Our little angel.  Akemi got him the halo to keep him from continually bumping his head as he continues to map his new home.

Out and about with his friend Ella.

Apparently, he needs a dental – but we’re, of course, nervous about putting him under.  He has nine, maybe ten teeth and could lose more including those adorable two in the front which are already kind of loose.

Mom has him winter-ready.

Getting around….

Savoring dehydrated cod skins…

Sharky’s visit to the vet…

Sharky snoozing with our guest pug, Bubbie –




7 thoughts on “November 5, 2023: Sharky Sunday!

  1. The new halo appears more sturdy indeed.
    Those cod skins seem a bit hard for his loose teeth, no? lol

  2. Well, it looks like he gets along just fine with other dogs. So that coast is clear should you decide to go there… I see he has moved even closer to Akemi while she works in the kitchen. He is so cute!

  3. No, silly boy. The halo is simply because Sharky is heaven sent. xo
    If Akemi wanted protective gear – I’m pretty shurs she would have gotten him a football helmet.

    I’ve been looking at sites with suggestions for other things you and Akemi can do to help him regain his sense of confidence and independence while learning how to navigate, (other than using play pen type fencing to create a safe space area in the living room for him to learn that this is “his” safe room. As well as recording Akemi’s voice to play on a loop when she cannot be with him).

    This site suggests using comfortable scent oils on items belonging to him and common area places he navigates to daily. It resolves the need to make sure his water bowls, blankets, toys beddings, etc., remain in the exact same spot daily. He’d simply find it via scent.

    Sounds like a great idea. Albeit, I’m thinking you’d have to purchase a few different scents initially, to see which ones he is most drawn toward, and then narrow it down to two scents to use on his items. One for his toys, blankets, bedding, and clothes. And one for his food and water bowels.

    Hey, if it doesn’t work you can always resort to attaching baggies with pork bacon to his items all over the house, eh?! Just don’t be surprised if every neighbor that visits starts consistently telling you they suddenly find themselves feeling terribly hungry.


  4. Aren’t those halos expensive! I was checking them out for my dog who went blind a few months ago. I could not convince myself to buying one.

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