So when it comes to reading, what’s your preference, digital or physical?  I’ve found that increasingly, perhaps due to my waning eyesight, I have shifted to digital, mostly reading off my laptop.  But I still do like the look of a library and make it a point to pick up a physical copy if I really enjoy the book.  What about you?

Unigiri?  Yes/No

An absolute YES from me.  So long as somebody else makes it.

Movies to look forward to (or not) in the coming weeks…

Interest Meter: 6.0

Interest Meter: 2.0

Interest Meter: 6.5

Interest Meter: 7.5

Interest Meter: 8.0

And you?

Canada Goose about to get boycotted for customer cruelty…





14 thoughts on “January 16, 2021: January Releases to Look Forward To. Or Not.

  1. I still prefer a physical book. There’s just something easier to read about it (and I just use my reading glasses) and has a physicality that if find kind of, I don’t know, comforting?

    I’ll have to check out those trailers, but none of the titles really grabs me.

  2. Digital. iPhone/iPad are easier to hold than big paperbacks like those in Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander series and David Weber’s Safehold novels.

    In fact, I’m stalled on the Safehold series right now for just that reason.

  3. I have to admit I don’t read enough. I am not proud of it, but I am a more visual person, so I like the physical copies of books as I can hold it in my hands.

    My first Hungarian literature teacher has always bullied and humiliated me because of my stuttering. I have started to be afraid of reading up in front of my class. Then I was silly enough to state at my high school oral entrance exam at age of 12 that I don’t like reading. My teachers were shocked, but I was just honest. She has scored me down for years as I have completly cut myself in front of her. She has even mentioned it on our school reunion 20 years later…. And now I check prescriptions as a pharmacist day by day.

    Maybe a weird question, but are you not afraid that the readed books will influence your ideas? I mean it must be great to learn the vocublary, the styles, but is it not disappointing when you discover that somebody else have already used a cool plot twist what you were just planning to write?

  4. I got the first generation Kindle… what 12 years ago or so… I haven’t bought a physical book since. I can store hundreds of books on it, I can change the font size. I can change the background (I like the tan background with black letters).

    Now that I have the Fire tablet, I can watch movies too (Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, Youtube, etc). It is especially useful for travel. I can download enough TV shows or movies to last an entire flight (there and back again) and still have books for reading at my destination.

    I knew that I was stuck on digital when, as I was reading a book, I reached up to turn the page. It was so like reading a book, I forgot it was digital. End of for me.

  5. I’m more into digital nowadays … more portable.
    Unigiri … yes, but only if really good quality uni is used.
    That weird fashion … I’m not sure about that … Maybe it’s Akemi’s style … LOL

  6. Being a librarian, I encourage everyone to read in whichever it makes them happy. My personal preference are physical books, but I have quite a few in my Kindle account.
    That jacket? That would be an emphatical no thanks.

  7. Even with glasses physical books are difficult on my eyes. E-readers allow me to enlarge the font and have become a necessity for me.

    We’ve kept our paper books but buy digital versions if we want to reread one. It sucks getting older but these newfangled inventions are a comfort.

  8. That jacket looks like a pink SpaceX rocket from behind so it would baffle any pickpockets. These movie trailers are very sad. I’m looking forward to fantasy stuff like The Watch, Camp Cretaceous and Snowpiercer. As for reading I have migrated completely to a little Kindle that I can read cozy in bed.

    I found the recipe for Costco’s lime-cilantro shrimp (shrimp and garlic sautéed with olive oil, then marinated in lime, cilantro and white whine vinegar). It created a fever at our last big Christmas get together, finally realized I could hunt down the recipe online. The lime makes it very ceviche-ish, and the devil weed cilantro is optional.

  9. Unigiri? Yes/No
    Isn’t that Onigiri? I don’t remember seeing this one on Twitter. If it was yesterday, I was in a coma all day. Keep falling asleep. Spent the day that way. I would initially say No way! because you said you would love it. I don’t trust you because of the weird disgusting things you will eat. But in researching it, it don’t look half bad. So I’d give it a try.

    That pink jacket is hideous. Please don’t tell me you got one for Akemi. But then, she is so pretty, she looks good in anything.

    Ok, bring on Suji. It’s Suji Sunday. Where is she?

  10. I love to read. I don’t mind actual books, but I much prefer digital. That said, I can’t read a book on my phone or laptop. I own a Kindle paperwhite and find it very comfortable for reading. And, you can’t beat the convenience of purchasing a digital book and being able to start reading right away–no trip to the store necessary!

  11. Nope on everything…especially the pink thingy.

    The movies are all either too intense, too violent, or too sad for me. I need something light and fun and funny. I don’t want to hear any yelling, fighting, gunfire, cursing, screaming, crying, or soul-baring. I don’t even want touching and sentimental. I want Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein. I want Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House. I want Singing in the Rain. I want Hope and Crosby Road movies.
    I want The Thin Man, or Charlie Chan, or Rathbone’s Holmes, or the Falcon. Just anything that is stress-relieving rather than stress-inducing. The past year has been filled with more than enough misery…I want something as far from reality as possible.

    And sea shanties. I want sea shanties…


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