As we head into November, we also head into the t.v. industry’s slow season.  With Thanksgiving on deck and the Christmas season soon to follow, it’s hard to get executives to focus, much less read your project.  More than likely, it ends up in a pile that they won’t get around to until AFTER they get back from the holidays, some time in January.  Presumably.

Had a zoom call yesterday about the kpop/sci-fi series as well as the android murder mystery series.  Revising the pitch deck for the former and looking to make some changes to the latter with the intention of going out with both top of the year.  Love both these projects but I honestly feel like I’ve been working on them for as long as I can remember.  And it’s exhausting.

We’ve attached a lead actor and a director to my action-adventure project and that one will, presumably, go out in January as well.  It has apparently garnered some fair interest, especially overseas.  If this one goes, it would see me working with an actor I worked with a few years back.

Meanwhile, the murder mystery pilot and deck are locked.  Zoom chat on Wednesday to discuss the game plan.  Really do like the producer I”m working with on this one.  He’s very straight-forward and always keeps me in the loop.

Finally, the financing for that horror movie is in limbo as we await the lawyers – who don’t seem to be in any rush.  Which is a shame because, while they dither, we risk losing one of our key locations in Bulgaria.

Delivered all the scripts for my five-issue horror comic (due out early 2024).  Was informed I’d be meeting with the new editor via zoom the week before last but, alas, nothing has materialized.  Ideally, would be great to get – and implement – any notes prior to December because, once the 4th rolls around, I am in Japan-mode.

Speaking of Japan-mode…

P.S. Thanks for all of the great advice regarding the treatment of dogs with separation anxiety.  (Drea, you were particularly detailed and thorough!).  We started to implement and test several of your suggestions.

I honestly can’t believe it’s almost Christmas 2023 already.  It feels like just yesterday we were wiping down our mail with clorox wipes and being advised to rinse our produce in diluted bleach.  What a difference 2 YEARS makes!


6 thoughts on “November 7, 2023: Hurry up and wait!

  1. Well, be sure to keep us in the loop about which ideas seem to work for him and which one’s didn’t.

    With everything I’ve been reading and from what I’ve heard from a couple neighbors with blind dogs, just don’t expect to see any improvements instantly. I’m told, Some things, such as putting him in an enclosed safe space with solely his personal, non-shared, items and Akemi’s voice playing on a loop could take up to a week before he completely stops crying. His learned coping behaviors need be forgotten/unlearned first before he realizes he is one hundred percent safe from unknown obstacles and invader danger and has no reason to be scared.

  2. It’s probably just as well the holidays are the slowest time for work.
    From everything you told us, I gather the plan is to be in Japan December 4th-10th. Then, with Sharky and gifts for mom and sis, in tow, you’re gonna head to Montreal just shy of a couple weeks later for Christmas-New Years family dinners and excitedly tearing off the wrapping paper from all your newly gifted pairs of socks. xo
    Then, once you are back home on January 2nd, you’ll be preparing yourself to fly out again to whatever city you find the perfect support sibling puppers to adopt.
    It’s a heavy enough set of things to juggle without also having to worry about preparing for a pitch meeting, which always seems ta cause ya a great deal of anxiety.

  3. I do hope * something * comes of all these irons in the fire. I mean, one of them has got to fly eventually, right?

    ” it would see me working with an actor I worked with a few years back.”
    Oooh, I’m intrigued. If not AL, that still leaves a pretty wide selection. For some reason, I thought of that Series That Shall Not Be Named.

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