Our girl has been slowing down of late.  I’m not sure whether it’s the cold, her rickety bones, or just old age, but she doesn’t move around as easily as she used to.  It also could be the extra weight she’s put on.  Not much, but enough for me to notice.  So my New Year’s resolution for 2022 is to get Suji trimmed back down to her 13.5 lb fighting weight. Of course all that roast duck she had yesterday didn’t help.


Her reaction to “diet”.


Enjoying her new Christmas pillow.

Contemplating life, the universe, and everything.


Getting comfy.


Sleeping off that holiday excess.


Where’s Suji?


Merry Christmas!

8 thoughts on “December 26, 2021: Suji Sunday!

  1. “It’s a butter tart but with a dense chocolate base. And, surprisingly, not that sweet.” That does sound good!

    I’m a big chocolate lover and was blessed with around 10lbs of various chocolates for Christmas. I’m serious about the poundage. 😲 There’s no way to eat all that before it goes bad, so I’m going to freeze some of it. Please pray for my Lindt truffles. 😉

    Great pictures of your girl!

    Is everyone out there eating leftovers today? That is the best thing about the holidays, leftovers.

    Tomorrow, we are headed to look for a new car (our old one is having problems). I dislike car shopping. Most of the cars are “in transit”, so I can’t pick something out online. Seriously, car lots are low on inventory. We went a few years ago and the cars were wedged tightly together (I’ve always wondered how they parked them so close to each other). Ugg, it will all work out. First world problems and all of that.

  2. Merry Christmas Joe Akemi and Suji! Courage Suji, those ounces willl come off in no time. It’s making me feel better about the cauliflower rice choice for Christmas dinner, it’s nice to temper the feast season with some healthy choices.

  3. Cool Pillows.

    I got a window and finally a bit of desperately needed quiet for Christmas.
    Two brothers who were sharing a room in the front portion of the house moved out last week.
    It’s just a 10 x 10 but its cut off from the rest of the rooms via a hallway, so it is a wee quieter,
    more private, and has more closet space. I thought the landlord was going to simply rent the room out again to someone new but yesterday he offered it to me, instead. So, last night i got to sleep in a quieter room with a window to allow natural light in during the day.
    It’s a huge improvement. I almost feel like an actual live human being again.

    With many thanks to Tam, Ponytail and a couple of local friends I finally got an electric bicycle to help me get around a bit easier a few weeks ago. It’s just a light weight mini electric DYU cycle with 12″ wheels, a handlebar and pedals that fold down for easy storage & shipping, and it only goes 7 miles per hour at top speed in full electric,non pedal assist, mode and has to be charged after every 15 miles of use. It’s not the one I was originally hoping to get, but it was considerably less expensive and it’s small enough to fit in my new clothes closet, so it’ll definitely do for now. It’s another huge improvement considering it was taking me nearly an hour just to traverse less than one mile to the nearest supermarket on my manual pedal bicycle. I was even having fainting spells just trying to manually pedal to the nearest convenience store just a couple streets over from the house. Haven’t found any job offering more hours as of yet – but hopefully something will open up in January.

    Still in Orlando. Seems affordable housing is in very limited supply with extremely high demand in Boston, as well, And my housing needs to meet both the medical prequisite and personal situation are very specific. It needs to be within easy commuting range to both the agency that will be supplying full time home supervision and 24/7 on call care during my targeted oral chemo rounds and Massachussetts General where i will need to see the oncology team a minimum 2x per week or more. Because I dont drive it also needs to be within easy range to any outside work I’m qualified for. In the meantime doctors here in Fl have been trying all sorts of alternative stop gap meds and measures these last couple months to keep the cancer at bay which unfortunately have landed me out sick or in the hospital unable to work for up to a week each month. My body keeps having really bad reactions to the meds they’ve been trying. Although, Massachusetts does reimburse for the cost of rent, deposit and moving expense, one needs to have the money upfront to get there and move in. I had money from a corrected tax refund set aside for the move, but that there are no paid sick days at my current job due to not being considered a full time employee, I’ve been having to tap into the fund to make rent, phone bill, basic household needs, etc. and will need to do so again in January.

    Anyone who can help restore that fund I’d be beyond grateful. Otherwise, if housing that meets the medical and work needs turns up in Jan or Feb I won’t be able to accept it and may have to wait months more for another opening. Which, unfortunately only further delays working toward full remission, leaving the cancer opportunity to continue destroying me.

    Drea’s Med Fund: https://fundrazr.com/d1rUX1?ref=ab_4JdEIoX69JE4JdEIoX69JE

    Venmo: DreaCrysel (if asks for email its my user name at gmail)

    With the current omicron variant spreading so easily, I among the medically vulnerable, and cases once again rapidly increasing here in Orlando I also need to resupply my n95 masks and vitamin C & D supplements, until the new surge blows over, but haven’t been able to afford as much.
    These are the ones I had been using. I was coupling it with a thin disposable basic face mask underneath and it has been successfully protective, thus far.


    I can be reached via NewScience101 on gmail for shipping info.

    May 2022 bring health and healing to us all.

    Much Love, Gratitude and Happy Holidays.
    So grateful to have caring compassionate friends duriing
    these extraordinarilly difficult times.


  4. Our dogs getting old is the saddest thing to me. I just have to block it out of my mind and keep a stiff upper lip. My beagle will be 13 in a couple of months. Even though she is not as old as your Suji, my dog is slowing down too.

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