Here.  We.  Gooooooooo!

The Perfect Storm Approacheth!

Looks like we’ll convene the writers’ room sometime in September.  Before then, the show’s creator and I will map out the first season game plan covering all ten episodes, character and story arcs.  We’re also aiming to have the pilot co-written by then.  After that, it’ll be smoooooooth sailing!  

All that will be left to do is get those nine other scripts written, rewritten, prepped, shot, then have the episodes edited, mixed, color corrected and delivered…and we’re done in time for Sanno Matsuri.  Yeah!

Dark Matter Remembered

A couple of little somethings from back in the Dark Matter days…

The Perfect Storm Approacheth!

Anthony Lemke and Melissa O’Neil order their in-flight meals.

The Perfect Storm Approacheth!

Ash is put to work by the Art Department following the conclusion of his episode.

Stargate Memories

And from ye olde Stargate days…

F-302 target locked!

Remember A New URL That Cometh Soon

Re: the blog overhaul.  Are we there yet?  Al-most.  Don’t know if you’ve noticed, but you are being re-directed from the old blog site to this one:  Update your bookmarks and Christmas card mailing addresses! 

Meanwhile, please list the things you like and do not like about the new look. We’re in the process of adjusting.

Or shutting her down and switching over to a  weekly YouTube update.

25 thoughts on “The Perfect Storm Approacheth!

  1. I can’t imagine this site without daily updates.
    I’m sure it’ll be harder to post those, though, if you aren’t “allowed” to post about the things you’re doing all the time.
    All change.
    ..but hopefully it’ll be good change!
    I look forward to seeing what’s in store.

  2. I’m excited and proud of you. Looking forward to experiencing your upcoming stories. In the midst of all of this building momentum, you have also been relentless with your ongoing WP blogs, ideas and updates. I know how you feel. When a creative zone is initiated, it’s as if a special creative adrenaline superchargers everything. Ideas, concepts, details and excitement converge into the perfect storm that delivers massive creativity and massive amount of writing! Nothing feels better than pumping out 40,000 words of first draft in a week’s time. I’m excited for you and you continue to inspire me to always give 110% of myself to my own writing. Thank you and “break a leg”

    Your friend, Eric Gardner –

  3. Please don’t go to YT only. I read faster than most videos can play, and YT is a bandwidth hog.

  4. Prior you used “writing” which had more appeal from a reader’s perspective…well, at least for my old eyes. The one you are using now – last 2 or 3 posts, is not as comfortable to read/peruse.
    The crumpled sheets of “blank but dirty” paper kinda is disorienting.
    But, I am old.

    GLAD TO hear you’re starting work on 10 new…NEW….episodes.
    Anxiously await more info.

  5. I like this one better than the others simply because it’s a slight departure from a blinding white background. I could do without the schmutz on the sides (makes me want to clean those little brown spots off my screen), but overall I find this one easiest on the eyes. No matter which theme you choose, I’ll keep coming back.

    10 episodes, huh? Sounds like something for a streaming service. Can’t wait to know more.

  6. Congratulations Joe! So when do we learn the name of this new project? I am happy for you. I hope you can bring some Dark Matter and SG alums back to work with you too. So many talented people! Will this be offered on SyFy here in the US?

    Now, this theme’s layout design, typeface and header images is very nice Joe. It gets my seal of approval (if that matters at all). I can easily read your entry and other comment’s. The color scheme is pleasing too, sepia-toned I think. I will overlook the “schmutz” as Tom put it 😉

  7. I must have missed the blog post when you announced you got a gig! Congrats! Can’t wait hear what the project is!

  8. Congrats on the accomplishments! Not sure how I feel about this layout. It’s okay, I guess. I love the header. PugsPugsPugs! I’m mostly commenting to see what happens when I do. Carry on with your day. lol

  9. Love the new blog theme. It would be ashamed if you stopped posting every day but you gotta do what makes you happy, man! The greatest men in history kept a journal of some sort. Winston Churchill, the Russian Czars, Thomas Jefferson… Can’t wait to hear more about the new project!

    Say, how should one go about becoming more of a foodie?

  10. cool….you got rid of the “dirty paper”/schmutz… thank you.
    AND YES….love the puppies in the header block!

    My last post, actually got email telling me post was approved.
    was not expecting that…

  11. I will miss this blog if it ends. It’s been great reading your daily posts but if you choose to do a weekly YouTube video I will certainly tune in. Also I received a second posting “Done with Development” of your blog for today but the link seems to be broken?

  12. Hmm. This new series sounds like quite an interesting development. 🙂

    I’m not sure I’m fond of this theme, and to be honest I’m started to get confused about remembering which ones I liked and which ones I didn’t. But whatever it ends up being, I hope it’s still daily! Life would be missing something just irreplaceable if these daily posts were gone.

  13. Congratulations on the new project. As for the layout, the only problem I have with it is that the re-blog button is gone. I’ve been re-blogging your post to my own site since I started following your posts and would like to continue to do so as long as you keep posting.

  14. Congrats Joe! I can’t wait to watch it on any network other than the one that shall not be named. But it starts with an Sy and ends with Fail.

    I’m partial to the dark mode look, but I will say that this mode is not mobile friendly. I have to adjust the zoom to read your posts and to enter this comment.

  15. You really keep us guessing Joe! Yesterday you were sharing your rejections and today it appears as if someone took the bait!. Glad to hear it. I’m guessing the annual Japan trip will be delayed? Is this one going to be Toronto based or does it somehow tie into your LA plans? I hope you get to stay in Canada!

    Lots of questions but I’m really happy that you’ve got one to run with!

  16. Interesting. Just finished leaving a comment re: your 1:28 pm posting that I couldn’t read on email or blog and here’s an earlier version of the same page posted at 11:09 am that I can read in totality in email and on the blog. Are you messing with us? Pleased to hear you will once again be gainfully employed.

  17. Congratulations on the new project! I hope it truly is smooth sailing.

    As for format changes: I’m not a big YouTube viewer. I kinda like reading what you write, though I haven’t been keeping up very well lately. The format you used today is kind of glare-y, maybe because of the stark white in the center contrasting with the gray around it? And the font for the comments is a little hard to read without my glasses and I didn’t have a problem before. But I’ll follow you wherever you go.

  18. Agree with gforce. The only reason I haven’t responded with likes/dislikes on blog look last few days
    is because you have changed it so many times already it is difficult to keep track,
    navigate them all in their entirety, and decide.
    Not all of us are lucky enough to have a large surplus of time and energy.
    I’ve even added to my already packed schedule via working a moonlighting job.

    I do like the look of the furbabies banner atop.
    I am beginning to second guess my design suggestion
    of the “film strip style”, though.
    I failed to anticipate how the lines over the pics
    with a light colored background would distract from their sweet faces.
    Maybe? Just try posting the babies via a simple copy and paste merge
    side by side (similar to a horizontal photo booth photo strip) ??
    I do have some excellent puppers pics suggestions selected for the new banner.
    They are truly wonderful and telling of each’s unique personality and your life
    with them, as originals on their own,
    and wouldnt require any special effects or photo re-touches.
    Will email them to ya to decide for yourself.

    @Gforce How was the latest longer hiking trip?
    Any cool pics to share from it?
    And how are your feather babies doing?

  19. After that, it’ll be smoooooooth sailing! <<

    Even though you said that sarcastically, it’s still going to come back to bite you. You know that, right?

    Format… meh. It doesn’t make my head hurt, but I don’t love it.

    I hope you weren’t serious about youtube format. 🙁 Reading is much more satisfying. Not to mention destroying community with trolls.

    I’m really confused. Which project is a done deal that you start up on next month?

    Sending love to fellow follower, MaggieMayDay who is going through some serious medical problems with her beloved husband. <3

  20. My video card is slowly dying, so youtube/vidoes would be difficult. I’m looking at a Lenovo Yoga 2 in 1 laptop for Christmas (fingers crossed). This format looks good on my desktop. I’ll try it on my iphone later.

    “Break a leg” on the new show! When can we get a clue?

  21. I don’t like this new format. Too small for my aging eyes. I have to either flip the screen or enlarge and that messes with the rest of the writing. Plus it wouldn’t let me leave a comment until I put in my email address to notify me of comments to my post. I’m not liking this indeed. But I can’t imagine a day without being able to read some kind of post.

    1. Hey Maggie, what was it before? You didn’t have to supply an email address? But you had to be registered?

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