? Was that a “no”?. Is it possible the shoe could have been damaged by a rat? They do have rats in Canada correct? Did you say “yes”?

    I contend that YOU, Mr. Mallozzi, are responsible for the distruction of the shoe because it was YOU who left the shoe out where any creature such as a rat could get a hold of it and chew it up!!!! Since YOU do not keep your shoes in the closet, anything would have access to it, including rats or a disgruntled co-worker like Carl Binder, whom you had also recently publicly embarrassed!!!!

    My clients are willing to forgive you for their public humiliation, and will press no further charges, if you will meet certain conditions.

    They request 54 pounds of bones, fresh cooked bacon every morning for 1 year, a box of those ox tails, a soft doggy bed in EVERY room of the house – for each dog, no more vet visits, and a public appology as it must have been the rat (or Binder).

    We await your agreement to these conditions. Shame on all of you who thought it was one of my clients!”


  21. Pretty pumped that I’ll be back on set again this week. Can’t wait to see those awesome prison sets!

  22. Sorry things did not work out for your new possible addition. She is very photogenic. While I think Komatsu is a nice name, would it not cause confusion in a dog so old? just a thought.
    I remember reading your blog for some time before making that post. My initial reason for visiting was that I wanted to find out Why Amanda Tapping had suddenly quit the show after an enjoyable job of being base commander on SGA.
    I have read your blog almost every day and the different clubs were/are always fun, entertaining and educational. And despite my wariness of being an interloper I was drawn in to join the list of fun, entertaining, rich commenters with my erstwhile sometimes dyslexic laden entries.
    I guess I had to mention something about your trip to Japan, as I too have traveled to East Asia, mostly Thailand, a great many times. Guess it was thing in common.
    Your dedication is commendable/admirable to me as I understand want a busy schedule you keep. Thanks for putting in the addresses of restaurants you enjoy and visited. I still need to head back to Vancouver to finish that list.

  23. *WOOHOO*! I made “the Cut”!? — sh*t. 2008? It’s been THAT long? – And you’re still “approving” my Comments?! :-} x

    You know, I actually have THIS site on my “Favourite BAR” – [right after the LOTTERY Winning Numbers] – and *not* in the PULL-DOWN MENUS! I probably access it more often than my E-mail!

    Speaking of which, I should probably go check it…

  24. I started following your blog sometime last year when Ian Brock asked if he could use my artwork for the transfer transit set. I searched everything I could about the Dark Matter show to figure out what the show was which lead me to your blog. I’ve been looking forward to reading your posts every night ever since.
    This year I was happy to hear you were using my artwork for the transfer transit set once again. But, looking to play a bigger role in the creation of the show, I sent Ian some 3D ship design work I had done and asked him if he would consider letting me do some concept design work for the show. To my surprise he said yes and asked me to design a large space ship for an upcoming episode. I just wanted to say that the opportunity has been an amazing one for me being a fan of Stargate and now Dark Matter.
    Following your blog posts has added to my feeling of being a part of the show. Your unpresidented generosity allowing your blog readers a glimpse into your day to day life has given me insights into the process of how a science fiction show is made that I could never have learned anywhere else.
    So I guess I just wanted to say thanks! It’s been a thrill for someone like me, who has been a fan of science fiction since I was a kid to have been given the chance to play a small part in the creation of an actual science fiction TV show.
    Ian says he may have more work for me so I may yet get another chance to be a part! I look forward to the email if it comes. 🙂

  25. Hi Joe
    According to your search thingy my first post was September 19, 2009, but I’m sure there are a couple before that. I’d say early 2008 or late 2007.


  26. Hey, Joe!

    Love the past blog history trip down memory lane.

    Gotta ask… how many days in a row have you consecutively blogged now?

    Reading your blog (& everyone’s posts) is a fun part of the day that I always look forward to. I remember a couple years ago you mentioned about possibly not blogging every day and ending your consecutive streak.. that was a sad day, but fortunately for all of us you’ve kept blogging on so far. Thanks for always brightening our days!

  27. I’ve lurked the blog for several years – I have it on my RSS feed and read posts as I choose from there. I think i’ve been reading since at least 2009, because I saved the link to your February 6th 2009 post which was a list of restaurants from around Vancouver that you recommended. I think I recall when you used to be on a different blogging platform. I also participated in a book club for a book called The Book of Joby and commented (2009). I probably found your blog through some sort of Stargate reference (I was a fan of all of them). I stay for the dog updates and food adventures 🙂 I’ve seen the first episode of Dark Matter but haven’t yet seen the rest.

  28. My first comment was on your 3rd post, on November 29, 2006 (as Michelle)! In fact I think I broke the news to Stargate fandom that you’d started a blog. Of course someone on Gateworld forum stole my post as their own. Don’t get me started. 🙂

    At my nephew’s insistence, we are going to Comic Con. I haven’t been for a decade and am not all that excites about the crowds. After jumping through all the registration hoops, we only got tickets for Thursday and Sunday. I hope the Dark Matter panel will be on one of those days!?!

  29. Hmmm, I am not sure about my first comment. I think it was definitely something Dark Matter related. Maybe it was the one where I asked if you maybe still needed a runner or something like that, because it seemed like you were having so much fun on set.

  30. Looooong time lurker here. I’ve read almost every post since somewhere halfway 2007 (including those from 2006, when reading back wasn’t as much of an effort as it would be now), but rarely posted. I think this post may be my 5th or 6th 😉

  31. January 7, 2009 was my first comment. I asked you whether you’d ever considered writing a script with a favourite author. You replied “Funny you should mention that….” In hindsight I assume you were talking to John Scalzi about Stargate: Universe at that point. 🙂

  32. Hi everyone… I searched your blog and the earliest recorded answer to me I believe was August 10 2007, so I must have been around before that to have asked. I was chevron7 or chev… Nowadays it depends what I’m logged in with. Mostly it’s bambamfans, occasionally when I used to fun an Ivon fansite it would be ivonbartokfans.

    Anyway My question and your reply:

    Chevron7 writes: “Is Katie Brown going to get upset at Mckay for his out-of-control attraction to Carter?”

    Answer: What out-of-control attraction?

    Rodney was so creepy back then.

    Going back further, August 6 2007 I asked

    What ever happened to that cool alarm Atlantis had in season 1?

    Didn’t get a reply to that… There were 70 or 80 comments back then.

    It’s funny looking back. I forgot how many anonymouses there were and how much bickering went on. You must have lol’d reading the comments.

    Anyhoo that was a fun distraction. I had such a crapola day at work… Can’t really talk about it… A really huge decision to make..

    Then I turn on the news and see what Fiji is dealing with and it puts it in perspective.

    I read your blog most days, occasionally get a few days behind if a lot is going on.


  33. Sorry to hear about Konatsu. 🙁 Hope she will still find a new home soon. ^^

    Was fun to read about the veterans that have been commenting on here. I started visiting the blog not so long ago, i think, even though Stargate is one of my favorite shows, i found your blog after the first season of Dark Matter and i love it. I do not remember my first comment, probably something like: love this, love that etc. 🙂

  34. I don’t remember it, but I think I’ve found it via your handy-dandy search tool.

    July 25, 2008:
    [i]”JimfromJersey writes: “ I just received BREAKING NEWS email from SyFy Portal: “Brad Wright announces that a third Stargate movie is in the works”

    So is this aforementioned breaking news Project Terzo or Project Twilight?”

    Answer: Zoniduck already pointed out that Terzo is third is Italian. So, to answer your question – yes, Project Terzo refers to the third Stargate movie that Brad has already started work on.”[/i]

    I lurked for a long time before I first posted. In fact, I still read your blog every morning. I just don’t have much to say, I guess. =)

  35. Following my reading of your latest post and all the comments here I was immediately swept up by a whirlwind on a somewhat ‘randomized’ field trip down memory lane.

    I remember when you first began contributing to the SG blog, then again some blog account or another, just before the current WP incarnation.
    And although I did not begin regularly contributing until I discovered you had managed to get Dark Matter onto TV, ( and had only made one or two comments prior to that under a different handle) I’ve So many fond memories of the postings and people over the years, I actually had to genuinely devote some time to careful contemplation to narrow down my fav.

    Although my memory isnt quite as sharp these days as it once was…. I recalled moments and bits n pieces such as: When you put out a call for intelligent people to come help you conquer the world. And when Duptiang ( or was it DP??) was so happy to have met you, ur… I think? Or maybe? he was just happy to be outside a chocolate place in Vancouver where you both had gotten hot chocolate??. And there was that wonderful photo Akemi took with Gary. I remembered more clearly of course moments like reading Cookie monster doing movie reviews. I absolutely laughed my ass off! & couldn’t stop laughing for quite some time there after! I remembered when Lou Anders got you to contribute an original short story. This made me very ‘very’ happy because (solely from your scripts and blog contributions) I KNEW there was an extraordinarily talented man of prose lying in wait within you! I remember your Asia trip posting with Fondy.

    It was your writing on SG that first attracted me. Then, your love of words, animals, food, humor and other commonalities.
    …………….Albeit. Of all the random memories I visited, ( and there were indeed many), I must confess, my fondest memories of all time were when Akemi and Bento boxes came into your life because it seemed the absolute happiest you’d been since you first began sharing with us your thoughts, tirades, rants and ruminations. And when I finally noticed she had begun creating you tube vids she certainly considerably brightened my world as well!. I encourage each and every one of you, my blog siblings, to check out her you tube vids @peasnatch and challenge you not to smile grin and giggle after viewing each one. ( I guarantee not finding yourself smiling after watching even one is nearly impossible! Her joy is 100% contagious!) 🙂

    I don’t recall what I said in my very first comment or even what I said when I began actively participating last year. Albeit this little trip down memory lane has been a delight to add to my Monday morning. Mucho hugs n thanks for that Joe – And for all you do! <3 You are truly one of the kindest and most generous human beings I've ever had the pleasure of encountering, on or off the web! <3

    When I first began actively participating I can honestly say I had no intention of making it a near daily habit. But you've all become like family to me and have inspired and endeared me in ways I cannot even begin to express.

    XO – And I thank each and every one of you for such warm memories and allowing me into the fold. XO

    Cheers! Here's to many more years of thoughts and tirades, rants and ruminations and making many more wonderful family memories together.

    -Drea 🙂

  36. I have no idea when I first commented on your blog Joe, but I’ve been reading it since I heard about it from Gateworld way back before the cancellation of SGA.

    I do remember your house cleanup and that I was given a task to do in that, so I made at least one comment before then. Now I’m doing too much reminiscing, I need to go make soup.

  37. I know I was an avid long time lurker before posting because I was shy about writing anything that would remain “forever” in the ether. That still bothers me.

    But according to your search tool above, using 2cats, it was Sept. 13, 2015. But using Carol Z., the earliest was July 24, 2008. I asked Mark Savela some questions on his Q&A.
    I was reading this blog before you moved to WordPress for sure. I remember all your aggravation with the admin tools and images not posting on the other site! Ah yes…

    Well, every day is an adventure on Joe’s blog for sure!

    Here’s to many, many more years of wonder and astonishment on this blog (lifts virtual wine glass, full of virtual red wine) with it’s varied and interesting participants and endlessly entertaining host! Salute! (clink-clink)

    Carol Z.
    =^-^= =^-^=

  38. I don’t remember that but I am still impressed with your exercise/diet regime. Plus, I’m a big believer in chocolate! So not much has changed with that. I’ll add that I’m impressed with your time management skills, also. How did you find time to look up all those posts? Ah, you put off writing, huh? 😉

    Too bad about the dog. She has a fun goofy look about her. Akemi would have made her the best dressed pooch around! I hope someone decides to adopt her soon!

    Our new addition is settling in nicely. I’m still so down about losing my other fur babies but I couldn’t let Lucy sit in a cage any longer. Lucy was a kitten at the humane society I worked at. The H.S. closed (1-1 1/2 years ago) and a lady took all the animals to a kennel she built in Arkansas. I know she means well but 90 animals is too much for one person. She (Lori) doesn’t adopt them out but I text her from time to time and knew she wanted to give me Lucy. Now Lori’s critter count is down to 89. 🙁

    Ponytail: 😆

    Ganymede: Congrats!

  39. From what I can tell, I started commenting on your blogspot blog in February 2007. I remember posting a “Night Before Christmas in Altantis” parody sometime in Nov/Dec of that year, which I was very proud of, but now I cannot find. I used to post under the name Jenny Robin and switched at some point to Jenny Horn. Thanks for 9 years of zaniness and wit.

  40. Found the poem! I had posted it to my ancient blog back in the day.

    The Night Before Christmas in Atlantis

    ‘Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the city
    The twinkling lights shone, a serene scene so pretty.
    The shield was raised over the stargate with care
    In hopes that no enemy would infiltrate there.

    Rodney & Zelenka were nestled all snug in their labs
    While Lorne painted nightscapes in dibbles and dabs
    And Sheppard with his Tolstoy and Teyla with her sticks
    Had just finished a debate on the merits of classics.

    When up in the sky did explode a great light
    And a trembling of earth gave Chuck the Technician a fright
    Away to the control room I transported fast
    Wondering to what we should owe that bright blast.

    The great light as it glowed on the city below
    Surrounded the spire, a warm, soft halo.
    When, much to my shock and surprise I did see
    A man dressed all in red, a white beard to his knees.

    With a sleek puddlejumper decked festive for flight
    I knew at that moment he must be all right.
    From the back of the jumper, his Elves hopped right out.
    And this jolly old Santa took breath for to shout,

    “Now Joseph! now Alan! now Martin & Paul!
    On Robert, Carl, Brad, on the rest of you all.
    Down the length of the pier, to the top of the spire,
    Climb you strong, good Elves, climb faster and higher!”

    As quick as a wraith dart, nary missing a step
    For to dodge Ronon’s glare, up the stairs those Elves leapt.
    Onward up to the spire-top the helpers did climb
    As Santa smirked and flew skyward, taking his time.

    And then in a blinknod I heard near the gate
    Voices discussing the meal which for lunch they just ate.
    As I turned from the window and peeked down below
    I spied those old Elves waving at me ‘hello!’

    Quickly they scattered as Santa’s jumper came in to land.
    And Colonel Carter stepped forward, extending her hand.
    Santa shook it with mirth, a large bag at his feet.
    He spoke not a word, but he paused for a beat.

    Then with some silent signal, the Elves came to his side
    And helped Santa pull his large bag open wide.
    A jolly scene to behold, all of Atlantis was there.
    Dr. Keller got a Josh Groban CD, Katie Brown a plant rare.

    One by one they came forward, fear and hesitation melting away
    For Santa had found them, even a galaxy away.
    And they counted themselves lucky to be gathered together
    Remembering all that in the past year they were forced to weather.

    The line was winding down, the bag growing flat.
    I turned back to the window, then on my shoulder felt a pat.
    I spun around quickly to meet Santa’s stare.
    He handed me the bag and then suddenly wasn’t there.

    In that one short moment he was back in his jumper
    The entire ship glowing from bumper to bumper.
    The Elves waved goodbye and quickly scampered away
    The hour was so late, it was now Christmas Day.

    I felt in the bag, Santa’s gift for me
    It was perfect, exactly as he knew it would be
    And I heard his voice shout out, “Stay together; stay alive!”
    And I yelled back up towards him, “Thanks for Season Five!”

  41. I was with you for a few years during Stargate. Then, after it was gone, and you stopped talking about Stargate, I left for about a year. I’ve been back through all of the Dark Matter comics, development, prep, etc., etc. I stopped posting this past December and began making my comments on Twitter because my posts stopped showing up here regardless of what login that I used. I have no idea whether or not I said something stupid and offended you, or whether it’s a glitch. If I have offended you, I am deeply sorry.

    Now watch, Murphy’s Law will kick in and this will post perfectly on the first try. But I’m not going to hold my breath. Good luck with your doggy search.

  42. I think I was inquiring as to when Brad Wright would finish his Q&A, but had been reading posts that got a lot of Gateworld chatter before that. I was posting under my Gateworld user name back then.

    That was close to when I first started posting to the internet at all. I was probably still posting only in 3-5 sentence, formal paragraphs. I also had a habit of picking user names based on whatever topic I was delurking on. I’ve had some bland usernames and some that made me look more one-issue than I really am because of that.

  43. My first comment was probably about Daniel Jackson or some long rambling story about life in Japan. I’ve been quiet and concise lately, my surgery a couple months ago went well enough, but I am definitely not bouncing back in a timely fashion.

    Too bad the cutie pie didn’t work for your family, she has a funny little face! I inherited my dad’s senior cats, the tortie is still hanging in, and is feisty as can be. She terrorizes Harry, who is easily three times her size. Poor guy, he wants a buddy since Oide passed, but Punkin thinks she should be in a one cat household. The neighbor’s cats come sit outside on my picture window sill when it is sunny, if Punkin sees them, she howls and growls and attacks the glass. Mostly they just look at her like she’s a mad thing.

  44. Like some others, I was just a reader before a participant but can’t remember when I made my first post.

    When will we get pictures for this Season, of different dogs dressed up dedicated to represent what the episodes are about? 😊

  45. Yep, it has been a long time on the JM blog, I came for the behind the scenes scoop and stayed for the cooking tips and friendly SG fans. I didn’t post much until the Great Whispers Naming Contest which the lovely Anne Teldy won.

    Konatsu is very cute but she seems like a bit of a wild card. If she were a clone she’d definitely be a Helena. On Lost Girl she’d be a cute yet mercurial Kitsune. If you do adopt check her carrier for Molotov cocktails, sharpened screwdrivers or a board with nails in it. She seems the type to improvise her battle gear.

  46. Silly Konatsu. She’d get adopted a lot quicker if she’d play nice with others.

    I have no clue when I first commented on this blog. It seems like I’ve been lurking forever, since Stargate…SG-1? Maybe? Probably since Atlantis. I came for SG and stayed for the dogs and pretty much everything else.

  47. Hi Joe, Sorry your new little girl didn’t work out. 🙁
    I first started posting on your blog in June 2005 I think or before that. I don’t have the post but it was singing your praises I’m sure of it! I also critiqued Vala, lol. I can honestly say I had to eat my words on that one. I eventually came to love her! You can research the post under my real name Erin Eklof. You posted a picture of me on the blog from your first Comic Con too 🙂

  48. I first started reading on SciFi (I think, cannot remember the exact site), then followed you over to Blogspot and then here to WordPress. I cannot remember what my first comment was and if it was on Blogspot or SciFi, but it was something to do with Ivan or eating at Club 33 in Disneyland. I am pretty sure I always posted under Shana, but I honestly cannot remember.

  49. Really? January 2009? I could have sworn I was following your blog during the Atlantis days.

    Sorry this dog didn’t work out for you. But there is a dog out there that is just for you guys that will fit right into your pack.

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