Well, I am exhausted.  Spent the better part of the day prepping a pitch.  The late-in-the-day pitches are the worse as it simply means more time spent stewing, and less time spent working on anything else.  In the end, however, it went very well.  I think.  Of course, it’s impossible to tell and, even if you’re instincts are correct and you did deliver a fabulous pitch, so many other elements will inform the final decision.  Who knows?  Maybe someone pitched them an even better psychic dog detective series on the very same day.

The weekend – and the NFL football playoffs – is upon us!  I will, of course, be rooting for the Packers, Bills, Browns, and Saints.  And you?

I came across a slew of SG-1 and Atlantis concept art.  Let me know if you’ve already seen these…

Sg1-1a Sg1apilot Sg1pi4 Sg1pi4a Sg1pi5 Sg1pi6 Sg1pi7 Sg1pi8 Sg1pi9 Sg1pi13a Sg1pi15 Sg1pilot3b Sg1pilot3c

8 thoughts on “January 15, 2021: Pitch Day!

  1. I was hoping you were going to say that… a psychic dog detective show. There are none of those. You would corner the market. I could see it on the Hallmark Channel too. Perhaps as the psychic dog is solving the crime, the canine brings love to people as well as he could psychically know who is digging who. I don’t recall seeing these pictures, but you are always so generous in sharing it could be possible; or for people like me everything old is new again.

    While I was wrapping Christmas presents (all 80-something of them–I know, I know–and most of them were not ours–neighbors, clients, people I needed to thank, doctors’ offices I was going to visit in December, Patrick’s group home agency staff in their offices and Patrick’s group home caretakers and two residents who live with him), I put on SG-1 on I think Netflix and started watching from the beginning again. I was already well into Season 2 when I finished my 2-night marathon. It was really great. I’m going to make my way through all of them again, including the movies. Then I’ll move back over to Dark Matter.

  2. Hmm … Curious, when you have a project in production, how many additional projects can you tackle at the simultaneously?

  3. That psychic dog detective series actually sounds like a great idea to me. I was going to suggest it to you in fact. Come on, think about it. New President Biden is going to have 2 big dogs in the White House. That means dogs will be popular for 4 years. It could be a series about a German Shepherd dog that lives in the White House and solves crimes (little ones) while his dad is President. The crimes could be anything that interests a dog or his sidekick, a cat. I’m not exactly sure what at this time, but hey, you’re the writer. Handle it!

  4. Too late Joe. The first book about President Biden’s dogs is already out. Its called Champ and Major: First Dogs. I don’t think they are doing any detective work… yet. It is a picture book of them. What about making them SciFi dogs? They like science fiction and figure out a way to go into space for adventures. Beam out and back before the President knows they are missing and just in time for lunch. Just think of all the alien dogs they could meet in space…

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