February 19, 2016: A Few Dark Matter Twitter Recommendations!

Can I just say how much I enjoy working with this guy?  Jeff Teravainen (Lieutenant Anders) is a class act – who totally kills it onscreen.  His presence may be bad news for our Raza crew, but always great news for our Dark Matter production crew.  Can’t wait for you to see Jeff tear it up in season 2.  Until then, you can follow him on twitter @JeffTeravainen

February 19, 2016: A Few Dark Matter Twitter Recommendations!

My partner in on-set crime – and pre and post-production larceny – is the totally awesome Vanesssa Piazza.  As an Executive Producer, she oversees all facets of production, from prep to mixes, far before and well beyond.  AND (bonus marks) she’s a lot of fun to work with.  Without her, there would be no Dark Matter. Follow her on twitter @Vanessa_Piazza_

February 19, 2016: A Few Dark Matter Twitter Recommendations!

He followed me from Vancouver and I stranded him in Toronto.  He practically lives on set where, as a Consulting Producer, he oversees quality control.  And, occasionally, fends off any bears that happen to wander onto our stage.  Follow him @Ivonbartok

February 19, 2016: A Few Dark Matter Twitter Recommendations!

The official Dark Matter twitter account: @dark_matterTV

February 19, 2016: A Few Dark Matter Twitter Recommendations!

And, of course, you know where to find me: @BaronDestructo

14 thoughts on “February 19, 2016: A few Dark Matter twitter recommendations!

  1. Joe, gotcha covered there.
    Follow Venessa? Hmmm I think I…..never mind.
    With that prop can Ivon speak in a Aussie accent and say, “On the ground, now!”?
    Is Martin Gero going to join you in any capacity for Season 2?

  2. Great team = great TV!

    Cool new photo, looking forward to seeing more of @JeffTeravainen #LtAnders in Season 2, bring on the antagonist!

  3. I already follow all of those, including the inimitable @BaronDestructo! I also been following Ivon from way back. I haven’t on Twitter for a while, I’ve got some catching up to do!

  4. Drea: I’m glad you are getting checked out. Prayers for something minor.

    As for Dr Jo update, she’s “on the other side of this”, she says. Jo had the surgery and is recovering at a friend’s house in Texas until the dr clears her for travel. The feeding tube is giving her problems but she seems cheerful.
    We just came back from her house. Hubby has finished hooking up her new TV to Netflix. (One of her friends dropped it off while she was in Texas.) Wiring the house was going to be a professional job (due to double walls and such), so my hubby bought a “Power Line Network Adapter”. It seems to work like a charm. If anyone ever needs a wired connection but can’t have one, I’d recommend you check those out!

    Mr. M: You certainly work with a fantastic group of people! Do you have to work today? Hope you catch a nap!

  5. @Tam @Drea Thanks for your concern. I’ve been so busy this week I haven’t been able to make an appointment for the results. I plan to do that next week, so I’ll keep you updated.

    @Drea Rachel was awesome. The mid-season cliffhanger Oliver had just proposed and they were on their way home in a limo when Damien Darhk’s ghosts stopped them and shot up the car. She was hit and as a result was paralysed.

    Cheers, Chev

  6. @ gforce – Come on gforce, a tattoo? Joe? I’m sure knowing Joe it is a restaurant. Maybe a fancy seafood one. Maybe squid innards? Something gross…

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