January 7, 2016: Dark Matter Media Day!

Selfie with Susanne Döpke (Geek Magazine), Marietta Steinhart (DIE ZEIT), and Mirsad Halilovic (NBCU) who flew in today to talk Dark Matter and take in the super secret on-set action.  Between set-ups, I got to sit down and talk season 2 plans, guest stars, and schnitzel!  I had a great time.  Miss you guys already!

Beware of co-workers bearing gifts.  Unless, of course, it’s whisky.  Or whiskey!

January 7, 2016: Dark Matter Media Day!

Script Coordinator Alison Hepburn surprises us with a bottle of Angel’s Envy bourbon.

January 7, 2016: Dark Matter Media Day!

Roger Cross (SIX) springs a bottle of Yamazaki 14 on us.

January 7, 2016: Dark Matter Media Day!

Not to be outdone, VFX Supervisor makes his own addition to our little club: Michter’s small batch bourbon.

January 7, 2016: Dark Matter Media Day!

And key hair magician Renee Chan makes her own contribution: a bottle of Balvenie 12.

Speaking of Renee, I was in the hair and make-up trailer today, meet-and-greeting one of our guest stars (a lovely Lost Girl alum who’ll be playing the role of the nefarious Alicia Reynaud), when the conversation turned to the blog.  I mentioned the Q&A’s I used to do with the various crew members while on Stargate and suggested that she, and key make-up magician Linda McCormack, would be perfect candidates for future Dark Matter-related fan Q&A’s.  What do you think?  I’m sure they have A LOT of great stories.  Give me a couple of days and I’ll make the official announcement, then open up this blog for questions.

As I mentioned in a previous post, I’ll be doing a Periscope this Saturday – a live stream from the set of the show.  Follow me on twitter (@BaronDestructo) to get the go-time, but it’s looking like 2:00 p.m. EST.  That’s 11:00 a.m. PST, 4 p.m. for fans in Latin America, 5 p.m. for fans in Brazil, 6 p.m. for fans in Australia, 7 p.m. for fans in Portugal, the UK, and 8 p.m. for fans in Germany and the Netherlands. Fans in Asia and Spain should check their world clocks!

20 thoughts on “January 7, 2016: Dark Matter media day!

  1. A Lost Girl alum that’s lovely? Hmmm…. Are we talking Ksenia Solo here? ‘Cause that would be frigging awesome! (unless I missed a reveal saying who it was)… An awful lot of alcohol there, making me thirsty, pity I’m a non-drinker unless it’s of the cola kind, lol. I don’t know anything about hair (hardly got any) or makeup (not a girl), but I’m one person.

  2. I’ve always enjoyed the Q&As, even when I didn’t have questions.

    I’m pretty certain I’ll be around for the Periscope session – in fact, I’ll make an appointment with myself in my calendar! Looking forward to it. But, do we need to bring whisky? Or even whiskey?

  3. Love your blog. Can’t wait to see which awesome Lost Girl alum you have selected. Any of them would be a terrific addition. Q & A’s are fun too.

  4. Lookit your handsome self! 😀

    Enjoy your periscope…I hope they don’t find any polyps or anything! 😉


  5. Doh! When I suggested Postal the other day, I didn’t realize you’ve already read it. Just noticed it over there on your ‘recently read’ list. I am blind. 😛


  6. Q&A’s are always fun. Love to see the show through everyone’s perspectives! 1400 hour EST! I’ll be there!

  7. I’d offer up some of our local Chattanooga Stillhouse Whiskey but I think it’s from Kentucky. Chattanooga used to have distilleries on every corner until prohibition hit. It’s taken almost a century to legalize them again. We have one downtown now and while their original brew is fermenting we have brought in some from out of state. You’d be surprised to know that Jack Daniels is made in Lynchburg Tn, a dry county. You can tour the facilities but can’t taste test or buy it on site (unless it’s changed recently). Our Stillhouse offers a whiskey flight for free after a $10.00 tour. Well worth the price!

  8. Wow, look at you, Mr smart Joe! Very suave and sophisticated! 😎
    The whisky/whiskey looks fine too!
    The Q&A with Renee and Linda sounds great!
    I’m afraid I won’t be able to make the Periscope appt…..device failure! Am absolutely gutted!!! Will endeavour to locate a friend with a compatible devise but wish you luck for Saturday 😭

    A question…

    We’ve seen 3, 4, 2 and 5. (OK not 6 but Roger’s here baring gifts). Android’s back and so too is Bubba…..

    . …….. Where’s 1?

  9. OK, so on the train to work, I’ve been thinking….
    My previous query regarding One (yes, I have woken up now, and have regained the ability to spell numbers/names 😉) …. Would a certain sushi meal shared with Akemi and Maku-Chan have any relevance?

    Yeah, yeah,….. OK, I know …
    ….. I’m wrong again aren’t I …. 😶

  10. Some see whiskey/ky,, I see a lot of smiling faces, maybe because of the aforementioned, lol, thanks for the post. Looking forward to the interviews, like bts secrets too. Not sure I will make the periscope, betting it will be fun. Enjoy the day!
    Hope Ruby is better, and that Maggiemay is improving every day.{{{hugs}}}
    And Q&A’s, we love them!!

  11. Joseph, you guys seem to know Whisky(s) well. Any particular Scottish brands to try that you think are worth trying? I find a bunch of them to be, I want to say lovely, but i mean peat moss-ish.

  12. Maggie L80: I didn’t know Lynchburg TN is a dry county. I’ve always wanted to go tour their factory. Thanks for the info.

    JeffW: Safe travels and I hope you get some rest soon!

    I bet Renee Chan would have some great stories! Too bad she probably can’t share them all. I’d want all the good juicy bits.

    The picture with you looks good! I’m not sure why but it reminds me of a lion tamer. 😉

    I’ve been so upset over Ruby, I didn’t even worry about my karate test. I made it to third degree black belt in Shotokan. I’m not really into rank but I am excited to finally learn a new kata. I tested on Jiin and Gojushiho Sho. I’m hoping they show me Kanku Sho next. Can you or Akemi provide translations for those kata names? If you or she don’t have time, no worries. I could probably run it through a translator or something.

    Ruby drank a little tuna juice this morning. I can’t believe how slow her progress is. The vet assures me with aggressive treatment that the Rubinator/Rubzilla/VelciRub will recover fully. It’s going to take a few weeks though. Thanks everyone for the prayers, kind words and suggestions!

  13. Eva, is Peat Moss related to Derek?

    (Sorry, couldn’t resist! I’ll shut up now)

  14. You look very dapper 👍

    I like the sound of Q&As, it’s always great hearing from everyone involved.

    Periscope is a go…..#cantwait

  15. You know, just a couple days ago I was thinking Ksenia Solo would make a great nemesis to FIVE(perhaps with a bad history to their friendship)…. I’d love to be right on one of these DM guesses for once!

    Renee’s got what I have had in the past, the Balvenie 12. It’s pretty damn good. Very sweet, lingers on the palate, clean finish. I recently purchased a bottle of Lagavulin 16. It felt odd buying whisky from Costco, but hey, they had the best price! Quite the different flavor set from the Balvenie, was not expecting that. VERY peat-smoky, not very sweet, fast on the palate, strong aftertaste(where most of the flavor actually hits back), but VERY smooth.

    I definitely envy you purely for the fact that your club affords you the ability to sample an extremely wide selection of whisky/ey to really hone in on your favorite flavors and textures. Saves a lot of time, and especially money!

    At some point, it’d be cool if you did a rundown of your favorite whiskys/eys from each season’s club’s offerings. I’d enjoy it, anyway. 😉

    -Mike A.

  16. I like Mike A.’s suggestion. I think a small sidebar of your group’s favorite Whiskey or other liquor tasted would be interesting. Maybe a list of your Top 5 bottles enjoyed.

  17. Awesome Joe …I’ll be there… But 2pm in Toronto is 6am on the East Coast of Australia…. Can you beat last week’s incredible Periscope?

    Cheers, Chev

    P.s. Thinking up hair & make-up questions.

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