Wow.  I can’t think of anywhere I’d rather spend a Saturday than in outer space with the Dark Matter crew…

January 9, 2016: Saturday In Space!

Up and at ’em!

January 9, 2016: Saturday In Space!

Director Bruce McDonald contemplates an orange prior to blocking our first scene in Alicia Reynaud’s office.  Alicia who?  Check out Dark Matter season 2 (summer of 2016) and find out!

January 9, 2016: Saturday In Space!

First shot of the day – 8:26 a.m.

January 9, 2016: Saturday In Space!

Stand-ins Alyssa and Matt in action.

January 9, 2016: Saturday In Space!

Off-screen eyeline.

January 9, 2016: Saturday In Space!

Script Supervisor Matti Huhta kicks back on set during a crew blocking.

January 9, 2016: Saturday In Space!

We would have wrapped an hour earlier but we had to take some time to buy lottery tickets for tonight’s Powerball draw.  But don’t worry.  We’ve collectively decided that when we win the $900 million, we’ll still come in to work and finish out the season.

As threatened, at 1:45 p.m., I took the time out to do a Periscope, live streaming via subspace comms from Hyperion-8 on the very edge of colonized space!

I’m going to try to do one of these once very 2-3 weeks – and include some of the crew and, dare I say it, cast members.  What do you think?

January 9, 2016: Saturday In Space!

And another Saturday on set draws to a close.  Don’t forget to lock the airlock on your way out!

24 thoughts on “January 9, 2016: Saturday in space!

  1. Off-Screen Eileen…I think I dated her in high school. She’s lost a little weight since then.

  2. Enjoyed the live Periscope and look forward to more, every 2-3 weeks if you can, sounds great.

    And definitely include crew and cast next time, with Ivon again too 👍

    Good luck with the Powerball draw!

  3. That was very cool and nice of you all to do the periscope and share, it really happens so fast,, nice to put voices to faces, and on the more to come. Rest up, I believe you have a little more to do… teasers..

  4. Thanks for the pix and periscope – is there a way to make that downloadable like the previous one? My laptop is just bad at streaming videos. It’d be very cool if you were able to include cast, esp., in a broadcast. Anyway, awesome always to know what’s happening. 🙂

  5. “But don’t worry. We’ve collectively decided that when we win the $900 million, we’ll still come in to work and finish out the season.”

    You damn sure better! In fact, your gonna have to pay someone to do your work on the show for the next 4+ years while you supervise them closely.

    I missed Periscope today. Probably will never be able to see it unless you record it for all of us technology challenged people. I was thinking about you though as I sat in a Nursing Facility dining room with my mom and dad and other 85+ year old seniors, eating lunch and listening to ragtime music. 😯 My dad has been having trouble since Thanksgiving and is staying there for the physical therapy and nursing care. His age (90) has finally caught up with him.

  6. Thanks for saving your periscope chat! Missed it this afternoon. Very informative and fun! Looking forward to more.
    Patty O

  7. @Robert Smith It may not be a problem with your lap top. Though some folks have previously claimed to be able to successfully stream in internet explorer browser, the periscope site says you need chrome firefox or safari to stream their recorded video’s onsite Try utilizing chrome or slimjet browser to stream periscope replays online. See if that works?
    (slimjet is simply a lighter alternative to chrome, which makes it compatible for periscope streams.).

    @Joe Very cool you are letting Ivon write an episode this season. Am sure he’ll do a great job so long as he does not insist, to the casting experts in charge, Idris Elba be cast as the perfect alternate reality version of Three or Four in it!

    (of course that is presuming by ep 209 we will be dealing with parallel dimensions/alt realities as you so strongly hinted at in the early autumn mailbag).

  8. Huh. My previous comment earlier today didn’t go through I guess. That Periscope broadcast was awesome! You and Ivon did a great job, and yes I can’t wait to see some more. Hopefully you can get Anthony L. some screen time. I hear he’s a man of few words! 🙂

  9. @Ponytail: Sending you all the best vibes in caring for your aging parents. I know the lifestyle very well.

  10. @ponytail Always difficult to watch our parents age. I know it is with mine, Just noticed the link Joe posted above for periscope session replay is for ‘you tube’… so you should be able to play it in any browser without trouble.

  11. Enjoyed the Periscope session. Thanks for all the hard work & dedication. Great attention to detail, the sets are amazing! Thanks also to Ivon and the other guest appearances. You’re gonna have to share that 900 million. Got my tickets too.

  12. Okay, I saw your Periscope recording! So cool!!! Loved it!!
    You look so handsome in your glasses. Listen to your girlfriend and wear them! Cute Elliot! Where was Bruce McDonald?! Love the questions! My favorite: “Whats for lunch?” 😆

    Thanks Joe for the extra work you do purely for your fans entertainment!

    @ gforce and Drea – Thank you! gforce, I know you took great care of your step mom. Drea if I’m a little absent, it just means I’m real busy… and dog tired.

  13. hmm… 900mil U.S. — After the IRS takes its “cut”, that should leave about 500… Exchange that into CDN $$ and you should end up with about… 900mil in CANADIAN TIRE MONEY! 😀 woohoo! Shiny RED BIKES for ALL of us!!

  14. @ Ponytail … I wish I could have talked my parents into a good assisted living facility. After Mom passed, Dad needed more care than he’d admit, or that we could get him to accept.

    I have his last living kitty now. Seems unfair to have pets outlive their people.

  15. And the winning power ball #s are: 32, 16, 19, 57, 34, Powerball number 13

    goodluck to everyone who bought a ticket and be sure to remember your blog friends if you win!

    @ponytail glad you got to see it. it was fun watching it unfold live. The new set is so much bigger than I imagined it might be! Though part of me kept hoping Joe & Ivon would break into an improv comedy routine during the session 😀

  16. Way to go Joe and Ivon!
    Really great session there!! The set walkabout brings it all so much more to life! And, hey Joe? – the glasses look really good on you! What’s the deal? I mean, really?!
    Thank you for taking the time to do the periscope thingy but especially for recording it later for prosperity, on this blog. Very much appreciated 😊 Looking forward to your next installment …..

    Thanks Drea Crysel too, for your encouraging advice. Much appreciated 😉

    Ponytail – stay strong. The fact you are with your parents makes all the difference to them. Just keep bringing the sunshine into their lives as only you can.
    And for yourself … You know your friends here, are always with you and are here to support you.

  17. Thanks for uploading the vid to Youtube, a very cool watch as always. 🙂

    @Drea Crysel – I have chrome and firefox, neither work very well for streaming, I’ll check out slimjet tho, thanks. 🙂

  18. Ponytail: From reading your posts, your parents seem to be kind, spunky and active. I pray that your dad recovers quickly. Sending {{{Hugs}}} your way!

    Thanks Drea! I would love to hear about your karate experiences! The Rubinator is hanging in there.

    Sorry I missed the Periscope Mr. M.! I’ll check out the video link.

  19. Thanks for posting the Periscope video! I really enjoyed it, but could not attend live as I was attending my grandniece’s birthday party.

    Only thing though Joe, please don’t wear reading glasses while descending stairs, that’s just asking for trouble. They did look good on you though!

    I too vote for more of these Periscopes… so fascinating seeing sets and getting a hosted narrative of places and goings on. Ivon was a good sidekick too!
    I thought the camera work was excellent! No rehearsal, so looked good to me.


  20. I need to rethink my strategy on catching up. I know how sometimes it is important to go in sequential order because some blogs refer to things in previous blogs, but because of that, and my own blog to do for American Idol (don’t judge; there’s irony in that since that is exactly what I’m doing–couch critiques), I missed this about Periscope. Thank you for saving it in You Tube so I could watch.

    I think your glasses really do flatter you.

    Nice to see Elliott and Ivon. Congratulations Ivon on getting an episode to write. Looking very forward to seeing that. Your hair looks fine, but I know what you mean; you get used to a certain length and if it goes past that level, you think it is too long.

  21. @ponytail Wow, 90! You are such a good daughter to care for them. We aren’t going to have that luxury as we age because Patrick can’t care for himself, and I don’t see our families helping sadly. Jeff and I were going to see about investing in more life insurance so that Patrick’s needs are taken care of after we die in a special needs trust, but Jeff and I are now leaning more towards seeing about long-term care insurance. We are going to need to take care of ourselves in some way as we age.

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