Drea writes: “Think we can do another mailbag soon?”

Answer: Okay, let’s do it!

arcticgoddess writes: “By the way, it’s that time of year again. The time of year that you decide and let us know whether you will be visiting San Diego Comicon again. So, will you?”

Answer: No.  After my experience at last year’s SDCC, I’ve decided I won’t be going back.  In addition to a litany of annoyances, it was, ultimately, a giant waste of my time – time that would be better spent working on scripts for next season.

shinyhula writes: ” How was the mead, does it taste like you’re drinking honey? ”

Answer: Er, not quite.  More like a slightly turned dessert wine.

Drea writes: “How’d your final “pants in go Joe? And how is Lulu doing?”

Answer: May final “pants-in” is still a little over three weeks away, but the suit went from not fitting to barely fitting to fitting uncomfortably to fitting snugly.  Progress!  As for Lulu, all good although it would seem she’s gotten used to being hand-fed.

motownfilly writes: “Are you wearing a CRAVAT in that tunnel?!?”

Answer: Yep.  Suit and tie when I’m on set – unless it’s Hamilton in which case I’m in full winter gear.  A more relaxed ensemble (suit and no tie) when I’m in prep.

KathyC writes: “So the Raza gets a new crew member…and loses two? I can see Six not coming back to the crew, since he turned everyone in. But where is Five?”

Answer: Uh, good question.  Where IS FIVE?

Tam Dixon writes: “Bubba (Akemi’s dog) still healthy as a horse?”

Answer: Yep.  He’s so spry that some people at the park actually mistake him for a puppy.

Maggie L80 writes: “Where’s Alexander Rook gotten off too? And what about that creep old man with the funky breathing apparatus?”

Answer: Answers coming your way in season 2!

ceresis64 writes: “And speaking of official, when will the new cast members be announced?”

Answer: Well, you already known that Melanie Liburd will be playing the role of Nyx.  Casting announcements for the roles of Devon, Arax Nero, and Misaki Han coming soon.  Just waiting on the network…

Star_Climber writes: ” I like the sound of “I’ve Seen The Other Side Of You”. An episode revealing more about the dark past of the Raza crew, their darker side?”

Answer: Sure sounds like it.  I have a feeling this one’s going to be a fan favorite.

Drea writes: “Hey Joe? Did Ivon Bartok give up on his writing aspirations already??? How come you’re handling his script?”

Answer: Ivon wrote a great script for Episode 209 but Paul and I do rewrites on each and every script.

StellaByStargate writes: “Any word yet on when Season 2 airs?”

Answer: No official premiere date yet but I’d suggest you clear your summer schedule.

PekkaSteele writes: “So, Joe, Arax Nero is Mike Dopud?”

Answer: That’s a mighty fine educated guess.

jimfromjersey writes: “Tehya is gorgeous! Is she Melissa’s?”

Answer: That she is!

18 thoughts on “February 15, 2016: A mini mailbag!

  1. I’m sorry your first, and only, SDCC experience wasn’t a good one. I was really hoping you’d reconsider, but I definitely agree it can be annoying (for many reasons) and the ROI really isn’t there. I may still go again, but quite possibly for the last time. Really going to miss you, but I hope you send the crew on an “away mission” to planet Comic Con.

  2. Nice mailbag, thank you.

    If you ever consider a con again, Salt Lake Comic Con is quite nice. San Diego hates us and feels threatened, so that’s a plus, yes?

  3. @ 2cats – Oddly enough, I have not been overly chilly. Granted, I haven’t been outside much, but I was on Saturday and it just felt Jersey winter-cold, not Siberian cold. I’m on the Cape, so we are a bit moderated by the Delaware Bay AND the Atlantic, but we get wicked-fierce winds here. Even so, with the wind I didn’t feel the bitter cold everyone else did. I think it’s a combo of keeping my home temps low (63-64 degrees F), and hating to wear coats, so as the temperature drops my body acclimates more easily. Also, I’m healthier this winter, so that seems to help…along with my layers of fat. Basically, I’m like a well-fed polar bear. 🙂 😛

    As far as getting Mead, I believe you can get it at any local liquor store. Just not sure of brands/quality.


  4. Hmmm. In retrospect, when I said soon, I probably should have specified “when you are feeling better.” Albeit hugs n thanks just the same. xo Glad to hear Lulu is doing better. Hope you get to feeling better soon too! <3

  5. Joe – Even though you felt that SDCC was a waste of time, don’t you think it may have given DM more exposure than had you not gone? Also, wouldn’t it be a good way to get a feel for fan enthusiasm – to see if it’s grown since last year – or has the comic con become nothing more than a big cosplay event?


  6. @ganymede: God bless you and your mom! Please give her a hug for me.

    @gforce: Best of luck with the insomnia and /or CPAP.

    CONCERT REPORT–Harlis Sweetwater Blues Band, Austin, TX, USA

    If you have never heard Colin Cunningham play saxophone, you should! He blows a MEAN horn and obviously has fun doing it. We had a nice visit after the excellent set by the Harlis Sweetwater Blues Band.

    If you can’t catch up with Colin this month while he tours with Harlis Sweetwater, check out his Vancouver-based band, What-the-Funk.

  7. Love the Q & A! Thanks for including one of my many ponderances.

    Love the suit & tie but wouldn’t you be more comfy in slacks/jeans & a sweater/button down unless you’re dressed for success all the time for those impromptu meetings? You wear the threads well…

    Never been to SDCC though have been to a Walker Stalker Con in Atlanta. I was exhausted after being on my feet for 3 days – either walking or standing in line. Had the pleasure of meeting “Dale” Jeffrey DeMunn who was a real peach, so personable and engaging as was “Herschel” Scott Wilson. Though I met many these two stood out. I’m such a nerd at times, well, all the time!

    Stay warm! Hydrated! And keep the teasers & suspense coming our way!

  8. I think the Ottawa Con is in May..? The location is adjacent to the airport. However the spot is scarce on hotels. I think they put the Guests up at places downtown. AND with *ALL* of the new LRT construction going on E.V.E.R.Y.W.H.E.R.E., getting from Points A to B usually includes the entire Alphabet!! — Nevertheless, “they” apparently draw a good size crowd.

    Personally, I’ve yet to attend as there’s usually something else more important going on in need of my attendance, or, the weather is crappy! Not to mention, I live way on the other side of town with “construction” between the place and me!

    Fans are pretty rabid around here, so you’d likely get some good “press” for the show. I think some of your “crew” attended last year…? They could probably give you a better critique than me.

    Who knows, if JUSTIN is actually *IN* town, you might bump into him!

  9. @Joe:

    I rather liked the Mead (and the bourbon). I think the “slightly turned” impression might come from the yeast, but then again, maybe not. I might try one of these next:



    Tam Dixon:

    Thanks for the travel well wishes. Other than some annoying passengers, I arrived safely enough…and Calgary is 10-degrees warmer than Toronto right now. Go figure.

  10. Glad to hear Lulu is doing well. Hope you’re feeling more pucker too! 😊
    Thanks for the mailbag

  11. Wicked, I love impromptu mailbags! Thanks for answering our questions, Joe especially when you’ve been feeling a bit under par.

    Hoping the network makes its official announcements soon, for new cast members Devon and Misaki Han (Arax Nero =sorted! 😉)
    ….and the summer airing dates

  12. I’ve never been to a comic con. I do NOT like long lines or spending money to be in long lines. It does seem like good promotion for DM though.

    JeffW: I’m not sure how you manage all the travel (my hubby was cranky/sick all the time when he traveled) but I wish you safe/happy trails!

    I hope Bubba stays that healthy for years to come! It does worry me that Lulu is not eating without encouragement but you are the Lulu expert. I hope she continues to eat. Do they have any kind of therapy there she could do? Acupuncture or Chiropractic treatments? I’d like to hear of her acting like a puppy too!

    Thanks for the mailbag and thanks to Drea for suggesting it!

  13. @I’d suggest you clear your summer schedule.

    The best place for it in my opinion. The Expanse pretty much did horribly in the ratings, and The Magicians hasn’t really put in an inspiring performance. Surely at this point you’d think the same again ratings wise would make it a sure thing for renewal. The benchmark is very low.

    Also, from what’s been announced. The Summer 2016 anime season is looking promising too. I can’t say I’m a fan but it looks like there’s a new Beserk series coming this summer. I’m looking forward to Rewrite and am quietly optimistic that Accel World Season 2 + Shokugeki No Soma Season 2 will air this summer(No official premiere dates yet..).

  14. Always nice to learn a bit more of the series and what others are thinking.

    I was listening to the news on the radio today. One story was about how the Russians are contemplating a plan to shoot and destroy an asteroid as it passes near earth. While this asteroid is of no concern for us. There is always the possibility of one day an asteroid may have a path to crash into Earth. Sounds like an interesting SciFi premise, no? Also, the name of this particular asteroid is called Apothis. Is that not an intriguing story?

  15. I heard Dragon*Con was unique, but there is always Comicpalooza here in Houston. Now that the city has a vested interest in it, it is getting more exposure and attracting more people. I don’t know if I’ll get to go this year or not. This year it is not on Memorial weekend so that is a good thing (holidays=work for me). But it is June 17-19. Looks like there might be an Alien reunion going on because Sigourney Weaver, Paul Riser, Bill Paxton, Lance Henriksen, Michael Biehn & Carrie Henn are all guests (although there are others).

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