I got new pillows for Christmas.  Akemi suggested I throw out a couple of my old favorites and I strenuously objected.  And, just to prove a point, I slept with five pillows last night.  Pictured above: a dramatization.


Also hmmm…

One of the most delicious things I ate this holiday season was this black bottom butter tart pie from New Pie Co.


A few of their other offerings I am eyeing: caramel peanut pie,  ube pie, and the Thais iced tea pie!

Oh and check out this beautiful chocolate collection from Onyx Chocolates.


Some truly interesting flavors here – Five Spice Crunch, Durian, Kinako Mochi, White Rabbit.  But my favorite was the Salted Egg and Black Sesame.

Today’s Yes/No…

Sounds a little…carby.

So, how are things on your end?  How was your day?  What lies ahead?

10 thoughts on “December 25, 2021: Merry Christmas!

  1. I’m totally feeling your multi-pillow energy. Can’t have too many. And the one over the face is my go-to burning eyes allergy attack mode.

    Not much happened here today – spent all the day home alone and kind of enjoyed the peace and quiet actually. Made a proper Christmas dinner for myself though and now I’m fairly stuffed. And that’s with no pie (only because I forgot). Did spend a little time chatting by phone with my friends from PEI and my brother in NS, though. Now I’m pondering if 8 pm is too early to go to bed. Okay, maybe 9.

    Not the only problem with those burgers is that those photos are always so staged and the actual burger you get usually looks like someone threw up in a box.

  2. Wut? No socks this year? I’m Shocked!! 😁 😀

    Having intermittent internet difficulties at the moment.

    Will post progress update for everyone later tonight,
    or whenever we get back more reliable connection.

    Merry Christmas to all. 🎄

  3. Merry Christmas all!
    Christmas is delayed for a while until the freezing rain ends so we can gather together safely.

    Is there any way of disguising your pillow collection? Perhaps a new ‘pug’ sleeping on the window sill, a cosy for the plants, a new art piece a la Tracey Emin?

  4. Merry Christmas Joe, Akemi, Suji and families. I alternate my sleep apnea pillow with my wedge, which is also beneficial. Hope everyone had a lovely day. I had a wonderful lunch and got a gorgeous orchid, shampoo/conditioner/deodorant bars, which smell divine and some money to spend at the sales. The chocolates look amazing… I wonder what they taste like.

    Cheers, Chev

  5. I’m intrigued by the black bottom butter tart pie. Can you describe it? I clinked on the company link (all of it looks good) and you have to login to see a description.

    Those chocolates are too pretty to eat! Are they filled with flavored centers?

    I love pillows! Hubby is always making fun of how many pillows but then I often finding him snuggling up to one of the feather pillows. Lucy has taken over my body pillow.

    1. It’s a butter tart but with a dense chocolate base. And, surprisingly, not that sweet.

  6. Bon bons! They are out of stock at the moment but the flavors are calling to me. I am still bleary eyed from The Witcher, I’m taking a screen break, no mas streaming today.

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