May 22, 2015: The Dark Matter Rollout!  Introducing Anthony Lemke As Three!

When it came time to cast Dark Matter’s resident bad boy, this is the breakdown that went out for the role:

“AKA Sunshine, AKA Marcus Boone. A TRUE BADASS, he is the flipside to One’s principled coin- which is why the two are often at odds, developing a (grudging) like-hate relationship over the course of their journey. HE IS A MERCENARY THROUGH AND THROUGH, ALWAYS LOOKING OUT FOR HIMSELF. But he must come to accept the fact that, if he’s going to survive long enough to reach the outer colonies, he’s going to have to learn to get along. THINK SAWYER FROM LOST.  ALL ETHNICITIES.”

May 22, 2015: The Dark Matter Rollout!  Introducing Anthony Lemke As Three!

Some roles are harder to cast than others.  In the case of Dark Matter‘s THREE, however, it was surprisingly easy because, at the end of the day, one actor clearly stood out amongst the rest.  Now don’t misunderstood.  There were plenty of great auditions for the role but Anthony Lemke’s first read for the part of THREE delivered absolutely everything I was looking for in the character – and more!  He was brash, confident, cool, charming, and very very funny.  I can’t understate the importance of the latter.  I needed someone who could convey the humor on the page – and Anthony did.  And then some.  I can’t remember anyone so thoroughly nailing an audition before.  “That’s him,”I said the first time I watched him.  “That’s our Three.”  And absolutely everyone agreed.

May 22, 2015: The Dark Matter Rollout!  Introducing Anthony Lemke As Three!

THREE is Han Solo, Jack O’Neil, and Captain Jack Sparrow rolled into one – mercenary, opportunistic, with swagger to spare.  Anthony so thoroughly embraced his character, imbued him with so much delightful nuance, that rarely a scene went by that didn’t have me smiling or shaking my head in amazement.  It was the little things he added – a line, a look, a choice.  Every time I see a certain scene in #104 (let’s discuss once the episode airs), I can’t help but laugh at two back to back expressions that, on the surface, don’t seem like such a big deal and yet do such a brilliant job of bringing the character to life and making him real.  With an entire season under our belts, I know that he is destined to be a fan favorite.

May 22, 2015: The Dark Matter Rollout!  Introducing Anthony Lemke As Three!

Working with Anthony has been fun.  More than any other cast member, he is always offering up ideas: a line here, some business there.  On the move in one scene; twirling his gun in the next.  The guy does so much on-camera eating that I honestly fear for his health!  It’s the type of thing that probably drives most showrunners nuts but, to Anthony’s credit, he is always respectful and professional in his approach, pitching me beforehand and offering up his reasoning when necessary (ie. I say no).  More often than not, I’ll let him run with it because, more often than not, his little additions are terrific.  Occasionally, I’ll simply ask him to give me two versions so I can decide at the edit stage.  On rare occasions, I’ll say no and he’ll be fine with that.  And just try twice as hard the next time.

May 22, 2015: The Dark Matter Rollout!  Introducing Anthony Lemke As Three!

Anthony and THREE share certain character traits: cheekiness, daring, and a singular sense of humor.  On the other hand, Anthony differs from THREE in his warmth and willingness to engage.  Whenever a guest visits set for the first time, Anthony is always the first one to walk over and introduce himself, happily chatting away until someone drags him back to set.

A couple of months ago, I hosted a young woman who had just completed her studies and was considering a career in television.  She was thrilled to be visiting a television production and even more thrilled when one of the cast members, Anthony, strolled up and introduced himself.  I stood by and watched as Anthony thoroughly charmed her, inquiring about her future plans, her interests, engaging her in conversation like an old friend.  And the look on her face made one thing abundantly clear: he had just made a fan for life.

I have a feeling that’s going to happen A LOT when the show premieres in June.

14 thoughts on “May 22, 2015: The Dark Matter rollout! Introducing Anthony Lemke as THREE!

  1. FINALLY! I saw a commercial on Space for Dark Matter’s premiere. Took them long enough, sheesh. Only advertising it 3 weeks before the premiere date, cutting it real close.

  2. Sounds like someone I would like immensely. I’m just giddy with excitement and doing the countdown to awesomeness in my head.

  3. Anthony sounds like an all around good guy. Looking forward to his performance on Dark Matter June 12th! 😊

  4. Hey Anthony! Glad to have you aboard. I’m looking forward to getting to know all the characters as the show progresses. It’s always interesting to see how an actor makes a role their own and grows over time.

    Well, the final part of the sale for my house went through today, so – I’m committed. I’ve got a month to GET OUT. What fun!

    1. @Gforce I would need about 6 months to clean out this house to move. I don’t envy you. But congratulations on the sale being final.

  5. Sounds like Anthony has met & learned fan relations from Don Davis and Gil Gerard. 😎

  6. I agree totally about Anthony Lemke. In that sneak peek video, when he was describing himself as “the guy who’s got swagger on the show”, “the guy who will say anything he’s thinking of”, “the guy you can count on to say the inappropriate thing”, and “He thinks very highly of himself”, it wasn’t just what he was saying but also how Anthony was saying it. I knew then he would be one of my favorite characters.

    The guy does so much on-camera eating that I honestly fear for his health!
    Really? Now you know how we feel about your behind-the-camera eating… 😉

  7. I’m sold! Of course, I really won’t know how I feel about the characters until I see them in action. I usually give characters (and actors) about three to four episodes before I make judgments on chemistry and how well an actor ‘makes love’ to the camera, so it’ll be a good month into the show before I know whether or not your ‘teasers’ are spot on, or not. 😉

    Speaking of which – question: Will the episodes be aired in the order they were filmed? This often has a big bearing on the chemistry between actors, as well as how the settle into their respective characters. The first few episodes can sometimes feel ‘awkward’, but in later episodes you can really start to see the actors click. So just wondering if these episodes will be aired in the same order in which they were filmed (forgive me if you have answered this already – I haven’t paid too much attention to mailbags because I don’t want to be too spoiled – I don’t want to know TOO much about the show, otherwise it fiddles with my suspension of disbelief, and not in a good way 😉 ).


  8. @Gforce: Yay on selling the house! I don’t enjoy moving but it’s an ideal time to purge possessions.

    Mr Lemke sounds like a great guy. Did you write the eating scenes or is that one of his additions? Another gent that’s easy on the eyes. 😄

    Since you had a major say in casting, you won’t have any of the friction that “might” have occurred in previous shows. Sounds like a dream crew and cast!

    {Hugs} to Jelly Bean (love that name Ponytail)!

  9. Getting exciting for all. Three and Anthony sound like super cool guys (all Anthony’s are, that is my son’s name 🙂 )

    By the way Joe, it is two LL’s!!!

  10. HI Joe, who the arrival of spring and the ending of first season production has provided you with the euphoric excitement. When I first read the description of THREE, my mind went to “Jane.” Obviously you had something else in mind as someone more intelligent. Your description seems something a Ben Browder character but not being the lead. Guess my mind is hanging to long in the past. The pictures of the set look really nice. I remember your pictures of the set when they were just plywood and timbers. It gave me the feeling of wanting to build something and thoughts of the smell of freshly cut wood. How long has it been since you moved to Toronto to start production ’til now?

    “Let us not go gently into the endless Winters night.” Hugs for Jelly

  11. Also, when you mentioned Anthony gave you a hug concerning Jelly, I thought he must be a really sweet guy. Great casting call I know I will enjoy.

  12. “THREE is Han Solo, Jack O’Neil, and Captain Jack Sparrow rolled into one – ”
    My kinda guy. Looking forward to (all about) this show.

    GForce – Good luck with your move. May it go smoothly and uneventful.

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