Spent my afternoon in editing with the lovely Wendy Hallam-Martin, working on the John Stead-directed Episode 204.  LOTS going on in this one.  An alternate title I was going to throw into the mix “Space Station Are Dangerous” didn’t make the cut because it literally did not make the cut.  Ah, well.  Still, a lot of great contenders to choose from (including Akemi’s favorite, “Hello, Titch”).

February 17, 2016: Dark Matter News And Notes!

While director Bruce McDonald started shooting Episode 206 this morning, I was starting prep on Episode 207 with a new (to Dark Matter) director.  I know him for his work in front of the camera but have heard A LOT of great things about him both personally and professionally.  And, if today was any indication, we’ll probably have a slew of great stories to add once this episode wraps.

Uh oh.

We had a great visit from the gang at NBCUniversal yesterday.  They’ve been nothing but super supportive of Dark Matter and we GREATLY appreciate their genuine love for the show.  They’ve been instrumental in helping us break viewership records overseas and, I have no doubt, the best is yet to come.

February 17, 2016: Dark Matter News And Notes!

A few Shadow variations, compliments of our regular supplier, Victoria Klein.  We opted for the darker green.

February 17, 2016: Dark Matter News And Notes!

Should you be inclined to take a hit, you’re going to need one of these.

Prep continues tomorrow with back to back to back meetings: Art Department, Costumes, Graphics and Playback.  And, of course, more writing.

The writing never ends.

Tune in tomorrow for more Dark Matter goodies and the reveal of a brand new episode title.  And there’s still time to vote!

10 thoughts on “February 17, 2016: Dark Matter news and notes!

  1. Love the color green! Could perhaps the first photo be Titch? The medical monitor looks like it’s flatlining, hope it’s not someone we know. So is Shadow perhaps a new space age designer drug similar to “Nuke”? Oh, the possibilities!! Hope there’s not a character named Caine appearing soon.

    As always thanks for the teasers & pics! Though I voted for We Were Family, I secretly hope Hello, Titch pulls it out to win. I should have gone with my heart not my head when I voted. Stay warm! We are expecting our temps to be in the 60’s this weekend.

  2. Yay, at last we see Titch. 👋 Hi Titch!
    He looks very lost n worried, poor thing.
    So who are you really? One or Three?

    Medical monitor is intriguing. Can’t quite work out what it’s measuring… something like electrical impulses and pressures in a body maybe but as gforce says, the results look very worrying…
    Hi to new director too!
    Soo can’t wait to see DM2 and every day we’re getting that much closer to seeing it!

  3. @TheOtherOne, to quote Galaxy Quest: have you ever watched the show? Sure Titch is cute at first but then the fangs come out and all hell breaks loose with the running and screaming.

    Shadow Variations is a great episode title, I change my vote to that. Say hi to the NBCU dudes and thank them for supporting DM and Expanse and Killjoys.

  4. @shinyhula, love Galaxy Quest & quote that quite often along with “It exploded!”

  5. Gosh, Shinyhula. That’s an interesting response to my comment 😂
    In answer to your question, off the top of my head, I quote Six, Dark Matter episode 7 … “Hell, yeah!” 😊

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