8 thoughts on “December 13, 2020: Suji Sunday!

  1. Well Roscoe, that what happens when you don’t pay sufficient deference to the QUEEN.

  2. “A rare shot of Suji and her new friend, Roscoe – taken about a minute before she tried to attack him.”

    LOL!!! What did Roscoe do??? Oh Suji!! You need therapy.

  3. I ilke how Roscoe is like Lou Grant and Suji is Mary Tyler Moore, you wouldn’t put them together but this ship is sneaking up on their fans.

    Yesterday I burned godawful Betty Crocker mix cookies so badly they sizzled like boiling lava for five minutes when I dumped water on them in the sink. I froze trying to vent the terrible burnt smell out by opening all the windows on a freezing night. Not only can I not bake but I am clearly getting worse. I’m happy to cede all future baking in my life to Pepperidge Farm.

  4. Ahh, there is your Christmas card, add Akemi and you beside Suji and magic.. Poor Roscoe, Suji playing hard to get to know. thanks for sharing.

  5. Cute pictures!

    Roscoe is a great name. So Roscoe wants to play and get yelled at?

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