May 7, 2015: Space Cat!  Oh, And The Rest Of The Dark Matter Cast!

A sneak peek at the Dark Matter season finale.  In the final shot, the crew enters the bridge as this season’s mysterious Big Bad swivels around in the command chair to reveal their true identity: Space Cat!

May 7, 2015: Space Cat!  Oh, And The Rest Of The Dark Matter Cast!

See, this is the type of behind the scenes photos fans love.  Actor Anthony Lemke (Dark Matter’s THREE) eats an egg salad sandwich.

May 7, 2015: Space Cat!  Oh, And The Rest Of The Dark Matter Cast!

While actor Roger Cross (Dark Matter’s SIX) enjoys his morning coffee.  Try to take it away from him and THIS happens –

May 7, 2015: Space Cat!  Oh, And The Rest Of The Dark Matter Cast!

Meanwhile, back on the ship –

May 7, 2015: Space Cat!  Oh, And The Rest Of The Dark Matter Cast!

Someone forgot actress Jodelle Ferland (Dark Matter’s FIVE) in the airlock!

May 7, 2015: Space Cat!  Oh, And The Rest Of The Dark Matter Cast!

Actor Alex Mallari Jr. (Dark Matter’s FOUR) shuttles our special guest star back to her trailer between scenes.

May 7, 2015: Space Cat!  Oh, And The Rest Of The Dark Matter Cast!

Actor Marc Bendavid (Dark Matter’s ONE) wants your coffee.

May 7, 2015: Space Cat!  Oh, And The Rest Of The Dark Matter Cast!

Actress Zoie Palmer (Dark Matter’s Android) keeping Space Cat’s seat warm.

May 7, 2015: Space Cat!  Oh, And The Rest Of The Dark Matter Cast!

And, yes.  Actress Melissa O’Neil (Dark Matter’s TWO) also wants your coffee.

29 thoughts on “May 7, 2015: Space Cat! Oh, and the rest of the Dark Matter cast!

  1. Benavid and O’Neil:
    Are you SURE
    you want my coffee?
    I mean really,
    REALLY sure?
    *sniffle, snort*

    *wishes she had a caterer she could call tonight, as both members of household now too ill too cook or go out*

  2. Joe I’m kinda of curious. Are you worried about Cloverblob finding out about the other cat in your life? I am sure she will be a little upset about another cat being in Dark Matter/

  3. @shyone65: “Oh my Cloverblob is not going to be very happy about this.”


    Anyway, cool pictures and as lame as it may be fans DO love pictures of the actors eating egg salad sandwiches. Well, maybe not egg salad. Those things stink!

    Also, cats are evil.

  4. Did you tell Alex that on Cat T-shirt Thursday you are suppose to wear a cat t-shirt, not the actual cat? So when I watch that episode, will I notice cat hairs on his uniform? And on anyone’s rear end that sat in the cat seat? I think you should keep the cat on board. Aliens had a cat…

    @ gforce – Cats are not evil. They are just pretending to be. Acting!

  5. I love egg salad sandwiches.
    Stop being mean to Jodelle. She’s just a kid!
    And put the guns down! I hate coffee.

  6. Yeah…what JeffW said…why not dogs or a budgie.
    oh well….thanks for the hunger pangs…again…lol.

    Cool pix of the cast!

  7. A Scottish fold? Please tell me her name is Scotty, and she’s the engineer…


  8. OMG…Alex and The Kitten: bad ass and adorable all in one picture! Just when I think I can’t get ANY more excited for this show…you post more awesome pictures 🙂 Thanks, Joe!

  9. Amazing… You’ve managed to mention 3 of the THINGS that I *HATE*, “DISLIKE”, and REALLY-CAN-*NOT*-STAND the most!!
    Egg salad

    ew. meh. yuck…

  10. Why all this feline discrimination?! 😉 What better villain than one that wears a pink collar with a bell?
    Cute kitty and she must be a sweetie to let Alex carry her like that. Cats don’t like upside down, unless it’s their idea, of course. Or if they love/trust their person. 🙂 Is Alex a cat person?

  11. Whoa. I wasn’t expecting all the cat-hate. 🙁 I’ma gonna go back over to youtube, where cats are cherished and appreciated as the little furry gods that they are. 🙂


  12. PS: Alex gets extra brownie points for cuddling the kitteh, AND even more points for having such a fetching smile. 🙂


  13. Resident Cat Lady reporting for duty, SIR! What’s the kitty’s name and who does she belong to? Cute baby. Please give her an ear scratch from me. And yes, a person CAN love dogs AND cats – BOTH! <3 <3

  14. Look at that punim! How did find a kitty cat with such an expressive face? “So,” kitty purrs, stroking a mouse. “We meet again.”

  15. I agree that egg salad smells, but it’s yummy.

    Aw, what a cute kittie! I’m a dog/puppy person myself, but I love all animals.

    The cast looks great in costume!

  16. OK, I think I’m ready to be tested on character names/numbers… Phew!

    Love the kitty and egg salad sandwiches and the handsome men. I even like the occasional coffee, so thumbs up for this post, even with its lack of Ivonness hehe.

    @Das I believe the kitty lives with Alex – MissyScotfold on Instagram

    Cheers, Chev

  17. So is the final episode where Dr Evil highjacks the ships after placing a telekinetic chip into Mr Bigglesworth and the cat has locked the auto pilot of the ship with the crew aboard into a deathnell orbit around a pre-exploding red giant as he, via the cat, ransoms them all to the competing mega corps like Dwarf Star Technologies for a MILLION credits?

  18. errrmahgawd. thank you for the kitty porn! what a delight.
    (I hope the cat is now in wit sec… or has some other protective deal going on… because… y’know… her…. who shall not be named…)

  19. ok! i am totally guted! I have no TV!! it will be sometime before those episodes come out on Netflix… or will they be available to buy and downlaod from the internet soon?

    Dallas Marshall: I am with you all the way! I LOVE our furry friends whether their tail wags or whether they purr 🙂
    I love my purring one for the past 5 years,and also had 3 dogs before our cat 🙂

    I am so totally onboard with the evil space kitty cat! I have no problem leaving them win the war because of cuteness 🙂

    I am also full on coffee or life moto in the morning 🙂 have a great weekend everybody!

    Thank you so much for the pics Joe !!

  20. That cat is ADORABLE. You know the look Puss and Boots gives (the one in the Shrek movies) when he looks up to give sweet kitty looks? That reminds me of that.

    Of course when the cat turns around during the finale it needs to break into song: “Midnight….not a sound from the pavement….has the moon lost her memory…she is smiling alone…” but make it a heavy metal vibe.

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