Copies of my comic book series Dark Matter?  Check.  Giveaway items?  Check.  Girlfriend?  Check!  I’m ready for Comic Con.  If you happen to be in San Diego this weekend and also just happen to have tickets to Comic Con, swing on by the Dark Horse Comics booth (#2615) between 4:00 – 5:00 p.m. on Saturday.  I’ll be there signing copies of Dark Matter #1, giving away Stargate stuff, and dispensing unsolicited relationship advice!

Black Eye Day #3.  I’m thinking of donning an eye patch and working it into a cosplay outfit for Comic Con.    So, who should I go as?  I’m thinking either –

Ciel Phantomhive
Or Captain Harlock
Or Youkou Kuki
Or Toppy from Sands of Destruction

Yeah, I was leaning toward Toppy anyway.

The other day, a friend texted me the bad news that she had failed to land a job she’d really, REALLY wanted.  Ever the sympathetic one, I dashed off a quick response.  I’d meant to text back this:


But, instead, my rushed response to “I didn’t get the job!” was:


And then, seconds later, realizing my mistake I followed up with:


But, at that point, my 🙁 was open to interpretation.  In retrospect, I should have gone with angry eyes:


So, looking back over Atlantis’s second season, what have we learned? Well, we’ve learned that the retrovirus is highly unpredictable.  And we’ve learned that the wraith enjoy people food, just not as much as “people food”.  And we’ve also learned that Sheppard loves Teyla. Maybe.

Standout episodes for me: Siege III, Runner, Michael, and Allies with Michael taking home the prize for My Favorite Episode of Atlantis Season Two.

By the way, our stroll down SGA memory lane happens to coincide with that of the gang at Gateworld who are in the midst of a Stargate: Atlantis Season Two Rewatch.  They’re looking for nominations in the following categories:

  • Best Episode (Season Two)
  • Best Sheppard Moment
  • Best McKay Moment
  • Best Teyla Moment
  • Best Ronon Moment
  • Best Weir Moment
  • Best Beckett Moment
  • Best Team Moment
  • Best Alien Race
  • Best Individual Villain
  • Coolest Ancient Technology
  • Coolest Alien Technology
  • Best Guest Star (based on one specific Season Two episode)

Head on over here – – to make your nominations, and put in a vote for what you considered to be the best episode of Atlantis’s second season.  I notice that, at present, The Long Goodbye has twice as many votes as Michael.  Far be it for me to criticize the wisdom of fandom but…WTF?!

I’ll be offering up readers a chance to vote on a new Stargate episode poll (and win some signed scripts) when I get back from Comic Con!  I was thinking…

What was the best season-ending cliffhanger in Stargate history?  Let’s hear your thoughts.

Finally, apologies to a couple of lucky winners still anxiously awaiting their signed scripts.  Marty G. has his hands full writing/producing his new show, but his signed scripts are on their way (to me, and should be on their way to you shortly!).

I’ll check in tomorrow with pics from Comic Con!

44 thoughts on “July 12, 2012: One day to Comic Con! Days of Stargate: Atlantis Past! Season 2!

  1. That is actually a pretty cool-looking black eye, as black eyes go. (Mine always end up with a very uncool greenish hue.) I’d vote for Ciel Phantomhive for the cosplay. Or Toppy.
    Have fun at ComicCon!
    – KB

  2. I dunno. I’m thinkin’ that with a chin up, big smile, and confident attitude, (and Das’ recommended stubble), that black eye might make you look like a football player.

    Have a great time! Looking forward to the photos.

  3. Have fun at Comic Con! I think as far as season enders go, I like the one that ended Season 9 of SG-1. Camelot had all the action you could wish for in the space battle, and you didn’t know who was alive or who was dead at the end. The episodes that ended Seasons 6 and 1 were a close second and third.

    Have a great night!! Can’t wait for pictures from Comic Con!
    Lisa R

  4. That eye gets better looking every day. No patch. Let it shine! You and Akemi have a fantastic time at Comic Con. It would be interesting to hear about her impressions of the con.

  5. Def NOT Youkou Kuki, unless you want me stalking you. 😉

    Had a crap day, going to bed. Have a great time at Comic Con! Make sure you pack extra underdrawers! Will have to get back to you on the SG stuff. Nites (until 11 pm, when surely I’ll wake and be up until 3 am. 😛 ).


  6. Have a safe trip kids & take many photos! celebrating here with Sirius ch. 123 coverage and Guillermo del Toro film festival!


  7. Yes Joe, take LOTS of pictures please. That shoud be very interesting and very entertaining. Have a fun and safe trip!

    My absolute favorite episode from season 2 was Runner. My other favorites were The Siege III, Duet, Instinct, Conversion, The Lost Boys, The Hive, Critical Mass, Grace Under Pressure, The Long Goodbye, and Michael.

  8. Ack! Typo!!!!! Sorry, Akemi! I don’t know how that extra “m” got in there.

    @Joe: I do love that page from Dark Matter.

    @das: I wondered how long it would take you to notice that pallid, white-haired guy. 😉

  9. Ohh, speaking of Captain Harlock, haven’t seen that before but another Leiji Matsumoto series I did see and enjoy ages ago was The Galaxy Railways aka Ginga Tetsudo Monogatari. Thought it was a great Science fiction/adventure type series, I mean, what anime has trains in space? Yes trains.. come on. lol So amazing.

    Haven’t seen the sequal yet but think this would make great a good live action tv series if anyone ever felt like doing it. It’d be a unique series anyway given the premise.

    Still a huge fan of Angel Beats, as far as anime goes, a series that from the get go(Within about a few minutes of it starting) tells you that everyone is dead and what they’re experiencing is purgatory so to speak is unique in my eyes, the drama, and tragic moments in this series, and the comedy made it enjoyable.

  10. I like the idea of an eyepatch.As for the anime counterpart, I plead ignorance of the characters to make a recommendation. No doubt whatever look you go for yuou will look good in.
    Hope you have a hassle free time through customs, anbd enjoy the Con. Those of us unable to attend will be walkign around for a slight green tinge through the weekend.Meantime, let me think on the season 2 recap….

  11. @kabra: Thank you for your kind words, haven’t heard from you in ages. We miss the big guy, but getting along one day at a time.

    Hi Joe, have a lot to say but I’m toooooo tired, been cleaning at the old house all day, finally done. Riley had her surgery and is supposed to be home resting and being quiet, blah blah blah. Oy, she disagrees. 🙂 I’ll catch up to you guys soon! Have a blast at Comic Con. 🙂

  12. Have a good trip, Joe! Looking forward to lots of stories. I think my favourite season ender was SGA Season three’s “First Strike”. Wow, so much stuff in there – the amazing weapon VFX sequence, non-stop suspense, and finally the city adrift in space. It was the first time I really couldn’t figure HOW they were going to get out of that one. Another great one by Martin G. if I recall correctly.

    I’m actually headed out of town myself for a week. I’ll be down in New Hampshire volunteering in the White Mountains at a couple of the AMC’s high mountain huts.

    This one:

    and this one:

    I’ll get some cool hiking in as part of the trip, too!

    I’ll still be around some Internet access a few of the days, so I’ll be keeping up with your blog, Joe!

  13. I think you could pull off a dashing Youkou Kuki or you could go for a full face mask and go as V from V for Vendetta. Then you can walk around shopping in anonymity.

    As to best season cliff hanger in stargate – if you mean for all 3 series, then I’d have to go with Season 2 of universe. We are still waiting to find out what happened to everyone. Otherwise- then the end of Season 7 of SG1. Had no idea how they were going to save Oneill from brain overload after he got frozen/put in stasis.

    Have a good trip/visit to Comic Con

    Yoi Tabi Wo

  14. I would have to say that my favorite season ending cliffhanger would have to be either the end of SG1 Season 9, Atlantis Season 1 or Universe Season 1

  15. Okay, maybe it’s fine with you.. but I’d worry that Toppy would attract the furries and you don’t want to go there, I don’t think. Go with Youkou Kuki.

    Have fun at the Con.

  16. Actually Joe would look more like Jack Kirby’s version of Nick Fury with the eye patch. Just need a half used cigar, more stubbles and distressed fatigues with paratrooper jump boots. Cosplay will be completed with a replica Tommy gun. Joe would be the very image of a Howling Commando. Hehe.

  17. Safe journey, thrusters on full. Oh wait, that was from another series. Enjoy yourselves and don’t eat too much, yeah, I know, forget I said that.silly me.

  18. What was the best season-ending cliffhanger in Stargate history? Let’s hear your thoughts.
    it’s hard to pick the best.
    nemesis for SG-1’s season 3 & camelot for season 9 are pretty good ones

  19. @ Sparrowhawk – It took me a little longer than normal (6 seconds, as opposed to the normal 3.3 seconds) to notice because I got hung up on that Dark Matter sneaky peek. I love that page, too. 🙂


  20. GO SAFELY!!

    And, *PARTY-HARD*!! — BTW, just to confuse Everyone, wear the PATCH on the OTHER EYE!!

    [you know, it’s kinda creepy on how much you look like Toppy… just saying..]

  21. Disclaimer: Although I wasn’t happy with the way SGA and SGU ended, I have nothing to do with black eye incident. 😉

    And my vote goes to Toppy: so much more stylish.

    Concerning the best episode in season 2, it’s a draw between Runner, Instinct and Michael. Being a hard core Wraith and Ronon fan, I can’t really decide.

    As for the Long Goodbye, although it’s not one of my faves, I suppose its attraction lies on seing Weir acting so out of character.

  22. As far as black eyes go, that’s a pretty good one.

    Have a safe trip to Comic Con!

  23. Das: Mr. Das sounds nice. I don’t mind the talking. It means I don’t have to make any conversation, except for yes and hmmm… 😉 . Good luck with your computer.

    Mr. M.: I hope Akemi and you both have a good/safe trip! Have fun and eat lots of chocolate.

    PBmom: Those flood pictures you posted were unreal! I’m glad it drained off. It sounds like Texas got its yearly annual rain in one day.

    Deni: I’m glad Riley is doing so well! If you are cleaning the old house, that means you’re finished moving stuff out? That is good news!

  24. As someone else mentioned Nick Fury would probably be you best choice, his eye patch would be over the black eye. All the ones you show are on the wrong side. 🙂 or is it :(.

  25. Best all time cliffhanger in Stargate history? Wow that is a tough one.
    I think Exodus has to be the best.

  26. Have a safe trip…hopefully you’ll be able to upload ComicCon pictures so we (non-ComicCon attending readers) can live vicariously through you 😉

  27. The black eye is quite nice. I vote for Toppy, 1 because he is the only one I recognize and two is voiced by one of my favorite English speaking amine actors.

  28. Yes Joe, you have a true don’t mess with me look. The look would make Teal’c think twice

  29. Joe
    thiis year i wont be able to make Comic Con….. wanted to get my Dark Matter issue signed…..Oh well.

  30. “What was the best season-ending cliffhanger in Stargate history?  Let’s hear your thoughts.”

    I gotta say my favourite season-ending cliffhanger has to be SG-1 Season 9 Camelot, I suspected a cliffhanger was incoming and I was shocked to see the bad guys being the Ori destroying everything in their path. And the destruction of, what I believed to be the Earth-Ship Odyssey at the time. Then bam we see debris from all ships fighting to try and stop the Ori just floating, ending on Vala about to give birth. Then I was like noooooooo. Now the long wait to find out what happens.

  31. Hey Joe. Even down here in Texas they are showing the big California Comic Con on the news. It’s a big one! They are expecting 130,000 people throughout the weekend. And they are all dressed up crazy. Ever superhero, monster, etc character you can think of. I think you will see it all while there. Just get pictures for us. I can’t wait!

  32. I’ve been to a few Nascar races here at the Texas Motor Speedway, and there is sometimes up to 250,000 people there. But I love it – people and all. It is good people. Everyone is like your friend because you have something in common (love racing) and the entire family can go. Your Comic Con should be that way. I bet everyone will be very nice. Crazy, but nice.

  33. Hahahahahahaha… That reminds me of yesterday when in response to Ivon and his farmer’s tan I told him just to go shitless at the beach…LOL… Hilarity ensued.

    Cheers, Chev

    PS I’m loving the “bad boy look”

  34. What was the best season-ending cliffhanger in Stargate history? Let’s hear your thoughts.

    my favorite stargate season cliffhanger would probably have to be SG-1’s season 9 cliffhanger because you had the space battle to end all space battles (until Atlantis’s Be All My Sins Remember’d) as well as all of your main characters in peril:

    Mitchell and Daniel on one of the Daedalus class ships which near the end of the episode exploded by and Ori Warship beam and you didn’t know if it was the korolev or the odyssey,

    you had sam trapped in a space suit floating around near the ori supergate.

    and you had teal’c on board a lucian alliance ship.

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