Whenever I travel, the excitement of the upcoming trip is always somewhat muted by the fact that I’ll be leaving my dogs behind.  I wouldn’t mind so much if it weren’t for the fact that the dogs KNOW we’re leaving and get downright depressed.  Bubba paces, Lulu tries to squeeze in as much play time as possible, while the usually languid Jelly is even more so.  She wouldn’t even eat her breakfast this morning until I sat down on the floor and hand fed her.

Anyway, I checked in with Christine, our dog-sitter, and I’m pleased to report they’re in excellent spirits.  A far cry from this morning.  Check ’em out:

Jelly is so bummed she didn’t even bother wiping the pumpkin off her face for this picture.
Bubba’s “Uh, where do you think YOU’RE going?” look.
And Lulu’s “take me with you!” gaze.

Well, we’re in San Diego and I’m pleased to report we decided to go with an unhaunted hotel this time out (January 19, 2007).  This year, I’m a guest of Dark Horse Comics who kindly put us up at the Hard Rock Hotel, only steps away from the action.  We got in at noon, grabbed lunch (Mexican, natch.  We’re in San Diego!), then headed down to the convention center to walk the floor and check out the sights…

I finally meet editor extraordinaire Lou Anders (he of Masked, Fast Forward I and II, and countless PYR titles fame) and we spend the afternoon talking about SF, books, comics, t.v., and a Japanese children’s picture book about poop.
A little something from the new JJ Abrams series. Re…Re…Re-something?
Hey, look who we came across having lunch. It’s gang from Cowboy Bebop: Spike, Jet, and Faye.
Not sure. I think the guy on the right is Dr. Manhattan.
Birdcage Head Man.
The man faces of Deadmaus.

Deathstroke and friend.
I am DOOM! From the original Roger Corman FF movie.
Hey, check it out! Stargate security cards. Get into Stargate Command or Atlantis without having security on your case.
That’s green acrylic paint. And, yes, apparently, it’s perfectly safe.
They were hanging around the lobby of the hotel. Video game characters? Hip hop group?
Them’s some big guns.
I’m told he’s a squirrel.
Man down!
Boy, they were really pushing this movie. Wonder when it comes out?
My Dark Matter editor, Patrick Thorpe!
Some anime character, I suspect.
Ad for the upcoming Zach Gaffa..Gaffa…Ad for the upcoming movie from that guy from The Hangover.
The Rocketeer.
Sad Akemi at lunch because I wouldn’t let her eat anymore nachos. I should point out that she asked me to stop her from eating anymore.

Totoro looks like he’s been hitting the sauce.
The Toilet Paper Friends!
Batman villains!
More Batman villains!
Darth Vader and Boba Fett lounging about.
Wall art in progress.
Lots of dogs walking the streets. With their fire hydrants.
Who be dis wraithy lady?

I did an advance scout on the Dark Horse Comics booth and met the lovely Kari Yadro who organized the festivities.  The gal moves so fast that, by the time I wanted to snap her pic for the blog, she was gone.  Will have to get her tomorrow. And maybe Claudia Black as well (SG-1’s Vala Mal Doran) who is apparently in town as well.

A little R&R and then we’re off to walk the neighborhood and grab some dinner.

Tomorrow = the Dark Matter signing!  If you’re in the neighborhood between 4:00 – 5:00 p.m., come find me at the Dark Horse booth (#2615)!

27 thoughts on “July 13, 2012: Comic Con!

  1. Very cool on the pictures! Looks like Comic-Con is starting off well. I even thought I spotted my brother in one of them, but hubby did a close-up and said it was just his evil twin. 🙂 From the pictures that I’ve seen from my brother, Comic-Con has really evolved over the years. Hope you and Akemi have a great time!! If you see my brother tomorrow (His name is Chris), tell him I said hi!!

    Have a great night!!
    Lisa R

  2. relieved to see you had no troubles during the trip down. And thanks for the pics. I am really going to have to plan to attend ComicCon, if not next year the year after. Loved all the pics, and can only imagine how many more wonderous/absurd sights there were to be seen. Enjoy the food, people, and panels.

  3. WOW, Claudia is in Town! A star of my two favorite SciFi Shows, Please take some picture?
    Comic Con; Fun very fun, strange, But very fun. Glad you are having a good time.

  4. I would so love to see a pic of Claudia, along with news of what she is doing these days and future plans. I`m enjoying your trip vicariously… Have a great time and let us see lots of pics.

  5. Joe and Akemi, so glad you made it safely, looks like a blast already. The people in the pictures are very creative. A lot of time and effort went into some of those costumes! I can’t imagine actually being there, how cool. Thanks for the pictures. ~~and a picture book about poop, all good for sure.

  6. Wow! Deathstroke really has changed with DC’s New 52 …can’t wait to see what Deadpool will look like this time next year after Marvel’s Now!!

    Did they have Stargate Security cards on Atlantis? Why??
    Did they ever make one for Danger Beckett?

  7. Awesome pics! Bring me back one of those Stargate Security Cards. Some of those costumes look hot, as in sweating hot. Some look like the wearer may catch a cold. Why didn’t Lou Anders wear his mask? Next time, you have to dress Akemi up. She would look awesome!

  8. Hello
    ComicCon looks like fun. I wish I was there. Have you met lots of fans? What’s been the reaction to Dark Matter? Are you going to FanExpo Toronto in August?

    Have you bumped into David Blue?

    I’ve been glued to the Arrow and Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn news naturally – James worked on both.

    I’ll email details but I hit downtown Vancouver on the 8th August & will be touristy for 2 weeks. If you have a spare moment, I’d love to catch up.

    Cheers, Chev

    Ps the dogs with the hydrant is tv show Wilfred.. Aussie comedian but I don’t find him very funny

  9. Thanks for the pictures. I wish I were there. Maybe by the next comic con, people will be dressing up as characters from the game I’m working on. We’ll need more blue paint! I can dream.


    Not a squirrel! I’m just being contrary.

  10. Just in case anyone missed these Dark Horse tweetst:

    Dark Horse Comics‏@DarkHorseComics
    Claudia Black was at @SDCC @BioWare Shop at DH 2615 today & Joseph Mallozzi is signing Dark Matter at 4 pm Sat. Who misses ‪#StarGate‬?

    Dark Horse Comics‏@DarkHorseComics
    Win signed copy of Dark Matter # 1 Use ‪#DarkMatter‬ & ‪#Stargate‬ hashtags: ‪#SDCC‬ Signing w/ Joseph Mallozzi Booth #2615 Sat @ 4pm! ‪#comiccon‬

  11. Would love to see some Claudia Black snaps and hear what she has been up to. Say hi to her for me (from a fellow Aussie!) Miss seeing her on the telly.

  12. Love the costumes! Although, I suspect since Dr Manhattan isn’t blue that he’s actually one of the Engineers from Prometheus? That’s a big guess, though. Love the security badges.

    Looks like fun, hope it all goes smooth for you!

  13. Thanks for all the great pics and allowing those of us who couldn’t make it to attend vicariously! I’m gonna make it there some year.

  14. “Them’s some big guns.”.. Wonder what they are compensating for? 🙂

    Have fun fun fun! Wish you were east coast event, say Dragoncon.

  15. Loving the Stargate Security Cards! Great if you could pick up a few – give ’em away in a future competition! Be sure to include Beckett! 🙂

    Comic Con looks like so much fun – reminds me of old school Conventions. It’s all about the costumes 🙂

    Hope you manage to catch up with Claudia Black!


    @sg1efc: Looking foward to watching Ben Browder in Doctor Who! Shame they split the series over two years these days … preferred it when we got to see the entire run from April onwards! Ah, well, I’m really impressed with Matt Smith (never thought he would make a good time lord) I was wrong – he’s fast becoming a favourite, alongside Peter Davidson and Christopher Eccleston.

  16. Wow…Joe! looks like you had lots of fun at San Diego Comic-Con! 😀 I wish I could be there! Looks like so much fun. I love your descriptions of the cosplay folk. LOL! Too funny! 😀

    Your poor baby dogges. I know. It’s always hard to leave when they know your leaving. Dogs really know how to put the guilt trip on you. May be on your way back get them treats or new toys. 🙂

  17. Hey Joseph, I was wondering… I’ve just bought SGA on Bluray, and it would be very nice to have a closed end. How’s it going with the SGA movie, that was put on hold after SGU was cancelled? I hope this won’t be a Firefly… (Please, if there will be a movie, don’t make a crappy one, like Serenity, which asks more questions then answers them)

  18. Yay, love the photos! Creativity, color, and quirkiness on parade. 🙂

    And the security badges. 0_0! Oh, do I want a Beckett badge in the worst kind of way.

  19. @Susan Bowden

    “@sg1efc: Looking foward to watching Ben Browder in Doctor Who! Shame they split the series over two years these days … preferred it when we got to see the entire run from April onwards! Ah, well, I’m really impressed with Matt Smith (never thought he would make a good time lord) I was wrong – he’s fast becoming a favourite, alongside Peter Davidson and Christopher Eccleston.”

    Yep I agree. 🙂

    It is crazy to split up a series like that. I also think they should be increasing the amount of episodes per season of successful shows, like Dr. Who, Game Of Thrones and so on.

  20. As bad as it looks, that is actually one pretty badass Lionel costume! Makes me happy 🙂

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