Yes for me..although I’d have very low expectations going on.

Even if I knew who she was and was a fan, I’m afraid it’s still no.

Not really a yakisoba fan, much less a convenience store version.

Apparently all the corn collects at the bottom.  Pass.

I mean, sure I’d try it.

My experiences with deep-fried chocolate has been pretty positive so far, so why not?

If it doesn’t taste like butter, what’s the point?

As far as cocktails go, I’m sure I’ve had worse.

BEST: Those deep-fried KitKats

WORST: That beer!

3 thoughts on “November 6, 2023: Recent Yes/No’s – Best and Worst!

  1. “Apparently all the corn collects at the bottom.” True in more than one way, I suppose. Of which I’m sure this.. food… would continually remind me.

  2. The BEST: Butter Pudding. I really really really want to try 3 or 4 of these. It’s got cream cheese in it! Got to be good, right?

    The Absolute WORST: Amouranth Beer.

  3. No to all of them with the worst, of course, being the beer. I’m even a bit put off that you decided to post it a second time.

    Albeit, in younger days, because I had a thing for creme caramel flan, it inspired me to experiment with creating other firm custard type treats. One day I made a butter, honey and almond custard. It was basically just a sweet vanilla, without caramel, flan with sweet butter and amaretto. I remember eating it all – so I guess it wasn’t too bad. And yes, the butter tasted like butter.

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