7 thoughts on “May 4, 2023: Meanwhile, on the home front…

  1. I wish I could visit Montreal! Say Hi from all us to your Mom, please.

    Fun videos!

  2. That Natto looks like something Suji would like. I’ll just take some pudding.

    Laughed pretty hard at your “Bugles” taste/sound test!

    Yes @Tam, how did your visit go with Joe’s mom yesterday?? LOL!!!

  3. Hey, who ate all the desserts!?

    Do those turtle chips actually contain real turtle (:() or is the turtle just the mascot? So many questions.

  4. I have a question, If I may? How does the American Writer’s Strike affect you? I’m assuming it would be bad form for you to work in the U.S. while that is ongoing. Are you a member in the Canadian Writer’s Guild or the U.S. or both? I’m not sure how that works.

    1. I’m a member of both and even if I was just WGC, it would be very bad form for me to take on any sort of work with WGA-signatories.

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