Later today, Dark Mater and Stargate fans!  Orville Nation reconvenes for a discussion of Dark Matter Episode 10 with special guest star – Director Martin Wood!

Come armed with your Dark Matter, Stargate, and assorted other questions!

File this one under “Culinary Crimes” –

News of note:


4 diet tweaks I can really get behind to ward off cognitive decline

Powdered sugar is highly flammable.  Who knew?


EU rights watchdog warns of pitfalls in use of AI.  Duh.  I watched Ex Machina.

I leave you with a few shots from the SGU vault…

Stargate-universe-33 Stargate-universe-34 Stargate-universe-35 Stargate-universe-36 Stargate-universe-37 Stargate-universe-38 Stargate-universe-39 Stargate-universe-40 Stargate-universe-41 Stargate-universe-42


6 thoughts on “December 14, 2020: Orville Nation with special guest star Martin Wood! News of note! SGU!

  1. I once make a cookie cake for my Japanese friends. Made of stacked star shaped cookies, each covered in poured icing, it was in the shape of a Christmas tree. I decorated it with candies and tiny candles. When we lit the tree, all that sugar caught fire. Whoosh! In a little Japanese house at that. It was both terrifying and awesome.

  2. Thanks for the “4 diet tweaks” link. Shared with a couple of folks outside the blog.

  3. That meat video looks a bit like “sweating or blanching the meat” to me … Probably wouldn’t consider that a “culinary crime” though … It’s quite commonly done.

  4. You’d be surprised what becomes not just flammable but explosive, even powerfully explosive under the right conditions. Aluminum powder is carefully made to have a low oxide content so it can be compacted into alloys, but whoo boy, from getting dispersed into the air alone, the rapid formation of oxides can create heat that can further drive that reaction and it can really get ahead of you. I’ve heard of people accidentally welding sheds together.

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