Finally, after an almost year-long renovation, one of our favorite neighborhood haunts, Beast, has reopened as Beast Pizza.  Akemi, Dr. Blackjack and I wasted no time in checking out the new digs and menu…


The menu has shifted to pizza, yes, but also offers a couple of pastas selections in addition to a few side dishes.


We went with three pizzas.  I had to try the pricey black truffle, one of three seasonal varieties.  It was a nice, generous topping, yet the truffle flavor was subtle and not overpowering in the way artificial truffle oil punches you in the nose.  Creamy, buttery, delicious.


We also went with the tongue and bacon, a terrific marriage of smoky and savory.  Special shout out to the dough that crispy and chewy, yet not too heavy.


Our third pick was the beef heart tartare pizza, another seasonal special.  This was a cheese pizza served alongside a mix-it-yourself tartare plate.


Akemi did the honors.  Then, we spooned the tartare onto the cheese pizza and…well, I’ll admit, I was a little dubious at first but, surprisingly, this pizza ended up being the consensus favorite.  Not to be missed!  So go visit before it rotates off the menu!


Akemi enjoyed the house salad (not picture because, well, it’s a salad) and a side plate of marinated white anchovies.  I’m not into tart, so this one wasn’t for me, but she found them outstanding.


For dessert, I was leaning towards the off-menu nutella-stuffed banana bread, but Akemi really wanted to try the raspberry cheesecake sundae with vanilla soft serve.  The sweetness of the ice cream nicely offsets the slight tanginess of the raspberry sauce.  Dig deep for hidden layer of crushed graham crackers!

The new layout is a little smaller but beautiful, with choice of bar, table, and high-top seatings.  Lots of dark wood and brass, and an open kitchen concept that allows you to watch the team at work – and thank them personally once you’re done.  Service was excellent.

Beast Pizza – 96 Tecumseh Street (Toronto)  Wed-Sun 5-10 pm

7 thoughts on “Beast Pizza!

  1. That pizza looks so good! Unfortunately I apparently can’t eat food anymore. Years of eating like a 5 year old has killed my blood sugar. One bite of that pizza and zoom to the heavens my blood sugar will go. Now its lettuce everyday. Who is Dr. Blackjack? Ivon? Your cardiologist?

  2. Never had pizza with black truffle.
    It never really became a popular pizza topping in U.S.
    And even if it did, not very many in U.S would be able to afford it these days.
    Glad you got to enjoy such a special treat.

    @Ponytail. Thanks so much for having my back. XO
    I thought maybe everyone had decided to give up on me
    because it was taking me so long and everything has been such a struggle.
    Albeit as Joe so rightly demonstrated, via completing 30 pages of his feature
    after two years of toiling, toiling, but getting no where, no one is a failure until they just give up.

    Time to go kick some ILC ass and get my life back!

  3. I’m so glad you’re out and about enjoying life. The food looks amazing!


  4. Oh and have you been reading about the Depp trial? Talk about a toxic combination….

  5. The tartare ingredients looks so fresh and enticing, love all the colors. The size of those truffle slices is eyepopping. I finally watched all of Julia! and I’ll rewatch again soon just to enjoy the foodie goodness. but for now I’m rewatching The Batman for third time, it’s been years since I’ve rewatch a film that much, going back to Volver, Shape of Water and Casino Royale.

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