A few that caught my eye this week…

Cult of Carnage: Misery #1 – cover art by In-Hyuk Lee

Batman #135 – cover art by Gabriele Dell’Otto

Batman #135 – cover art by Stanley Artgerm Lau

Peacemaker Tries Hard! #1 – cover art by Bjorn Barends

Joker: The Man Who Stopped Laughing #8 – cover art by Clay Mann

Barbarella: The Center Cannot Hold #3 – cover art by Celina

Astrobot #1 – cover art by Aaron Thomas

So which were YOUR favorites?

2 thoughts on “May 3, 2023: Amazing Covers!

  1. Peacemaker Tries Hard! #1 – cover art by Bjorn Barends! That would entice me to buy.

    Are you at your mom’s yet? I went for a quick visit yesterday. I hope she recovers quickly! 🎶Ice, ice baby🎶 Or use heat, whatever she prefers.

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