January 8, 2016: Up And At ’em!  Dark Matter In Production!

In a perfect world, I’d be sleeping peacefully away like those two pictured above (Look at them!  They get to actually sleep on set instead of pretending they’re simply “deep in thought” which is MY go-to) , but until they finish fine-tuning that teleportation technology I’ve been anxiously awaiting (for going on thirty years now), it looks like early (early!) wake-ups will continue to be part of my daily routine.

January 8, 2016: Up And At ’em!  Dark Matter In Production!

Not only do you have to get in early enough for first blocking, but you really need to get in early enough to grab a parking spot otherwise you’re shuttling over from the production offices.

January 8, 2016: Up And At ’em!  Dark Matter In Production!

Mind the flashing light!  If it’s on, DO NOT ENTER at the risk of director Bruce McDonald throwing you in solitary.

January 8, 2016: Up And At ’em!  Dark Matter In Production!

Given the choice, I always choose “Lunch”.

January 8, 2016: Up And At ’em!  Dark Matter In Production!

I discover two other early birders: Boom Operator Drew Williams (left) and Director of Photography Craig Wright (right).  I assumed they came in early to beat traffic or simply misread the call sheet, but it turns out they were in Gen. Pop. lockdown overnight.

January 8, 2016: Up And At ’em!  Dark Matter In Production!

Speaking of Drew, I was watching some of the behind-the-scenes footage I’d shot last night with Akemi.  Her prevailing comment of sheer amazement?  “Amazing scene!”?  “Super cool set”?  No.  It was “He (Drew) should be careful or he’ll have back problems!”. January 8, 2016: Up And At ’em!  Dark Matter In Production!Also in early early this morning – Matt Purdy who, between stand-in work on the show, is editing a short film AND a feature he just co-wrote, directed (and co-directed) during the hiatus.  Busy guy!

Once we got started, director Bruce McDonald positively blazed through the day, wrapping early so that we could all get a head start on the weekend!

I mean, get a good night’s sleep ahead of tomorrow’s special Saturday shoot!

P.S. Join me for my Periscope session tomorrow, live from the Dark Matter set!  Lunch has been pulled, so I’m aiming for 1:45 p.m. local time!  Check your world clock for the time in your area!

15 thoughts on “January 8, 2016: Up and at ’em! Dark Matter in production!

  1. Sounds like a really interesting day. Much better than my regular grind type day. I actually rather envy those actual sleeper people, as what I’ve done usually at night is the “deep-in-thought” thing, at least after 3:30am or so.

    Anxiously awaiting that Periscope session tomorrow! Watch, I’ll get busy and miss it…

  2. Akemi’s right! I’d have Drew watch out for his back.

    Do you get up extra early to work out on Saturday too? Well, here’s to sleeping late Sunday.

  3. That fifth pic reminds much of dinner when I was at school, if you got there early, the first few people would always sit at different tables, lol. It really is a beautiful looking set tho’, the contrast to the dark Raza is awesome.

  4. @TAM 😀 Too funny!

    “The picture with you looks good! I’m not sure why but it reminds me of a lion tamer. ;)”

    And every time I see Joe in a suit n tie it reminds me of Richard Gere in Pretty Woman ( must be the impeccably knotted tie). Then I think … Oh No!
    What’s next!? Settling down and parenthood to a bunch of real life human Joey and josephina jrs?? (The thought never fails fails to cause me abrupt cold shivers! LOL) Though, must confess, he does look rather dapper in that suit with his well knotted tie cos playing the role of a grown up.

    Poor Rube. Is she she still growling and purring at the same time??

    Congrats on making it to third degree! xo I studied American kata karate under Frank Pugalani in my youth (many a lifetimes ago when ginormorus green reptiles still roamed the land). Learning dynamic tension seemed to help me with my ice dancing. Albeit I only made it to 2nd degree red belt before life got so whirlwindily busy it whisked me far and away down a differnt path.

    @JeffW One more day of electronic madness then you finally get to go home and chill out ! Here’s my fav from CES so far!

    http://on.mash.to/1ZbQoDe / http://bit.ly/1P8Dxal

    I really like the smart luggage that follows ya around like a puppy too. More fun than a pet rock eh! Though it does worry me a bit we might be entrancing an alt reality world where luggage replaces cat/dog pets in the home. http://on.mash.to/1Ruwr4L 😀

    I think am already having PonyTail withdrawals. I became so accustomed to seeing her comments here daily. 🙁

  5. Well those aren’t the beds in the gen pop cubicles. Must save these for the VIP’s. Thanks for the studio tour, I’d choose lunch too. Parking seems to be a problem everywhere. We have a shuttle at work from outlying lots.

    Excited about the Periscope session tomorrow. Checking my world clock. Scheduled my massage & pedi early so I won’t miss it : )

  6. Ummmmm that’s 5:45am Sunday morning. You better Periscope with Ivon lol… Setting my alarm 😳 I can’t promise to be intelligent at that hour lol.

    Cheers, Chev

  7. Great Periscope session, Joe! Thanks to you and Ivon so much for that.

    But you said said you would do a cameo on the DM’s 100th episode and you’re planning for five seasons at 13 episodes/season, so…

    Oh, heh.

  8. The periscope sesh was SO great! The sets are incredible. Would love to see more. No other shows do this and it’s so cool to feel like we’re all a part of it!

    If you are looking for blog or periscope ideas, maybe you could highlight a new crew member once a week, ask them a few funny questions and what their jobs on the show are like, like props, transpo, prod, acctg, etc.! Sort of a look at the unseen wind. Could you periscope the office?!

    Love it! Thanks again to you and Ivan!

  9. For Those of you who missed it. Here’s a link to the replay of today’s live session from the set of Dark Matter with Joe Mallozzi & Ivon Bartok. (Gaijin & Tonic) <– note: it works best in slim jet, firefox & chrome. Albeit theoretically you should be able to view it ok in i.e. depending on your device.

    Many thanks to Martin Gero for attending!


    Good Job Boys! & Thanks for the session! Enjoy the rest of your day! xo

  10. But you said said you would do a cameo on the DM’s 100th

    @Gforce Uh! Roh! looks like the typing stutter monster has managed to catch some one else suffering from lack of enough sleep! 🙁 How many of nights of insomnia for ya so far?

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