Yep, it’s that time again.  Time for fandom to choose another title – this one for Episode 204.  As it turns out, I had a difficult time paring it down to three choices, so you have four to choose from in this round.

And the nominees are…

February 16, 2016: Choose A Dark Matter Episode Title!

Cast your vote!  Tell your friends!  Contribute to t.v. history!

23 thoughts on “February 16, 2016: Choose a Dark Matter episode title!

  1. That one was an easy choice, just thinking about last season. Now how well it fits the episode…we shall see!

  2. Crap!! That’s not fair. There’s the obvious choice, the one I want to go with & the one that’s so shippy or sappy depending on which one you choose. And I love shippy & sappy! So my choice is….

  3. I chose “I’ve Been A Terrible Influence On You, Kid” so that won’t be the winner. I’m like Charlie Brown, always getting the rock. I kind of like rocks.

  4. Starting to catch up in my non-film related schoolwork tonight, and made an attempt going to the gym on campus. I think I may try and go a bit more often to the gym as I think it may help me with my recovery from my injuries, and also help me get stronger. The other night, the creative bug bit me with a huge set of jaws and I would up handwriting out a couple of short scripts to go along as part of a triology of short films I’m making for Intermediate Film. We have to make an “almost silent film” (no talking and no score), an action film, and a dialogue heavy film, each one 3-7 minutes in length. I have a great team and I am hoping that we’re able to pull them off and get good grades for each of them.

    And of course, I am still auditioning as much as I can for whatever projects I can. 😀

  5. Oh Joe, today’s blog took me about 3 minutes to read, vote, and comment. Which is about all the personal time I have anymore. So thanks for helping me out. 😛

  6. The acronym of “I’ve Been A Terrible Influence On You, Kid” is IBATIOYK. And how can I vote against that?

  7. I voted for We Were Family because it put the song We Are Family by Sister Sledge into my brain so I thought I’d share the pain.

  8. This one was actually an easier choice for me than the others. (Most definitely had to vote for the most suggestive, sarcastic, comical, title, of course!).

    That you’ve been feeling under the weather of late and stayed home last Sunday, Why not treat yourself and Akemi to a couples private massage & whirlpool/hot tub at a luxury day spa next weekend.

    It’ll definitely help you relax and feel much better and am betting Akemi would enjoy a wee bit of pampering to help shrug off
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  9. Now, I found that hard!
    ‘Three’ of them made some sort of weird sense, so couldn’t decide without deep thought. But the other title feels kinda ‘out there!’ …. unless? …. mmm …. Nah.
    So, I’ll go for ….. or should it be…? ….doh!

  10. I voted for Hello Titch but now I hope We Were Family Wins because of the finale, my jaw hit the floor so far at the end, did not see that coming.
    Today the sun didn’t rise so we have gloom and snow, perfect for this:

  11. I went with “Hello, Titch”. Seems like that might have a good back story.

  12. Voted!

    I agree @Star_Climber, the fourth possible title does sound like something Three would say!
    Which makes me think there’s more to the backstory of Derrick Moss and Marcus Boone, than the alleged murder scenario we were introduced to in Episode 8?
    And even more interesting, if these other titles are interlinked to One and Three’s backstory?
    That is……. if Titch is One?
    Argh……questions leading to more questions, roll on Season 2 for answers ✔️

  13. @Tam : Oh MY! Cant stop giggling every time I look at Mike Parads kitty tweet you Rt’d! It’s just waaaay too spontaneously adorable!

    Check it out guys! I absolutely dare you not to laugh 😀

    @Jeff W Hope you enjoyed the warmer weather in Calgary. Be sure to say hi to Vancouver for Joe & safe journey going home friday! 🙂

    @Carol Hope you’re staying warm in NJ Today! Sending warmest thoughts and hugs your way! xo

    @Yerushalmi LOL! 😀 Ye be a sci fi geek after my own heart!
    <3 Please you'll stay active on Joe's blog forever! <3
    (or at least for as long as he continues posting em!)

    "The Expanse pretty much did horribly in the ratings, and The Magicians hasn’t really put in an inspiring performance. Surely at this point you’d think the same again ratings wise would make it a sure thing for renewal."

    @Randomness: Shows like Expanse & Magicians and even our beloved Dark Matter, often start out with very limited and sometimes no advertising budget at all, so its up to the fans to get the word out (especially during the first 2 seasons).

    Best thing anyone can do for Joe and any other show they enjoy is to advertise the series on a regular/scheduled basis on their social media pages. While some don't think it matters much because they do not have a large following, 'ALL' exposure genuinely helps and adds up to so much more than they realize! Even if a show isn't in danger of being "cancelled" The more new viewers we fans can help get for the show – the better it ends up being for the show's creators and ultimately "us" the audience. <3 🙂

  14. I voted as requested (and I so want to be part of TV history!). Have to say, after all the meetings and demos I went to this morning, leaving my head spinning and my good sense awash in confusion, it was nice to come read your blog today.
    Now back to the endless grind. Is it Friday yet?

    2 cats

  15. Hey there! Stargate fans are in for a treat if they watch tonight’s Arrow. Rachel Luttrell is guest starring in the episode directed by SGA/SGU Stunt Co-ordinator James Bamford.

    In the States it’s on at 8 pm on the CW… In Canada it’s 8pm on CTV and in Australia it’s on Fox8 at 7:30pm.

    All practical stunts, no CGI tonight!

    Cheers, Chev

  16. Shinyhula : my vote of We Were Family can replace you’re vote of Hello, Titch. Hello Titch had me at Hello but I went with We Were Family because of Five telling Six “We are family”. Felt there was some symmetry in that. But I love Hello, Titch because I dearly hope that Titch is revealed and that’s he’s Three. Bet there is quite the backstory there.

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