The Perfect Storm Approacheth!

Here.  We.  Gooooooooo!

The Perfect Storm Approacheth!

Looks like we’ll convene the writers’ room sometime in September.  Before then, the show’s creator and I will map out the first season game plan covering all ten episodes, character and story arcs.  We’re also aiming to have the pilot co-written by then.  After that, it’ll be smoooooooth sailing!  

All that will be left to do is get those nine other scripts written, rewritten, prepped, shot, then have the episodes edited, mixed, color corrected and delivered…and we’re done in time for Sanno Matsuri.  Yeah! Read more

December 30, 2017: Dark Matter Season 3 Awards – Part 3!

Concluding our Dark Matter Season 3 Awards with recognition of our amazing main cast and their performances big and small…



It’s hard to believe Dark Matter was Melissa O’Neil’s first t.v. role, even more surprising if you’d actually seen her amazing audition for TWO. From the moment I watched her self-tape, I vowed I’d go to war to see her cast.  Fortunately, there was no need for bloodshed as I was not the only one to take note of her immense talent.  With regard to choosing her best supporting role in season 3, this was probably the toughest  call I had to make.  I could have gone with her double turn in Episode 306, “One Last Card To Play”, in which we she portrays both TWO and alt. Portia with subtle distinction, or her heartfelt performance of Episode 309, “Isn’t That A Paradox”, in which she grasps at a potential refuge for her and her crew.  Instead, I have to give it to…

December 30, 2017: Dark Matter Season 3 Awards – Part 3!

Episode 304, “All The Time In The World”.  The comedy stylings of Anthony Lemke and Zoie Palmer are front and center, but the backbone of this episode is Melissa’s dubious and joyously bewildered performance.


She again pulls double duty in the revelatory Episode 310 (“Built, Not Born”) and my first instinct was to go with that one but, upon further review, I have to go with…

December 30, 2017: Dark Matter Season 3 Awards – Part 3!

Episode 301, “Being Better Is So Much Harder”.  A great actor’s true talents shine, not so much in scenes of strength but in those instances in which their characters are at their lowest and most vulnerable.  Melissa is at her best here as TWO wrestles with self-doubt, guilt, and the true weight of command.



THREE went from being one of the show’s most hated characters to, over the course of three seasons, one of its most beloved thanks in large part to Anthony Lemke’s portrayal of the incorrigible scoundrel.  THREE is generally mercenary, boorish, and comical, making those instances in which we’re offered a glimpse behind that devil-may-care facade all the more delightful.  THREE is terrific when he’s driving the action, but he’s equally great when he’s lending genuine support as was the case in…

December 30, 2017: Dark Matter Season 3 Awards – Part 3!

Episode 310, “Built, Not Born”.  Anthony and Natalie Brown play off each other beautifully in their shared scenes, and it’s his later, poignant scene with Zoie Palmer’s Android in the mess that really reminds us what this show is really about: these characters and their bonds of friendship.


Like the decision to cast Anthony, this one didn’t require all that much thought…

December 30, 2017: Dark Matter Season 3 Awards – Part 3!

Episode 304, “All The Time In The World” in which Anthony displays THREE at his funniest (riding the seemingly endless time loop) and most serious (coming to terms with the digital resurrection of the woman he once loved).



Season 3 saw FOUR complete his transition to Emperor Ryo Ishida, going from steadfast ally to sworn enemy, and the episode that gets my vote for Alex Mallari Jr.’s Best Supporting Performance is…

December 30, 2017: Dark Matter Season 3 Awards – Part 3!

Episode 308, “Hot Chocolate”, an episode in which he truly gets to play the role of the season’s Big Bad, delivering as a fearsome threat yet, simultaneously, a conflicted former friend who has not forgotten his former ties.


Throughout the show’s third season, Alex did a brilliant job of conveying the war his character fought, both without and within, measuring fear against love, leadership against loyalty, and there was no better example of this complex duality than…

December 30, 2017: Dark Matter Season 3 Awards – Part 3!

Episode 312, “My Final Gift To You” which sees Ryo attempt to have it all, give it all, only to see it all come crashing down.  Alex makes us despise Ryo’s actions and yet, at the same time, find compassion and sympathy for that former friend so far gone.



One of my favorite guest stars back on Stargate: Atlantis was a young (13 year old) Jodelle Ferland who played the role of precocious princess Harmony in the episode to the same name.  Fast forward some nine years later and she is impressing in an altogether different role as the ship’s tech monkey and defacto spirited mascot.  FIVE plays pivotal roles in episodes like “One Last Card To Play” and “Hot Chocolate”, but my pick for her best supporting performance is…

December 30, 2017: Dark Matter Season 3 Awards – Part 3!

Episode 309, “Isn’t That A Paradox?”, which reminds us that, even though the crew may no longer refer to her as a “kid”, she is still very much a kid at heart, making friends, playing video games in pajamas, but still finding time to help save the day.


My choice for this category is an episode that was intended to open the door to a bigger arc involving the introduction of FIVE’s long lost sister, Karina, a surprising connection to the villainous Alicia Reynaud, and the shocking ascendance of a new Big Bad…

December 30, 2017: Dark Matter Season 3 Awards – Part 3!

Episode 302, “It Doesn’t Have To Be Like This”, finally allows us insight into FIVE’s backstory, revealing the relationships and critical decisions that impacted her life, putting her on the fateful course that landed her on The Raza.  Jodelle is wonderful throughout, but especially in those final, heartbreaking moments of FIVE’s trip down memory lane.



Back when we were first casting the role of SIX, I felt heart of the character was distilled down to a single line of dialogue, an exchange with FIVE in which he admits that when, inevitably, she chooses to leave their ragtag crew…”I’m going to miss you, kid.  I’m going to miss you a lot.”  When delivered correctly, this line would encapsulate the very heart of the Big Brother/Little Sister relationship I sought to capture.  Almost every actor who auditioned for the part missed the spirit of the line, and then along came Roger Cross…

Some great moments for SIX in season 3, both in a spotlight and supporting role. In terms of supporting performance, I really liked him in Episode 301 (“Being Better Is So Much Harder”) as he attempts to pick up a fallen TWO and of course in Episode 308 (“Hot Chocolate”) as he attempts to juggle his roles as Raza bad-ass and rebel mediator, but my favorite was…

December 30, 2017: Dark Matter Season 3 Awards – Part 3!

Episode 310, “Built, Not Born” mostly on the strength of a single scene opposite Zoie Palmer in The Marauder that sees SIX attempt to buoy our Android’s fallen spirits.  Roger has a natural warmth and nowhere is it more evident on screen that in this wonderful exchange.


Sure, the obvious choice would be Episode 303 (“Welcome To The Revolution”) that sees SIX finally walk the walk he’s been talking since season 2, but I would actually give the nod to…

December 30, 2017: Dark Matter Season 3 Awards – Part 3!

Episode 307, “I Wish I Could Believe You”, which offers a peek at SIX’s backstory, his friendship with John Anders, and the family he left behind.  Roger delivers a compelling performance and never have we felt more sympathy for SIX.



To think I originally envisioned The Android character as male.  Three seasons into the show, I can’t imagine anyone BUT Zoie Palmer in the role.  And, while the initial plan was to make the character a more supporting role, Zoie’s early portrayal ensured the Android became as important a crew member as everyone else on board The Raza.   I was really torn in trying to select an episode for this category. On the one hand, there was Episode 309, “Isn’t That A Paradox?” which sees her drive the action in her inimitable fashion; but on the other hand, there’s…

December 30, 2017: Dark Matter Season 3 Awards – Part 3!

Episode 304, “All The Time In The World”.  She’s at her funniest dealing with an increasingly harried THREE and at her most dramatic jumping through her various flash-forwards.  Hell, she even sings and dances!


Was there ever any doubt it would be…

December 30, 2017: Dark Matter Season 3 Awards – Part 3!

Episode 310, “Built, Not Born”, that sees Zoie give a tour-de-force performance as both doomed creator, Dr. Shaw, and conflicted creation.  The Android-SIX scene in The Marauder in which he reminds her how special she is, Android’s conversation with FIVE on the merits of smiling, Android’s heart to heart with THREE over whiskey and hot chocolate – some of my favorites of the entire series.

So, those are my votes.  What do  you all think?  What were your favorite Supporting and Lead Performances for each cast member?

August 16, 2015: Anthony Lemke – Dark Matter’s THREE – answers YOUR questions!

August 16, 2015: Anthony Lemke – Dark Matter’s Three – Answers Your Questions!
DARK MATTER — “Episode Ten” Episode 110 — Pictured: Anthony Lemke as Three — (Photo by: Russ Martin/Prodigy Pictures/Syfy)

Hoowee!  You had A LOT of questions for Anthony Lemke, Dark Matter’s THREE. And he, in turn, had A LOT of answers for you.  So let’s do to this:

The Greatest Anthony Lemke Q&A Ever!

ceresis64 writes: “What was your favourite ad-libbed line?”

AL: A line that was cut from ep 107. When Three is about to be killed by Wendy the Android, she says something to the effect of “I find your view on female androids both antiquated and offensive”. Three retorts, “yeah… well I can see up your skirt”. Which, because of the framing and where the Director had positioned me, I could. I thought it was a fitting Three retort, given that he was facing death and being blamed for something that he had basically no involvement with because Three did not have any relationship with Wendy at all prior to being her punching bag during the fight.

“What do you feel was the scene that best portrayed Three as who he really is?”

AL: The flashback scene with Sarah in bed, when Three decides to leave her… then can’t when she collapses on the floor. Three says: “I’m not the guy who stays”… then stays. That pretty much sums up Three.

Tim Hendrix: “Before your audition, how was the character of THREE laid out for you? What was it about the character that eventually led to your accepting the role? You’ve done a splendid job with the emotional complexities of THREE. And you’re pretty good and twirling that there sidearm. “

AL: Thanks, Tim. I felt like I had a pretty good handle on who Three prior to the audition. I easily identify with characters that could have been leaders but for a fatal flaw. That is Three to a tee. Also, I got the humour that Joe was trying to inject into the character. That kind of humour seems to come naturally to me.

And what led to me accepting the role was… Joe offering it to me! It’s about that simple. I was sold on the role prior to the first audition.

August 16, 2015: Anthony Lemke – Dark Matter’s Three – Answers Your Questions!

screwball writes: “Question for Anthony (who may remember me as the geek with the glowing Terrasphere at the Friday cast signing at Comic-Con): What led you to change careers from law to acting, and what’s been the best thing so far about making the switch?”

AL: Of course I remember the Terrasphere!! Thanks for coming out. Actually I had been acting prior to going to law school. So when I decided not to article at the firm where I worked for the last two years of my degree, it was a pretty easy decision because I had been acting my way through law school to pay the bills. The best thing about making the switch is the amount of family time I get. Actors get paid well when they work and we don’t work all the time, so that leaves lots of time to spend with my kids. Also, I get to play for a living. I love acting. I love storytelling. It’s an honour and privilege to be able to do it for a living.

Jen Draves writes: “So Anthony, if you could be any other character who would you be?”

AL: Five.

“What is your favorite scifi movie from childhood? Mine was Star Wars Empire Strikes Back!”

AL:  Movie: Star Wars.  TV: Space 1999

“What profession would you have chosen if you weren’t an actor?”

AL: Lawyer.

“I’m a teacher (just got my first full year gig teaching 6th grade science/social studies).”

AL: Congrats! That’s a big deal. Both my parents were teachers and I have immense respect for those who do it well.

“If I could, I would bring dogs into schools to help children read out loud. Thanks for taking the time to read my questions.”

AL: Interesting. I’m curious how dogs help children to read?

August 16, 2015: Anthony Lemke – Dark Matter’s Three – Answers Your Questions!

Ponytail writes: “Wooo whoa! I love THREE! Some questions for Anthony:
– Where would you like to see THREE’s character go/do in season 2?”

AL: Three wants to be captain of the ship… of course!! And I would love to explore what it was in Three’s past that made him who he is today. Who abandoned him on the planet where he met Sarah? What became of his family??

“– Who do you personally think wiped the crews memories?”

AL: I know because we shot it!! I can tell you that it’s not who we all th

“– Who is your favorite co-star and why?”

AL: Pleading the Fifth on this one. As with my children… they’re all my favourite!! 🙂

“– Have you played any practical jokes on set yet?”

AL: I am not a practical joke guy. Boring but true. And truth be told… it seems that none of us really are. Perhaps in season 2, when we all know each other better??

“– What would be your dream role?”

AL: Three… for 7 seasons.

“– Do you handle your own legal matters?”

AL: I have an agent. But, yes, I feel very comfortable reading my own contracts.

Me writes: “Q for Anthony Lemke… Will you still have time for the series The Good Witch or is there a scheduling conflict that will prevent you from working on The Good Witch?”

AL: Stay tuned on that front.

August 16, 2015: Anthony Lemke – Dark Matter’s Three – Answers Your Questions!

Jay writes: “My question for Anthony is…How much of the character 3 is brought to life by your actual personality?….you play 3 to perfection! Always keeping it comical. Keep it up!”

AL:Thanks, Jay. There are parts of Three that are bang who I am… and others less so – or at least they are less prominent than they are in Three. Most actors use parts of who they are to portray their roles, even if the way the pieces are put together in a specific role are different than who the actors are in real life.

Fecrabond writes: “Do you think your character is relatable to Han Solo or perhaps another person in sci-fi?
As a child did you ever dream you would be in television, and if you did was this the genre you imagined, if not how does the show gauge to your aspirations?”

AL:Yep. Han Solo is a great touchstone for this role.

Can’t say that I ever dreamed of being an actor when I was young. I didn’t really know you could do it for a living as a kid. I grew up in Ottawa, where you didn’t really run into people who did it for a living. That said, my parents took me to Stratford Shakespeare Festival every year and I did a ton of plays at school and church… so even though I may not have thought about it as a career, I did a lot of acting as kid.

arcticgoddess writes: “Questions for Anthony Lemke:
– Are you a cat person or a dog person?”

AL: Dog.

?– Born and raised in Ottawa, huh? Nepean, I bet. I lived in Barrhaven for 5 years. I loved it there, except the hot and humid summers.”

AL: I went to SRB. Not far at all from Barrhaven.

“Have you and your family ever been west of Ontario? Alberta bound, perhaps?”

AL: Yep. We just got back from Calgary this summer with my fam. Love it out there. We love the cattle and mountains… 🙂

“I’ve asked Joe Mallozzi to do a road trip across Canada, but he prefers to fly. If you, or Joe ever get out to Alberta, I’d love to show you around. We are more than just Cattle and Oil.”

AL: I know! We’ve been many times. Mostly we hang with family, but there is no shortage of other cool things to do. This past trip was all about horses : Calgary Polo Club, Spruce Meadows, Calgary Stampede.

“– What would we be surprised to learn about you?”

AL: I think you’d have to know me better to be surprised by something about my past, no?

Lulu S. writes: “Questions for Mr. Anthony Lemke:
First thing first: Spoilers! Can I get some spoilers? Of course not. Ok next.”

AL: Hey… this is Joe’s blog. He can give you all the spoilers he wants!

August 16, 2015: Anthony Lemke – Dark Matter’s Three – Answers Your Questions!

“One & Three: Love their hate/love relationship and back-and-forth banter! It’s the most interesting relationship in the show IMHO. Not a direct question but what can you tell me about this relationship and where it is headed. Any big reveals coming up that will impact this relationship further? Any insight into how Three really views/feels about One? Will Three find out the truth about One anytime soon?”

AL: Many answers will come by the end of s.1. So, stay tuned. I love playing the banter with Mark. He’s great to play off in those scenes and we’ve been able to develop a fun snarky, hatred/respect for each other in our characters.

“I love Three! He’s so much fun to watch. Is he as much fun to play as he is to watch?”

AL: More fun!! And thanks. It’s one of the reasons we do what we do… so that people appreciate it.

“Your favorite episode so far?”

AL: 107

“Your favorite scene so far?”

AL: The Five and Six scene in the barn during the episode where Five goes into her memories and Six goes in to try and get her out. Love that scene.

“In your opinion, the biggest reveal this season is in which episode?”

AL: You just watched it. Ep 10 is the beginning of answer to the “who the heck is Two” question. That is huge. Monster huge.

“What would you like to see Three do in Season 2? Anything you would particularly like him to do, say or experience?”

AL: See above!

“Thank you very much for your time!”

AL: Thanks for taking the time to write.

August 16, 2015: Anthony Lemke – Dark Matter’s Three – Answers Your Questions!

2cats writes: “Anthony questions ahead!
1. What specific event or thought made you turn from being an attorney to being an actor?”

AL: The birth of my first child happened in the final year of law school. I had been working in a firm as a student and saw what awaited me during those first years after articles. I realized that I would miss too much of my child’s first years. Also, she would never know me as an actor. Both of those realizations made me go back to acting (I was acting before I went to law school)

2. Joe tells us you often ad-lib. Why? Do you think a scene or the dialog is somehow lacking? Or that your additions help the scene or story?”

AL: Are you trying to get me in trouble??!! 🙂

First, I feel that television is a highly collaborative medium. If I can bring something that the writer didn’t think of, then great! Second, I think my job is to provide the director, editor and producers with tools with which they can tell their story. Of course, those tools include doing what was written, but if you provide alternates, they may choose to use those also if they think it makes the story better.

“3. Do you have any pets? If yes, please elaborate in detail. If not – why not?”

AL: Yep. A dog. A mutt from the pound. He’s great family dog.

“4. Do you like the character of Three? Were he a real person, could he be a friend?”

AL: Yes I like him. I think it would be pretty easy to be a friend with a guy like that. You’d always know exactly where you stand. He’s got no filter, so you’ll never get BS. And, it turns out that when push comes to shove, he’s fiercely loyal.

“5. How did your auditions for Three go? Were they taped, if yes, can we view them?”

AL: Yes my auditions were taped. From my audition studio in my house actually. I never met Joe until I was hired! Strange, but it seemed to work out. Joe is welcome to show them if he would like… because he’s got them. How’s this? If we get a season 2, Joe will show audition tapes to celebrate! Joe what do you think?

“6. Is this the first role you’ve had that enjoys such madcap, enthusiastic and loyal fans? What do you think about us fans?”

AL: Yes. And I love you guys! I was psyched to do a Sci-Fi show for exactly this reason – the fans are really into what it is that we make. I enjoy the interaction with you guys – even with those who aren’t Three fans.

“Just know, I pegged you and your Three from the start as my favorite of the crew and you have not disappointed. I’m lov’in the complexity and depth of Three which you bring to life. Huzzah!”

AL: Huzzah! to you for being with us from the begining. Hopefully this is just the beginning of a long road we all walk together.

August 16, 2015: Anthony Lemke – Dark Matter’s Three – Answers Your Questions!

Peggy writes: “Question for Anthony:
Joe posted before about the amount of food Three seems to always have in his hand. Was that idea as a running joke yours and if it was, did you have to lobby the writers for its inclusion or just start throwing it in on your own?”

AL: It was an actor decision. Often actors are hesitant to eat in scenes – and directors and editors hate it too – because it makes continuity very difficult, plus you can get stuck with a mouthful of food at the wrong time and have to look like a fool as you mumble your way through a line with a mouth full. I just made the decision early on that if we were in a scene with food, Three would be stuffing himself all the time. It’s very Three. He devours life in a lot of ways. Jumps in without thinking. Approaches most situations with abandon… just like he does at the dinner table.

“And as a side note, Three can raid my food storage any time. (But he’d have to get past my foodie Chihuahua first)”

AL: Nothing a little side of steak won’t solve…

Kiddle writes: ” I want to know if Anthony Lemke thinks Three now sort of views his shipmates as family. Dysfunctional, but a family? And if he thinks Three’s a clone?”

AL: Clone?? Three hasn’t given that a thought. Family?? Three doesn’t take time to think of those things… unless he’s reading a dang kids book about a dying spider…. in those moments, maybe, yes Three thinks about life and realizes that he’d go to the wall for these people… which is pretty much the definition of family. And who the heck is fully functional anyway??

August 16, 2015: Anthony Lemke – Dark Matter’s Three – Answers Your Questions!
DARK MATTER — “Episode Ten” Episode 110 — Pictured: Anthony Lemke as Three — (Photo by: Russ Martin/Prodigy Pictures/Syfy)

To living, loving and lying writes: “Question for Anthony:
1) Back in episode 5, your character Three turn down Two after she came to him for ‘fun’. I was wondering what you thought three’s motive was? Did Three turn her down because he was scared of the virus or did Three figure out what Two’s motives were when she was having ‘fun’, (motives being control).

AL: Three is down with “fun”. And he’s a big boy and can handle himself with Two and her control games. He was scared about the virus. But also felt like a total jerk for turning her down because, despite all odds, Three is actually highly aware of how his actions land on other people… how they can alienate or hurt.

2) Six perviously stated to Five in her dream state in the barn that (in summary) everyone has a past, some are good and some are bad, but something happen in there past to make them come onboard the Raza. My question is what do you think that something was for Three?”

AL: No idea. That is an awesome question for s.2… or s.3 or 4 maybe. I want to find out… but I also don’t because it’s fun to keep the mystery going.

Giules writes: “Hi Anthony, I’ve loved Three from the start and it’s just getting better! So thanks to you and Joseph for creating this amazing character that is such a joy to watch.”

AL: Thank you. I agree that Joe has nailed it with Three. There’s a saying in the acting community: “If it ain’t on the page, it ain’t on the stage”. That is certainly true for Three.

“As an actor, when you come across something you really don’t want to play, either because you feel it’s out of character or for other reasons, how do you deal with it? Do you try to make it work no matter what or go and speak to the writers /producers?”

AL: I fight for my character. It is my job to protect the vision I have for the character and if there is something in the script that I feel runs counter to that vision, then I will speak to Joe and Paul about it. It’s their job to tell me I am full of it and that I should stick to the script! 🙂 But seriously, Joe and Paul have done a great job in fostering open lines of communication about pretty much anything. I imagine that I am not the only one challenging them on character choices. As long as it’s done with respect, that kind of dialogue is part of a healthy set.

“Also, who do you think Three would be most likely be friends with from the crew? I feel with One it’s so one-sided (pun not intended but welcome)”

AL: Five. Cause Three’s a bit of an outcast too. And he’s not paternal, the way Two or Six are. Protective, yes, but not paternal.

August 16, 2015: Anthony Lemke – Dark Matter’s Three – Answers Your Questions!
DARK MATTER — “Episode Seven” Episode 107 — Pictured: (l-r) Melissa O’Neil as Two, Anthony Lemke as Three, Natalie Brown as Sarah — (Photo by: Russ Martin/Prodigy Pictures/Syfy)

Lewis Colbert writes: “Three is my favorite character! I like the badass he tosses off, and his rough attitude adds to the crew dynamic.”

AL: Thanks, Lewis.

“As for a question? My question(s) is:
1. What would be your dire strait for Three (and maybe a crew-member) to get out of?”

AL: If our memories came back after we had developed a conscience and debilitated us all because of the acute awareness we would all have of the wrongs we have committed.

“2. What is Threes favorite gun? He has so many…”

AL: Lulu and Pip my trusty sidearms that are a blast to twirl.

bambamfans writes: “Questions for Anthony – Hi I’m webgurl
1. Joe says you were a lawyer. What kind of law did you practice? Does it help with acting?”

AL: Law school grad. Not lawyer. Wrote my bar, but didn’t article (see above). And yes it helps with acting, and with life. It’s an amazing degree and well worth anyone’s time – even if you never practice.

“2. What’s your favourite emoji?”

AL: Don’t use them. I am a bahumbug!

“3. When you were crying reading charlotte’s web, how did you get to that point emotionally. can you cry on cue?”

AL: I cannot cry on cue. It’s hard for me. Though since having kids, the number of hypothetical situations that one can conjure to stir the emotions has increased plentifully!

“4. What’s your best advice to someone at a crossroads in their career?”

AL: Take the first step. You don’t know where it will lead, but take the first step. I have a quote framed on my desk: “Si l’on sait exactement ce que l’on va faire, à quoi bon le faire”. Google it. Words to live by.

“5. Does THREE still have more secrets to reveal?”

AL: Yep. Many. Joe?

“6. Did the initial fan reaction to THREE surprise you or were you more excited knowing the emotional scenes in upcoming episodes that might change people’s minds?”

AL: Many fans hated Three right off the bat. I loved it! It’s what we were hoping they’d feel. That creates a cognitive dissonance when they learn other parts of Three’s past. Makes for a relatable character.

“7. Have you ever visited Australia? We have sharks and fan conventions.”

AL: Nope. Love to. For both the sharks and the conventions!

“8. What’s your favourite prop on Dark Matter?”

AL: Lulu and pip – see above!

“I hope to see you in Dark Matter for many seasons to come… Love THREE.”

AL: Thanks webgurl!!

“Ps . What’s your nickname?”

AL: I will keep the nicknames private, but lots of people call me Roger… which is my first name.

August 16, 2015: Anthony Lemke – Dark Matter’s Three – Answers Your Questions!

Fecrabond writes: “On set, how do you prepare for the different types of scenes?

AL: Do your homework… then forget it an play the scene. If it’s well written, it plays itself.

“Do you ever get nervous about being on camera?”

AL: Yep. All these years in, I still get nervous. I have become better at just living beside nerves as opposed to trying to get rid of them.

“Do you goof off with the other cast members off set?””

AL: Yes. There can frequently be a high goof-off quotient on set. Particularly if Six and Four and Three are in one scene.

August 16, 2015: Anthony Lemke – Dark Matter’s Three – Answers Your Questions!

Brian Laufman writes: “I understand that you had a desire to be cast on a sci-if show. What is it about sci-if that attracted you & what’s you’re favourite part about playing THREE? If not THREE, what role would you want?”

AL: I love the interaction with fans. I love how much the fans participate in the shows. That is unlike any other genre. Also, sci-fi often explores really interesting themes in ways that are a heck of a lot of fun… and inspired by our collective dreams about the future could be like. All-in-all a pretty good motivation to get up in the morning and go to work.

Bella&Kasper writes: “What (who) would you prefer to back you up: canine Lulu and Bubba or weapon Lulu and Bubba?”

AL:The dogs!! Who wouldn’t want to go into battle with a couple fiercely loyal canines at your side! 🙂

“Were there any scheduling conflicts between Dark Matter and Good Witch? If so, how was it handled? Is it fun to play such different characters?”

AL: Yes. Fortunately both sides were able to work it out. I am grateful for that. I loved playing such different characters at the same time. One of the best experiences of my professional career actually.

August 16, 2015: Anthony Lemke – Dark Matter’s Three – Answers Your Questions!
DARK MATTER — “Episode Nine” Episode 109 — Pictured: (l-r) Mark Bendavid as One, Melissa O’Neil as Two, Anthony Lemke as Three — (Photo by: Steve Wilkie/Prodigy Pictures/Syfy)

elijah2frodo writes: “You appear to me to be a very nice guy (in real life) so how do you manage to play someone as slimey, single-minded, and self-centred as Three? (if you’ve redeemed yourself in the last episode, forget the question — I haven’t had time yet to watch the ep on my dvr…) By the way, I love that a really good actor can portray a character that consistently irritates me every time!)”

AL: Well… maybe I am actually an irritating prick in real life! Or perhaps it’s that I really wish I could be, so playing Three is almost cathartic for me.

no1zoiepalmerfan writes: “First off I just want to say you’re doing a great job as Three! My question is this: How many call backs did you get and where were you when you found out you had gotten the role?”

AL: One callback. I was in a rental apartment in Toronto shooting Good Witch. And my first reaction Great! My second reaction was How the heck are we going to make this work with Good Witch????

maggiemayday writes: “Every time a Q&A comes up, I go completely blank. So. Tacos, calamari, or a nice salad?”

AL: …um. Baguette, cheese, fresh veggies and a good cider. How’s that sound?

Cielo writes: “I saw from a previous behind the scenes clip of Dark Matter that you and the guys love to sing in between takes. Do you have a favorite song at the moment? Or what would be your go-to karaoke song?”

AL: Papaoutai by Stromae.

“If you can play another character on Dark Matter besides Three, who would it be and why?”

AL: Two. Cause I’d like to win a fight now and then.

“I loved the scene between Three and Android in episode 9 where he basically tells her to not reboot. Will there be anymore Three and Android interactions?”

AL: Keep watching. I love working with Zoe, so here’s to many more to come! 🙂

livingforcreativity writes: “Questions: Do you prefer acting in films or tv series?”

AL: Don’t have a preference. Love them both. Though I have done far more run and gun TV shooting. It is a style with which I am very comfortable.

“Was it a difficult decision to commit to the time needed for a 13 episode series?”

AL: Nope. Easy as pie. Love the show. Love the character. Bring it on.

“How do you stay motivated during long days on set?”

AL: We are lucky to do what we do. Reminding myself of that when things drag on either on set or other times in my professional life is a pretty good way of keeping it real.

“What do you do when you’re not acting?”

AL: Too much. Usually it involves setting up what will come after acting – when acting can no longer be counted on to provide a healthy income for my family. We are a lot like athletes. We have a prime after which most actors will no longer earn peak money. Planning for that eventually (boring as it seems) actually takes up a fair amount of my time.

Kudos on crafting such a memorable character!  Keep up the good work!”

AL: It’s been my pleasure to play this wonderful character.

August 16, 2015: Anthony Lemke – Dark Matter’s Three – Answers Your Questions!
DARK MATTER — “Episode Five Episode 105 — Pictured: (l-r) — (Photo by: Russ Martin/Prodigy Pictures/Syfy)

Maggy Kelly writes: “Question for Anthony: what was your first paying job as an actor and what did you have to do for it?”

AL: On a show called La Femme Nikita in the late 90s. I played a guard who spoke Czech. I got the role because at the time, I spoke some Czech which I learned from living in the Czech Republic for a year.

dasndanger writes: “Questions: 1. Dogs or cats?”

AL: Pooches!

“2. TV or books?”

AL: Both.

“3. Spring, summer, autumn, or winter?”

AL: Autumn

“4. Cake or pie?”

AL: Pie

“5. Snow and fireplaces, or beach sand and fire pits?”

AL: Snow and fireplaces any day… and backyard rinks. (I am Canadian afterall!)

“6. Iron Man or Superman?”

AL: Iron Man

“7. Boxers or briefs?”

AL: Comando

August 16, 2015: Anthony Lemke – Dark Matter’s Three – Answers Your Questions!

stitchsloft writes: “Hello Anthony!
So Joe now owns your soul… Worse could happen I guess! Must say been enjoying the depth of your character now… by the third episode I hated you and was ready to see you go out an airlock! Bravo… a testament to your acting!”

AL: I say the words on the page, truly. It is a testament to Joe and Paul for having revealed Three like that.

“Hope can shake your hand at con someday!”

AL: Hope so too!

“Q: When you did stage work did you think you ever get into Sci-fi? and… if you could been on ANY Sci-fi show what is your favorite or one you would loved to been included in past or present?”

AL: Nope. No clue. And Space 1999 or the reboot! 🙂

“PS… what was Prague like? Always wanted to visit there!”

AL: Beautiful. From the day I arrived until the day I left, the town never ceased to amaze me. Go there. Spend a lot of time there. Get to know the people. You won’t regret it.

August 16, 2015: Anthony Lemke – Dark Matter’s Three – Answers Your Questions!

Randomness writes: “Some questions for this Q&A thing from me.
1) When Three found out about Ones secret with regards to him not being the real Jace Corso, do you think the old Three would have reacted differently, and possibly attacked him?

AL: No. Three is a live and let live kind of guy. Everyone has got BS in their past. We move on.

“2) Do you think Three wants to put a bullet in the head of that Cyrus guy (Who altered Wendys programming) who indirectly caused the death of that woman who loves him? Even if Three doesn’t remember her, you could tell he feels she’s important to him.”

AL: Yes. Whether he does or not is up for debate. I am still not convinced that Three is the type of guy for a simple revenge plot. There seems to be something deeper to Three… more contemplative. Though it is hidden deep beneath layers and layers of pain. Revenge is Three on the outside. Mercy might be Three on the inside.

“3) If, someday Three recovers his memories, do you think he’ll choose to stay along the same path he’s heading down and be a better person, or do you think the old Three will take precedence over the new Three?”

AL: Not convinced he was such a bad ass in the past, actually. Don’t forget that a mercenary with state sanction is frequently a hero.

“4) Do you think Three is capable of doing something truly bad to a bad person for the greater good?”

AL: Yes. Ends justifies the means for Three. Though we aren’t certain yet which “ends” matter most to three…

“5) Now that you’ve played Three for 13 episodes, what do you think of your character, and where could you see him heading in future seasons?”

AL: Love the Character. Loved him from day one. Love him more now. I hope Three remains the character you love to hate. One that struggles between his past demons and his better self for the rest of the series.

August 16, 2015: Anthony Lemke – Dark Matter’s Three – Answers Your Questions!

“John writes: “Which cast member would most likely win an arm wrestling contest?”

AL: Five… because seriously who would slam her arm down and pump his fists in a victory salute???

gforce writes: “Questions for Anthony: It seems that THREE gets into more than his fair share of getting beaten up, beating up or other injury promoting activities. 🙂 Do you do many of your own stunts? If so, does it help to add to your appreciation and interpretation of the character?”

AL: Yes I do my own fights. But I also have a stunt double. All of the actors do all their fights – usually fighting against a stunt performer. Then we switch up so that actors are never fighting actors.

“Also, I think I remember that you’re a “Space: 1999” fan. Did you know that a group is trying to get a reboot going (for years now), “Space: 2099”? Man, I would love to see those Eagle shuttles flying once again!”

AL: You bet!!! Who plays Maya – cause she’s an alien… she could still be alive and awesome, right?

Tam Dixon writes: “Questions for Anthony Lemke: Has there ever been a part that you turned down and later regretted?”

AL: Many auditions, and a number of parts for various reasons – usually scheduling or because I am not comfortable with the role or show.

“How is being an actor similar to being a lawyer?”

AL: A lawyer’s job is to express clearly a point of view and convince others of the veracity of that point of view – not all that different than what I do as an actor, really.

“Any hobbies?”

AL: Hockey. I also love horses.

August 16, 2015: Anthony Lemke – Dark Matter’s Three – Answers Your Questions!

PBMom writes: “Ask Anthony whatever? That is something I *can* do. I’ll just ask him things I sometimes ask people when I meet them. It’s more of a fill-in-the-blank type questions (of course I don’t ask them this way when I meet someone). .
I’m most creative….?”

AL: When I am on a walk

“I often imagine myself….?”

AL: As a grandfather… looking back on my life.

“I really wish I knew how to….?”

AL: Don’t believe in that question. If I really wished I knew how to do something, I would do it. The fact that I haven’t obviously means that I don’t really wish to do it. Though there may be a number of things that would be cool to be able to do without having to spend the time to learn how to do them… which is a different question!

“I’d love to spend a lazy Sunday…?”

AL: … skating on the perfect outdoor rink.

“My secret talent is…?”

AL: Avoiding questions to which I don’t know the answers.

“Best spontaneous decision was…?”

AL: It’s a long list… I am a fairly spontaneous guy… and I don’t like to rank things.

“Best way to express myself is….?”

AL: Words.

“Best thrill was…?”

AL: Being present at my kids births.

“The best advice someone gave me was….?”

AL: You can do anything… of course it’s BS, but the principal remains. Don’t limit yourself… others will be plenty happy to do that for you.

“Greatest life experience that has made me into who I am today…?”

AL: Being a husband and father. Being responsible for 4 other lives is life altering.

“Greatest kindness someone did for me was….?”

AL: Raising me. And doing their thoughtful, loving best at it. Thanks, Mom and Dad.

“If I were not an actor, I would be….?”

AL: A lawyer? Politician perhaps? Maybe real estate developer? Heck… life is long.

“The craziest job I had outside of acting was…?

AL: Nothing crazy. Just a lot of them. Some cool, others less so. All paid the bills and allowed me to live while I pursued my dream. I am thankful for that.

“The person who influenced my life the most was…?”

AL: Mom and Dad. Let’s be serious here. We may not admit it, but that role is monumental in shaping who we are – for better or for worse.

“Top three things on my bucket list are….?”

AL: Don’t have one.

“My favorite teacher from childhood was _____ because…..?

AL: My geography teacher. He opened the world for me.

“The first 5 songs in my most frequently listened to songs in ITunes, etc. are…?”

AL: Whatever my kids are listening to.

“The last book I read was….?”

AL: Elon Musk

“My favorite sport to watch is….?”

AL: Hockey

“My first pet was a ____ and their name was ____ ?”

AL: Dog.

“Sunrises or sunsets?”

AL: Rise.

“Singing or dancing?”

AL: Sing.

August 16, 2015: Anthony Lemke – Dark Matter’s Three – Answers Your Questions!

Sparrow_hawk writes: “HI Anthony!  We (my daughter and I) are loving your portrayal of Three.”

AL: Thanks to you both!!

“Lots of interesting questions have already been posed, so I’ll just add these:
1a. Did Three enjoy Charlotte’s Web?”

AL: Yes. It’s a touching story. Though the book on set was actually a different novel with a CW cover glued onto it!

“1b. Would he ever admit to it?”

AL: Nope. Not to anyone.

“1c. Did bring back any memories for him?”

AL: Sort of. Mists of memories. The way the green chips did.

“2. So what was going on with Three when he threatened to send Five out the airlock in that flashback (when he discovers her as a stowaway)?”

AL: Ever get caught drinking behind the tennis clubhouse as a teenager and the cop threw you into the back seat of the cop car to give you a good scare?

“Can’t tell us, right?”

AL: Yeah, well…

“Let’s try these: 3a. Have you ever read Charlotte’s Web?”

AL: Beautiful book.

“3b. What’s on your current reading list?”

AL: Currently reading Lives of Saints.

“3c. ebooks or paper?”

AL: What’s an ebook?

DP writes: “If you lost the memories for every fourth year of your life, would you be a different person today?”

AL: Absolutely. Memories shape who we are and how we react to things in the present.

Betty Manders writes: “I was just wondering if you visit the Netherlands now and than? Any favourite places to go besides Hengelo?”

AL: Yes! Amsterdam is such a wonderful city for a guy from North America. Also I would love to visit Terschelling.

JimfromJersey writes: “Three quickly became my favorite character on the show. I dig his snark. His overall assholiness, if you will. And I know this is always a loaded question for an actor, but how much of that is on the page, and how much of it do you bring to the screen?”

AL: It’s a collaborative effort. But the foundation of it all is the page. I am also lucky enough to have been given leeway to snark it up on set.

August 16, 2015: Anthony Lemke – Dark Matter’s Three – Answers Your Questions!

glowyzoey writes: “@Anthony
1 — Does anyone call you Tony?”

AL: Few. It’s just a name to me.

“2 — Do you have pets?”

AL: A pooch.

“3 — What’s the most exotic place you’ve visited or worked in as an actor?”

AL: The desert in Spain for a year.

“4 — What’s your favourite place on the planet?”

AL: Home. Seriously. There are lots of amazing places I have visited. But coming home always feels right.

“5 — What’s your favourite episode of Dark Matter?”

AL: 107

“6 — Is Joe hard to work with?”

AL: Impossible. A real jerk of a guy. My bet is he was modelling Three pre-episode 107 exclusively off his own character.

Mike A. writes: “Questions for Lemke: What was your favorite thing from craft services? Did you ever order something “custom” just for you that they made really well?”

AL: Crafty was great on our show. Dedicated and talented. Much of what they made was tasty. But my favourite thing from Craft was the Craft people themselves.”

“Do you have a new or specific kind of gun or weapon tech that you’d really like to have THREE use in season 2? Something super sci-fi or futuristic(or is “Bubba” cool enough already)?”

AL: I would absolutely love to see some tricked out gun – like if Bubba got an upgrade and could do crazy things like vapourize people… or freeze them like in Despicable Me!

“Did you take anything home from your wardrobe or props from season 1? (You don’t have to be specific, I don’t want you to get in trouble 😉 )”

AL: Nope. Aren’t we getting a season 2??? 🙂

“Keep up the great work! You’re doing a great job with THREE. If people can hate you, then love you, then not know what they truly think of you, all over the span of a couple episodes, you’re definitely doing it right. True, some of that is attributed to the great writing, but when it’s also acted so well, it becomes a real home run.”

AL: Thank you for the kind words.

August 16, 2015: Anthony Lemke – Dark Matter’s Three – Answers Your Questions!

MssStargate writes: “MY Favorite character!!!! Thanks for Live Tweeting during the show. I love the interaction and I love how Three is a tough guy but has a soft heart. Have you given any thought to what you would like your fans to be known as?”

AL: There are a number of great suggestions out there. If we get a season 2, ask me again and I will weigh in with my opinion.

Tom Gardiner writes: “Have you ever actually read “Charlotte’s Web”? (I must admit I haven’t.)  If yes, did you cry?”

AL: Too long ago! Can’t remember if I cried when I read the book. But the movie… seriously. Who can have dry eyes at the end of that!!

“What is the most embarrassing moment in your life that you’re willing to share with us?”

AL: I don’t embarrass easily. Could be a highly developed lack of perception…

“Did you or do you have a nickname or do you go by Anthony?”

AL: Yep. But nicknames are for my peeps! You gotta be on the inside for that kind of info 🙂

“Do you still do any lawyering on the side?”

AL: No lawyering on the side.

“Do you like scotch? If so, what’s your favorite? If not, what’s your poison? Can I have some?”

AL: More of a bourbon guy, and there’s a great Prince Edward County bourbon style whisky out of 66 Gilead Distillery. You’ll have to visit the County to taste it because it’s only available there.

Brandy writes: “Do you think Three really loved Sarah, or was he mourning the loss of the only connection he had to his past?”

AL: Hard to say isn’t it… I played that he was mourning the loss of the woman because that is a clearer, stronger emotion. Also, I tried to layer in the confusion of not remembering this woman, so there would be something pulling in the opposite direction at the same time.

“You enter a poker tournament and your opponents are Four, Android and Meg Tilly. What’s your strategy? What strengths does each player bring to the table?”

AL: Strategy. Fold. Right away. Walk away from the table and watch The Big Chill. I’ll let Meg Tilly get eaten for breakfast by Four and the Android.

“If a ship leaves Jupiter at 10 am. and travels FTL 100 Light Years toward Earth and at the same time a space station leaves FTL halfway between Mars and Saturn, at what time will the ship dock?”

AL: Ask the Android. She’ll probably tell you that it only takes less than an hour travelling at FTL 1 to reach the earth from Jupiter (a distance of roughly 968 000 000 kms at its farther point) so at FTL 100 we are talking about approximately 32 seconds for the whole trip. Then she will tell you that the halfway point of Mars and Saturn is, approximately, Jupiterès orbit. She will then conclude that it is a trick question because the moment the ship leaves Jupiter is it moving away from the Space Station. Thus it will never dock.

August 16, 2015: Anthony Lemke – Dark Matter’s Three – Answers Your Questions!

May 22, 2015: The Dark Matter rollout! Introducing Anthony Lemke as THREE!

May 22, 2015: The Dark Matter Rollout!  Introducing Anthony Lemke As Three!

When it came time to cast Dark Matter’s resident bad boy, this is the breakdown that went out for the role:

“AKA Sunshine, AKA Marcus Boone. A TRUE BADASS, he is the flipside to One’s principled coin- which is why the two are often at odds, developing a (grudging) like-hate relationship over the course of their journey. HE IS A MERCENARY THROUGH AND THROUGH, ALWAYS LOOKING OUT FOR HIMSELF. But he must come to accept the fact that, if he’s going to survive long enough to reach the outer colonies, he’s going to have to learn to get along. THINK SAWYER FROM LOST.  ALL ETHNICITIES.”

May 22, 2015: The Dark Matter Rollout!  Introducing Anthony Lemke As Three!

Some roles are harder to cast than others.  In the case of Dark Matter‘s THREE, however, it was surprisingly easy because, at the end of the day, one actor clearly stood out amongst the rest.  Now don’t misunderstood.  There were plenty of great auditions for the role but Anthony Lemke’s first read for the part of THREE delivered absolutely everything I was looking for in the character – and more!  He was brash, confident, cool, charming, and very very funny.  I can’t understate the importance of the latter.  I needed someone who could convey the humor on the page – and Anthony did.  And then some.  I can’t remember anyone so thoroughly nailing an audition before.  “That’s him,”I said the first time I watched him.  “That’s our Three.”  And absolutely everyone agreed.

May 22, 2015: The Dark Matter Rollout!  Introducing Anthony Lemke As Three!

THREE is Han Solo, Jack O’Neil, and Captain Jack Sparrow rolled into one – mercenary, opportunistic, with swagger to spare.  Anthony so thoroughly embraced his character, imbued him with so much delightful nuance, that rarely a scene went by that didn’t have me smiling or shaking my head in amazement.  It was the little things he added – a line, a look, a choice.  Every time I see a certain scene in #104 (let’s discuss once the episode airs), I can’t help but laugh at two back to back expressions that, on the surface, don’t seem like such a big deal and yet do such a brilliant job of bringing the character to life and making him real.  With an entire season under our belts, I know that he is destined to be a fan favorite.

May 22, 2015: The Dark Matter Rollout!  Introducing Anthony Lemke As Three!

Working with Anthony has been fun.  More than any other cast member, he is always offering up ideas: a line here, some business there.  On the move in one scene; twirling his gun in the next.  The guy does so much on-camera eating that I honestly fear for his health!  It’s the type of thing that probably drives most showrunners nuts but, to Anthony’s credit, he is always respectful and professional in his approach, pitching me beforehand and offering up his reasoning when necessary (ie. I say no).  More often than not, I’ll let him run with it because, more often than not, his little additions are terrific.  Occasionally, I’ll simply ask him to give me two versions so I can decide at the edit stage.  On rare occasions, I’ll say no and he’ll be fine with that.  And just try twice as hard the next time.

May 22, 2015: The Dark Matter Rollout!  Introducing Anthony Lemke As Three!

Anthony and THREE share certain character traits: cheekiness, daring, and a singular sense of humor.  On the other hand, Anthony differs from THREE in his warmth and willingness to engage.  Whenever a guest visits set for the first time, Anthony is always the first one to walk over and introduce himself, happily chatting away until someone drags him back to set.

A couple of months ago, I hosted a young woman who had just completed her studies and was considering a career in television.  She was thrilled to be visiting a television production and even more thrilled when one of the cast members, Anthony, strolled up and introduced himself.  I stood by and watched as Anthony thoroughly charmed her, inquiring about her future plans, her interests, engaging her in conversation like an old friend.  And the look on her face made one thing abundantly clear: he had just made a fan for life.

I have a feeling that’s going to happen A LOT when the show premieres in June.

May 7, 2015: Space Cat! Oh, and the rest of the Dark Matter cast!

May 7, 2015: Space Cat!  Oh, And The Rest Of The Dark Matter Cast!

A sneak peek at the Dark Matter season finale.  In the final shot, the crew enters the bridge as this season’s mysterious Big Bad swivels around in the command chair to reveal their true identity: Space Cat!

May 7, 2015: Space Cat!  Oh, And The Rest Of The Dark Matter Cast!

See, this is the type of behind the scenes photos fans love.  Actor Anthony Lemke (Dark Matter’s THREE) eats an egg salad sandwich.

May 7, 2015: Space Cat!  Oh, And The Rest Of The Dark Matter Cast!

While actor Roger Cross (Dark Matter’s SIX) enjoys his morning coffee.  Try to take it away from him and THIS happens –

May 7, 2015: Space Cat!  Oh, And The Rest Of The Dark Matter Cast!

Meanwhile, back on the ship –

May 7, 2015: Space Cat!  Oh, And The Rest Of The Dark Matter Cast!

Someone forgot actress Jodelle Ferland (Dark Matter’s FIVE) in the airlock!

May 7, 2015: Space Cat!  Oh, And The Rest Of The Dark Matter Cast!

Actor Alex Mallari Jr. (Dark Matter’s FOUR) shuttles our special guest star back to her trailer between scenes.

May 7, 2015: Space Cat!  Oh, And The Rest Of The Dark Matter Cast!

Actor Marc Bendavid (Dark Matter’s ONE) wants your coffee.

May 7, 2015: Space Cat!  Oh, And The Rest Of The Dark Matter Cast!

Actress Zoie Palmer (Dark Matter’s Android) keeping Space Cat’s seat warm.

May 7, 2015: Space Cat!  Oh, And The Rest Of The Dark Matter Cast!

And, yes.  Actress Melissa O’Neil (Dark Matter’s TWO) also wants your coffee.

January 13, 2015: Dark Matter – from cast to characters!

Today, we shot two of the most important scenes of this first season (if not the entire series), and every member of our cast – Marc Bendavid, Melissa O’Neil, Anthony Lemke, Alex Mallari Jr., Jodelle Ferland, Roger Cross, and Zoie Palmer – delivered BIGTIME.  Sitting at the monitors, watching them in their first scene together, I found myself magically cross over from professional observer to mesmerized viewer as their onscreen characters took on a life of their own.  The lines separating fact and fiction, fantasy and reality had blurred and I’d been transported.  And the first thought that entered my head was: “I’m going to love watching this show!”

This cast is AWESOME!

A couple of behind-the-scenes snippets:

January 13, 2015: Dark Matter – From Cast To Characters!

The gang (Alex Mallari Jr., Anthony Lemke, Roger Cross, and Trevor Finn) show craft server Cathy some love.

January 13, 2015: Dark Matter – From Cast To Characters!

The exterior of the ship’s underbelly where secrets reside.  Oh, and the cast because that’s where they hang out between set-ups.

Our Dark Matter screen grab of the day (from yesterday’s dailies):

January 13, 2015: Dark Matter – From Cast To Characters!

Mysterious, no?

And, of course, on the heels of last blog entry’s Carlton Dance comes a little MJ c/o Alex Mallari Jr. (aka. FOUR).  Go say hi to him on twitter: #FOURCLAN #DARKMATTER

And while you’re in the twitter neighborhood, why not drop in on the entire crew:

ONE (Marc Bendavid): Apparently, not on twitter. Yet.

TWO (Melissa O’Neil):

THREE (Anthony Lemke):

FOUR (Alex Mallari Jr.):

FIVE (Jodelle Ferland):

SIX (Roger Cross):

THE ANDROID (Zoie Palmer):

This year is going to be A LOT of fun!