When Stargate: Atlantis fan (and blog regular) Jeff first told me he’d be in town for business, I offered him a few suggestions on dining locations.  While I would have loved to join him for dinner, his visit happened to coincide with the rewrite on this SF miniseries Paul and I are working on.  It’s a tight turnaround (it goes to camera in about a month!) so I figured I’d be spending quality time with my laptop.  But, as it turned out, I had a window of opportunity when Paul took the script off my hands.  So, the other day, after running some errands, I met up with Jeff for a tour of some of Vancouver’s newest food trucks. Our multi-course lunch went something like this…

Jeff comes bearing gifts. For the dogs.
First course: Salvadoran cuisine: tamales de pollo (pictured) and pasteles. Good but I found them subdued in flavor.
Second course: Perogies. We went with the West Coast version that was stuffed with salmon, topped with caramelized onions and sour cream. We ordered the sausage. BTW – it would seem sausage is code for hot dog.  Tasty – even with the “sausage”.
Hey, it’s Vancouver culinary legend Vikram Vij overseeing operations at his new food truck. His restaurant, Vij’s, by the way, is one of the city’s most popular. It happens to be Bob Picardo’s favorite dining destination whenever he’s in town.
Third course: Inspired Indian cuisine. Spot prawn with coconut masala and basmati rice (pictured) and lamb kebabs. The masala had a nice kick and the lamb was fantastic. Hard to beat this truck.
Fourth course: Bacon. The Piggy Blues: double smoked bacon, grilled mushrooms, creamy blue cheese, caramelized onion mayo, and greens. I suggested we stop by this place so I could try the bacon brownie – then relented and picked up this wrap as well. It was DAMN good!
The bourbon-bacon brownie. Loved it. Adding bacon to desserts has become a bit of a cliche but here it compliments rather than overwhelms, adding a nice smoky touch to the chocolate and bourbon.
Fifth course: macarons. We stopped by Soirette (THE place to go for macarons in Vancouver) and each had a dozen. Among my selected flavors, this Languvulin 16 year old scotch. Wow! It packed a punch.

Nice meeting you, Jeff.  Next time I’m in Chicago, you lead.

Continuing our trip down SGA memory lane, we conclude season one…

SIEGE I (119)

Like most Martin Gero episodes, this one has a nice balance of humor, character development, and arc-driven elements to satisfy the die-hard fan.  The wraith are on their way to Atlantis and, while Sheppard scrambles to find a suitable planet they can relocate to, McKay leads a team to an Ancient weapons outpost in a bid to bring it back online and use it to target one of the three enemy hive ships.  By this point in the season, the McKay/Zelenka rivalry has finally attained the snappy, back-and-forth dynamic that will serve as a model for the ensuing four season’s worth of one-upmanship.  Here, Radek tries to convince Rodney not to risk his unnecessarily, and he does so by playing to his ego.  Rodney, however, turns the tables on Radek and dismisses the obvious concern by needling him.  The subtext is clear.  These two guys are concerned for each other but their egos went let them admit it.

Sheppard has no luck locating a safe haven for the expedition, at one point being chased back to Atlantis by a creature resembling a T-Rex. The fact that we, the audience never get to see the creature was a running gag for a while – so, in SGU’s first season episode, Lost (not so coincidentally written by Martin Gero), a team encounters a dinosaur off-world.  And, this time, you can bet we see it.

At one point, Teyla hits Bates because she is offended by his accusations.  Even Sheppard bristles at the suggestion that Teyla may have been compromised.  And yet, when you think about it, Bates has a point.  In fact, he makes it clear – he’s not accusing her of knowingly aiding the wraith.  He’s simply pointing out that, based on past experience, it might be wise to exercise caution.  Teyla may have found his opinion insulting, but it was a sound one and SHE was out of line hitting him – Sheppard just as guilty in not taking his own advice dispensed in the previous episode.  He allows emotion to overrule logic in a potential life or death situation.

In addition to all this, we lose a member of the expedition in shocking fashion, and Atlantis takes in another wraith – who Sheppard nicknames Bob before blowing him away.  It’s dark, yes, and Ford is clearly uncomfortable as John shoots the prisoner but this is Sheppard at his ambiguous best.

SIEGE II (120)

We pick up where the last episode left off.  All hope seems lost.  Weir gives the order to wipe the Ancient database, start the countdown to the self-destruct, and abandon Atlantis when – she receives word that someone is dialing in.  It’s Stargate Command.  And they’re sending reinforcements.  So begins an action-packed season finale whose high points, for me, were its marvelous visuals and “No!  Don’t end it there!” ending.  The friction between Colonel Everett and, well, everyone else makes for interesting drama but the action comes so fast and furious in this episode that there really isn’t opportunity for those quieter, occasionally humorous, character moments that really ground an episode.  For that reason, as much as I like the pacing and pandemonium of this episode, I have to tip my hat to Martin Gero for his work on Siege I.  And, while I’m at it, I mentioned those fantastic battle sequences so a big “Thanks again!” to VFX Supervisor Mark Savela and the rest of the VFX team for their amazing ability to outdo themselves year after year.

Finally, I love a good cliffhanger (provided there’s an opportunity to come back and finish things off) and this one was a beauty.  I could well imagine the collective sigh of frustration when the end credits came up onscreen and viewers at home realized they would have to tune in…next season.

And so ends my reminiscing on Atlantis’s first season.  All all, a pretty solid season.  Any first season of any series is going to have the occasional dud episode (I’ve termed this “The Emancipation Effect”) but, aside from Sanctuary, I have to say Atlantis was fairly good in that respect.  There were a few episodes that while enjoyable, still prove somewhat problematic for me on some levels (mainly because I’m wearing my writer/producer hat when I watch them).  But these episodes are far outweighed by the standouts.  In my mind: Rising I and II, Poisoning the Well, The Storm, The Eye, The Defiant One, Before I Sleep, and Siege I.

So, what do you all think?  Which episodes stood out for you in SGA’s first season?

Only three days left to vote for the greatest mid-season two-parter in Stargate history!  Cast your ballot for a chance to win some signed scripts!

Finally, Cookie Monster would like to remind everyone that the Supermovie of the Week Club reconvenes tomorrow when we’ll be discussing Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie.  Here’s a little something to whet your appetite.

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32 thoughts on “June 17, 2012: Checking out the new food trucks! Days of Stargate Atlantis Past! Siege I and II!

  1. As far as Power Rangers, the dvd arrived yesterday. I am not sure how I am going to deal with Amazon again though, given their reccommendations are now littered with other assorted MMPR offerings. Oh the shame, the shame…
    Five courses? I guess there was enough walking involved to make room for more. Sounds like a fun way to eat. For all the virtues of my state, I cannot honestly claim eating venues comparable to your rolling restaurants.
    I beg to differ slightly about Siege 2. At some point, it comes down to the action. After building up the tension, anything less than the action presented would have been a copout. And the action presented here all solidly moved the plot along. I still get chills watching the anti-aircraft fire in the night. And you were wrong about Siege 2’s ending. It was not a sigh of frustration. It was a scream of anguish, knowing that months were to pass before the situation was resolved.
    rather than going on about the episodes, I am simply posting a score for each one of the season. 1-10 scale, with 10 a mark I never give out.
    Rising : 9.5 Hide and Seek 6.9
    38 Minutes 9.2 Suspicion 8.5
    Childhood’s End 7.3 Poisoining the Well 7.8
    Underground 8.2 Home 7.5
    The Storm 9.6 The Eye 9.7
    The Defiant One 8.5 Hot Zone 8.4
    Sanctuary 7.4 Before I Sleep 9.1
    The Brotherhoopd 7.6 Letters from Pegasus 9.2
    The Gift 7.8 The Siege pt 1 9.3
    The siege pt 2 9.7
    These are based on scores I gave the episodes about the time season 3 was starting to air, with a couple of twea If you want to break Rising into two parts, simply give part 1 a 9.4 and part 2 a 9.6
    Anyways, off to watch Cookie Monster’s selection of the week. Thanks as always for taking the time to post, entertain, and educate us.

  2. Oh yeah, I was PISSED when The Siege, Part 2 was to be continued… Wonderful stuff, Joe, and just so you know, I could watch another 5 seasons if episodes like these. 🙂

  3. @ JeffW – if we ever meet, you better come bearing
    cheesecakes (or pizzas). 😀

    The food looks great, but I have to take away some points for presentation of the Spot prawn with coconut masala and basmati rice. Very sloppy. They should do better when serving that.

    Siege 1 was very good. Siege 2 was awesome. In Siege 1, Dr Weir has decided to destroy Atlantis, if they cannot defend it, rather than have it fall into the hands of the wraith. Teyla’s gift is a huge help when she senses a wraith (Bob) is loose in Atlantis. The space repair by McKay was great. This episode sets up Siege 2, written by Mulle/Mallozzi. Full of action and suspense. Reinforcements arrive sent by O’Neil. I loved the no-nonsense Colonel Everett and Weir’s visit to the Geni asking for some bigger fire power. They only have to defend the city for a few days until the Daelalus can get there. The huge battles with the wraith ships were tense! They are losing some good people! (Hey, is that Chuck!?) The battle is getting more fierce! The whole city is in jeopardy! Then we see…To Be Continued… Arrrrrrrgh!!!! 😡 Nooooooooo!!!! 😥 That’s just cruel.

    Well, I don’t have to wait for months. I’ve got the DVD’s. 😀

  4. Joe,
    Unfortunatley i will not be able to make comic con this time around. Was looking so foward to Joe and Paul Signing my D.M.comics …..this suck’s!!!!

  5. My favorite SGA Season 1 episodes (in no particular order):

    Rising Parts 1 & 2 (duh)
    Hide and Seek
    Thirty-Eight Minutes
    The Defiant One
    Letters From Pegasus
    The Siege (Part 2)

    I liked the entire 1st season.

  6. I was happy to the point of giddiness with The Seige II. That’s my answer to which is my favorite episode of Season 1.

    I loved Seige II because of its content, not its Cliffhanger. I’m just as much a sucker for having to know what happens as anyone, but my general memory of most season-ending cliff hangers is being a little pissed off at the wait and knowing the game. I find watching a show all at once, years after its premiere to be a more satisfying experience.

    Yeah, I know that’s not exactly a preference that can be marketed to. Just sayin’ the adrenal fatigue can add to my overall feelings about a show which will fade more slowly than the memory of the details of the cliffhangar.

  7. Good Lord man… Where do you stuff all that food…. I’m full just reading and looking at the pictures.

    We recently purchased a smoker for the house and there hasn’t been a day we haven’t used it. If you ever find youself in Toronto you have to come over my way for dinner!!

  8. Hey Jeff!! Great to see you on the blog. Wow, I think you guys definitely out did me on the eating front. I’ll have to take that as a challenge for next time! All that food looked great, especially the wrap. I actually preferred the macarons at Bel Cafe, as I found the ones at Soirette a bit chewier. Still excellent, though. I’ll never forget the leggy gal with the weird affected accent at Soirette.

    I don’t know that any one episode stands out above the rest in the first season – they were mostly excellent. I agree that the more action the better in a season ender, especially if it’s a cliff hanger. And TOTALLY agree on the awesomeness of Mark Savela and his team. He’s such a humble, wonderfully talented fellow.

  9. Just have to thank you again for this trip through the days of Atlantis past. I know how busy you are (!) but I hope you will be able to continue on with it, if not right away at least soon.

  10. *jumps up and down and waves*

    Hiya, Jeff!! What a charming fella!

    Speaking of charming fellas…

    Just a word about Bob. I’ve had a big weekend (wedding yesterday, graduation party at a cabin on a lake today), so I will just say this about The Siege – Sheppard is a murderous bastard.



  11. Wow, I haven’t visited in a little over a week and look what happens! SGA memories, voting and giveaways, Comic-Con freebies!! This is crazy!

    As for my favorite mid-season two parter? There are literally so many great ones listed, and I have my favorites for certain reasons(it soooo hard to resist the Jackson/McKay dynamic!!), but I had to vote for The Storm/The Eye. The word epic comes to mind, but Sheppard’s sheer hatred and disdain for Kolya is palpable, and tasty to watch! His “Kolya” yell from the later episodes remind me of Kirk’s “Khaannnn!”. I also love episodes that establish an “equal enemy” or nemesis, as it were, especially when that nemesis has a long time recurring role. It’s nice to always be able to go back to those first few appearances and watch how it all started.

    Sadly, I will not be able to attend Comic-Con this year. That’s the same week I spend it The Santa Cruz mountains area with my family for the week. It’s a family camp there and it’s a prepaid kind of deal. Makes me sad, too, ’cause I would have loved to personally thank you for all your work over the years. I had thought about even showing up in my show used uniforms to show my fandom, but it’s San Diego in the summer. It might be nice there, but those costumes were made for Vancouver, in the winter no less!! I imagine the one permeating thing at Comic-Con is…..B.O.! A lot of nerds don’t have the best hygienic practices and when they drape themselves in layers upon layers of costumes, I imagine it can get pretty rank in there!

    Anyway, just wanted to say hello again, I haven’t left by any means and I look forward to the upcoming further memories of SGA!! It got pretty busy at work these last couple weeks, but I think I’m through all that mess now so I’ll be around a bit like before.

    One last thing, Joe, if you are around the LA area, namely Huntington Beach or Santa Ana, you’ve got to check out Slater’s 50/50!!! Their burger patties are 50% beef, 50% bacon. The list of things you can add to the burger alone, is daunting, let alone the size of the thing! I got the 2/3 pounder with Swiss, no sauces on it(you can have a selection of their offerings served on the side, which I felt was the best way to try them all without committing to one and have it not be what you thought, ruining the burger), lettuce, an egg(over medium), all on a Brioche bun. Exquisite is not expressive enough a word.

    Man, I wish I could’ve gone to Comic-Con this year!

    -Mike A.

  12. I think the best episodes are Rising I&II, The Storm/The Eye, and Before I Sleep. Letters From Pegasus and Home are always episodes that tweak at my heart strings a bit. And I love Underground: “We say, ‘what giant underground bunker?'”

  13. I’m loving the review of Atlantis, but I still can’t find time to comment during the week. 
Worst of all, I can’t believe you’re already through Season One. They all were great episodes because each one revealed more character development, conflicts between them, and explained the bad guys they faced, and just how screwed they were in Pegasus. Plus, the special effects kept getting more elaborate until The Seige (Part 2), which was spectacular.

    If I had to pick, I think “Before I Sleep” and “The Seige (Parts 1 & 2)” were my favorites. But again, each episode was like opening a present. I enjoyed the writing, the acting, the great fight scenes, and special effects.

    Another toughy is picking my favorite mid-season two-parter. For me, I can’t help but pick Atlantis, and “The Return (Part 1 & 2)” wins out. The episodes aired after “Phantoms”, which I loved because it was much darker in tone than the show normally was. And I think that “The Return” kept that edge.

    I went to the JPL Open last Sunday and meant to put up some of the sites people can access. It was wonderful, and again, it was amazing to listen to the scientists talk about their projects. Curiosity is the big one landing on on Mars on August 4th. It takes seven minutes from the time it achieves orbit and lands on the surface. They call it the “seven minutes of terror” before it hopefully will broadcast it’s safe and working.

    Here’s the video we saw on the harrowing landing and mission:

    You can follow the Mars landing and JPL in general on Twitter:


    Some other sites that are fascinating:

    Our Solar System Through the Eyes of Scientists:

    Voyager – Heading the the outer limits of our solar system:

  14. Up until this blog post, there were only two movies I had told myself I would never watch again- Gremlins II. Want Cookie Monster to hang himself with the drawstring of his cookie pouch? Make him watch that !@#$#$@% The second was some Chinese English dubbed film that was supposedly a “great” comedy. About five minutes into it I started to get angry and by the time it was over I was almost homicidal. (My wife MUST finish watching a movie once she starts)

    Now, I have not seen it, but I just cant get myself to even try. Power Rangers has just become number three “will never watch” movie. Sorry Joe and Cookie Monster, but I cant subject myself to that.

  15. @Joe:

    Thanks again for the tour! I especially enjoyed Vikram’s lamb kebabs and I’m in full agreement about the Salvadoran stop; there should have been more spices or something. The perogies with the hot dogs were a surprise, but in the end, I thought it made the dish (maybe that’s a Chicago thing 😉 ). For the macarons, I liked the pistachio the best.

    As promised (to Joe and others), here is a write up of some of the other places I visited while in Vancouver last week:


    And on the subject of the Siege I, it always struck me as odd that Shepherd didn’t catch flack for killing the wraith prisoner. Yes, he was not providing intel, but a dead wraith is even more worthless for intelligence. It seems restraint would have been called for.


    @ JeffW – if we ever meet, you better come bearing cheesecakes (or pizzas).

    So a dog toy wouldn’t do? Guess I’ll have to rethink how to get through security with a cheesecake 😉


    I didn’t try Bel Cafe this trip…maybe next time. Leggy gals? I didn’t notice any accents at Soirette, but I have traveled so much internationally, I’m not sure I would notice a light accent without listening for it. I did buy some “Creamy Earl Grey” tea based on the counter-girl’s suggestion though.


    Well “Hey” back! And thanks! It was a fun tour. If you like seafood, Vancouver is definitely worth the trip. You and Mr. Das should try it sometime…

  16. I think my favorite Season 1 episode is Letters From Pegasus. The combination of humor, sadness, and character development strikes a chord with me. While I really liked all of the shows before this, Letters From Pegasus is the show where I really became engaged with and attached to the characters.

    Thanks for going down the Atlantis memory lane.

  17. Thanks so much for your thoughts on SGA Season 1! I’ve really been enjoying this trip down memory lane. 🙂
    I really liked The Seige episodes, action packed and so exciting. My favorite episodes of the season were Rising, 38 Minutes, The Defiant One, Storm/Eye, and Letters From Pegasus. And the rest. 😛

  18. @ JeffW – I hate seafood (though I will eat mild fish on occasion). I would love to go to Vancouver some day…or just the west coast in general. I love the cooler, damp weather the northwest is known for. However, I would need at least two or three weeks off, since I don’t fly and would have to drive there.

    (Before anyone starts on me about not flying – just save your breath because it’s not gonna happen. When I’m resolved, I’m resolved, and trying to talk me into getting on an airplane just becomes a really annoying lecture. Joey – you know what I mean – it’s kinda like how I keep trying to convince you that the Wraith really aren’t bad guys. 😉 )


  19. I’m with you Ponytail, JeffW better have a cheesecake with him. Of course, didn’t TSA throw away some lady’s cupcake because it was a safety threat? A cupcake is insignificant compared to a cheesecake. However, JeffW could MAKE the cheesecake when gets to the nearest kitchen. 😉

    Hey JeffW! I’m so glad you and Mr. M got to tour the food buses! I don’t remember you saying a word about it in your posts. Sneaky but nice surprise!

    Loved the pictures Mr. M.! Especially the Power Ranger, too funny 😆 .

    I always enjoy the SGA backstage stories. Maybe, women are Sheppard’s’ Achilles Heel? Some guys are big softies. You can tell when you’re sparring a man whether he likes women or not. I’m not talking sexually but they tend to hesitate or not hit as hard.

    Das: “Murderous Bastards”? Never change please. You’re a hoot!

    Debra: How is your sister?

  20. @ Joey – Hey, see that picture of the sausage (over the perogies)? And remember that Japanese bullet-dodging dinner you and Ivon missed out on when you were in Tokyo? Yeah…it looked JUST like that. 😛


  21. @Das:

    Soooo….no flying in small planes then? I wouldn’t do anything aerobatic…I promise.

    @Tam Dixon:

    I guess I’ll have to put together a traveling cooking kit. Do they make collapsible spring-form pans?

    On the food tour; I wasn’t really trying to be secretive; I was on a business trip and wasn’t completely sure of my (or Joe’s) schedule. In the end, I was glad it came off. I would definitely visit Vij’s Railway Express again.

  22. @ JeffW – My first plane ride was in a small plane. I was very young and thought it was cool. Before getting in the plane I had a raw hotdog and orange juice. I did not throw up. My sister – 5 years my senior – had a full breakfast of eggs and toast. She puked her guts out. I giggled. 😈

    The more I flew, however, the more I hated it. Not the flying, per se, but the confinement. And now, with the security checks, the hours spent sitting on the tarmac, the crazy passengers, pilots, and flight attendants, and the lack of niceties I enjoyed back in the 70s when I did fly, I just have no desire to ever get into a plane again. Mostly, however, it’s the confinement issue – I suppose I’m a bit claustrophobic, or something. It’s probably why – even though I can’t swim at all – I love sailing. Something about being out in the open air.


  23. I voted for Justice and Space although I would also include Divided as a terrific bonus continuation to this pair. While I enjoyed most of these episodes, SG1, SGA and SGU, Justice and Space in particular cemented by enthusiasm for SGU.

    The shocking suicide by Sgt Spencer, Camile’s automatic misinterpretation of why/how the military operates, the opportunity she sees for moving Destiny under civilian rule, Rush’s calculated manipulations as he chafes beneath Young’s restrictions and working to serve his own purposes, and Young’s understanding the building animosities between civilian and military factions, demonstrating once again his willingness to sacrifice himself for a peaceful solution all intermix in “Justice” culminating with an “Oh my Gosh” moment at the end of this episode.

    Camile not understanding the full import of command and how it affects a person emotionally and physically, the responsibility for others lives, and that it isn’t about power, is wrenching to her personally. Young’s anger bursts off the screen when he explodes at Rush centering around Dr Franklin’s irresponsible behavior that resulted in his incapacitation after he sat in the chair.

    Eli’s accusatory stare silently judging Young when he lies about what happened on the planet and then being told to wipe the recording so that only Eli and Young know the real truth of who set Young up for Spencer’s murder is heartbreaking. His naivety is jolted and Eli begins to grow up, emerging into that wonderful confident man in “Gauntlet.”

    In “Space,” Young is haunted by his emotional spur of the moment decision, realizing that his outburst has placed his crew and Destiny in danger when they encounter the Nakai for the first time. As he stated, his actions weren’t those of the man he is. While he regretted the outcome, he had to firmly establish leadership control. Ultimately, that failure to command precipitated the confrontation in “Divided” with all parties recognizing their need for each other, working together as a team, if they are to survive in this most isolated environment.

    Of every version of Stargate, I dearly love SGU for it’s real world, no holds barred, this is it, in your face, desperate survival. The ultimate LOST (in space) show. Certainly, Dr Rush was as lost as a person could be when he woke from his beating, and looked up at the galactic swirl of stars and realized he’d probably pushed Young too far. And in true Rush fashion with his relentless single mindedness, he found a way to get off the planet. Absolutely, NOT how he would have envisioned.

    Rush showed a side of himself that surprised me when he went after Chloe before finding a way off the Nakai ship. I would never have imagined him doing something that selfless and it proved to have important relevance in the 2nd season episode “Cloverdale” and mid-season cliffhanger.

    While grim at times, SGU is rife with that Stargate trademark humor – Brody and Volker are priceless. I find myself laughing out loud to their dry, almost British, deadpan repartee. I cared as much for the 2nd tier characters as I did for the main cast. These characters were allowed to grow and be changed by events. Easily dismissible comments or events were interwoven throughout the show in dramatic fashion, like Dale Volker not having access to high blood pressure medication that results in a life threatening situation.

    I love SGU, and miss it terribly. So I’m left to imagine the possibilities that would have evolved for these characters and Destiny.

    Please MGM, let the movies be made. And I want my blu-ray for 2nd season SGU!!!!

    And to add a bit, I love to hate Dr Rush and David Telford as equally as I love Young and TJ together as a couple. They are part of the wonderful dynamic of personalities and provide such impetus for conflict. They are delicious characters.

    @Shadowesque – everything you said too!! LOVE SGU!!!

    Another non-mid-season grouping of episodes is SG1’s last 3 episodes of S1 (There But For the Grace of God, Politics, and Within the Serpent’s Grasp) and S2 – The Serpent’s Lair. Wow!! Those episodes are rich, full-blooded Stargate whump!!!

  24. The Seige (parts 1 and 2) is probably one of my favorite Stargate: Atlantis episodes! I love the wraith and this was a fantastic opportunity to see how powerful (and determined) they are and the efforts they would make to obtain a large food source. they are fantastic

    Personally i voted for The Return I and II, as my favorite two parter. I loved seeing O’neill and Woolsey work together to save Atlantis from the inside and the Weir and her team “rebelling” from the SGC and saving it from the “outside”. The effort made to bring Teyla and Ronon in on the attack was a great touch and a demonstration of the loyalty and trust that has established between everyone.

  25. Hi Joe,

    I love your enthusiasm for this story arch. I was captivated by the interplay between the characters from Rodney to Zelenka to Teyla and Bates (even though you know he has a point) and Sheppard with “Bob.” Bye Bob! But, I did not find Siege II to be a favorite of mine. I picked up a bit of military bigotry which seems to be common place in contemporary writers. In the conference room the question was asked of Sheppard what had the Military created. He sheepishly replied the A-bomb, and received a condescending retort. What happened to the Internet, the Stargate, successful rocketry, radar telemetry? All of these were accomplished by great scientific minds to support a military need. In fact the Manhattan project was perhaps one of greatest scientific endeavors of modern times in terms of time, resources and manpower. But rightly or wrongly, its legacy seems to be too easy of a target.

    Whose idea was it to put Marines in Red Barrettes? Marines in barrettes? Yes the US Army Rangers tried to create their unique esprit de corps, but the Amy General staff mucked that up. Beside Marines are mostly attached to the Navy as is their doctrine and history. More readily force resources would have been Army or Air Force. That was the service of Jack O’neill and Carter, but they do not have that mystique of the Marines.

    They would be more readily equipped for multi level air defense. The “rail guns” are only one part of a defense like a Phalanx system. I did not see those with shoulder mounted rockets much engaged, but why should they have been. Even the picture shows the limitations of the 50 cal. guns (Tora, Tora, Tora). I understand that the battle sequence had limited battle space. Unfortunately I thought I was watching a scene of Bagdad or the Prince of Wales and Repulse being attacked by the Japanese.

    The ending scene was a like a real ripping up Western with the good guys cornered and fighting their way out. And, Ford falls into the water while engaged in combat never to be seen again? And Rodney receives yet another lesson in humility.

    In the song by R.E.M. I think I have said too much.

  26. Let alone did Rising (both parts) stand out to me but the mid-season two-parter Storm/Eye is hands down the best and ultimate standard of SGA.

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