I hit the 45 page mark of my feature script today.  I have the rest of the story pretty much worked out in my head with the exception of one crucial scene that requires some deft narrative sleight of hand to pull off.  The timing and logic have to line up perfectly and, so far, it’s not quite falling into place as neatly as I’d like.  I foresee a couple of days – and long nights – of endlessly trying to work and rework the sequence in my head before, eventually – and hopefully – nailing it down.  I now have the added pressure of getting this first draft completed asap as…

I’ve been told I’m being contracted to write a second script for that sci-fi/kpop series I’m currently developing.  Fortunately, the average time it takes to close a deal leaves me a pretty generous window of opportunity to get things done.

Also next week, it’s our first network pitch for Promise of Blood, the fantastic television adaptation of Brian McClellan’s Powder Mage Trilogy.  Exciting, no?

Finally, have been in touch with a comic book company about creating an original series for them.  I’ve finished up work on three pitches for three very different prospective series: action-adventure, horror, and YA sci-fi.  The plan is to polish them up this weekend and send them off top of next week after which it’ll be smooooooooooooooooth sailing!

Today’s Yes/No…


5 thoughts on “April 22, 2022: Projects on pace!

  1. Wow. 15 more pages in only a couple days. That’s pretty amazing.
    Ah. Ya see that! The power of not giving up. It’s a beautiful thing.
    Keeping my fingers crossed for ya on the Promise Of Blood pitch.

  2. Much Love n thanks to Zoe n her Puddles for the bit of extra pitch in. XO

    Hey Gang,
    MA resources will get me fully covered for medical and housing rent,
    but it’s going to remain extremely tight financially until I return to work in June after next surgery.
    There won’t be any wiggle room to get medical weed for pain. Comfort foods
    for when i have absolutely no appetite for anything else. Or things like C & D supplements to help my immune system. Sooo, if anyone else can possibly pitch in this month it’d definitely be a comfort and appreciated. I’m gonna leave my paypal and venmo accounts open till April 30th.
    After that I’ll need to stop accepting online contributions
    so I don’t risk not getting approved for full resources in new state.
    Paypal: dreacrysel@gmail.com
    Venmo: dreacrysel@gmail.com

  3. Powder Mage is still happening ? After Deadline’s article last year, no news came so I thought you dropped it.

    1. No. Development takes time. Then, setting up meetings and pitching also takes time.

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