Looking ahead…

  • Long-term goal: Read 365 books on the year.
  • Short-term goal: See that giant shark movie.

These various projects I have on the go may throw a wrench into those plans.  But who knows?  Just gotta stay focused!

Oh, hey!  Look at what I came across this morning.  Behind the scenes photos from Dark Matter.

Dark Matter Goodies!  Check ’em Out!Weather Went Anthony?

Anthony Lemke, all smiles, on the set of Episode 211, “Wish I’d Spaced You When I Had The Chance”.  I remember this one for the troublesome elements.  This episode had three looks – snowy, sunny and green, and muddy – and we did our damndest to meld the three into a single visual progression.  Kudos to VFX Supervisor Lawren Bancroft-Wilson for the CG snow that helped bridge two contrasting scenes.  I also remember it being DAMN cold in those woods.

The Ishida Clan

Dark Matter Goodies!  Check ’em Out!

The Ishida Clan in happier times in this BTS image from Episode 312, “My Final Gift To You”: Karl Ang, Mung-Ling Tsui, and Alex Mallari.  I loved this location, a wedding and event hall with a Spanish feel we affectionately referred to as “The Palace”.

Dark Matter Goodies!  Check ’em Out!Will Waring’s Only Directing Project

 A BTS photo from Episode 212, “Sometimes In Life You Don’t Get To Choose” depicts an all too eager Ellen Wong rarin’ to get to work on Karl Ang – under the watchful eyes of stunt coordinator John Stead and director Will Waring.  This episode would mark the only episode Will, my former Stargate cohort would direct for the series as he ended up fully booked for the show’s third season.

An Android On Ice

Dark Matter Goodies!  Check ’em Out!

Android on Ice – Episode 309, “Built Not Born”.  In retrospect, one of the more ambitious episodes we produced, it included twinning, multiple builds, and a couple of atypically late nights.






Dark Matter Goodies!  Check ’em Out!Contemporary Location Fun

Jodelle Ferland chats with one of our guest stars – Episode 309, “Isn’t That A Paradox”.  This episode was a lot of fun for many reasons and a pleasant change of pace for the crew that finally had the opportunity to shoot an episode in a contemporary location.  No spaceships or space stations or otherworldly mining facilities.  Instead, it was suburban streets, sidewalks, and homes.

Watch Out For Roger’s Hugs

Dark Matter Goodies!  Check ’em Out!

Roger Cross flashes his trademark smile BTS on Episode 210, “Going Out Fighting”.  Beware his hugs though!






Dark Matter Goodies!  Check ’em Out!Where’s Melissa’s Musical?

Melissa O’Neil shooting one of her final scenes – Episode 313, “Nowhere To Go”.  Damnit.  We never did get her that musical episode!

What’s Coming?

This week: Meetings, meetings, and more meetings!  Delivery of the final final final polish of that sci-fi script and bible to the broadcaster.  Further discussions on that comic book adaptation.  We start hammering out an outline for the first episode of the new series with an aim of delivering a pilot for early October. Possibly (finally) get the go-ahead on that supernatural pilot, and the adaptation of that horror novel.

…Oh, and see that giant shark movie.

20 thoughts on “Dark Matter Goodies! Check ’em out!

  1. Comic book adaptation? Could that be a Dark Matter graphic novel?? :beg: :beg:

  2. “Short-term goal: See that giant shark movie.”

    I hope you’re not talking Sharknado!!

    I noticed that the budget for the first 5 was enough for an ENTIRE new season of Dark Matter. : _ (

      1. OMG. We have an edit button now! This whole blog update has been worth it just for that!

      2. Yeah I realized that…the idea of SyFy spending money on Sharknado instead of DM (it still really hurts) annoys me. 😥 (finally figured out these emoji things…I understand they’re catching on!)

  3. Busy hands keep you out of trouble! 🙂 I love those BTS shots. My ribs ache just thinking about one of those Roger Cross hugs! 😉

    I am also very sad we never got a musical DM episode. 🙁 Or any more episodes period, I guess. 🙁 🙁

  4. I love seeing the behind the scene shots on Dark Matter and all the shows you’ve done. Since I’m in the process of moving, I found a buried VHS of “Stargate to Atlantis” that I copied years ago. It was great fun to see both casts talking about their shows and introducing Atlantis for the first time. And they all looked so young, including you!

    When you get another show up and running, is there any chance that some of the writers, directors and casts of your previous shows might be involved?

  5. Nice behind the scenes shots…I especially like Ellen Wong’s. Something about the gleeful expression she has while she works. 🙂

    Hmmm, it seems your new theme doesn’t recognize my WordPress account? I guess we’ll see how this goes…. 😮

  6. You’ll let us know how you like The Meg, yes? It looks a rental to me but ya never know.

    Great pictures!

  7. @Rita Thanks again for all your hard work.
    Love that we have an easy edit bar now to bold and underline.

    Hope your meetings go well this week Joe.
    Stay cool and try not to get eaten by any Giant Sharks.
    I’m sure it will come as no surprise to you
    that your latest snack vid and everyones suggestive comments
    stirred such a strong craving for ice cream in me
    my brain could nolonger resist.
    Bet you’ll never guess what I had for breakfast at 5:30 am this morning
    in lieu of the usual toasted bagel with cream cheese or english muffin
    with orange marmalade?!

    Has anyone caught episodes of the new season of Better Call Saul, yet?
    Have some down time coming up again later this week and wonder if
    the new season is worth the binge viewing investment?

  8. I was just watching S1E7 with Sarah being unfrozen and android Wendy being reassembled. Zoe was really funny in that episode, finding her understated sense of humor.

  9. Not sure why, but for some reason I haven’t gotten any email notifications when you blog since Aug. 18th.

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