Here’s last night’s Orville Nation Dark Matter Episode 11 discussion with director Martin Wood.  Some tidbits and BTS stories here for Stargate fans as well.

One of the things we discussed was the possibility of doing a Stargate rewatch once we wrap up Dark Matter.  Anyone interested?

Whew.  I spent three hours zooming today.  First up was a conversation with the author of the the terrific fantasy series I’ll be adapting for the small screen.  A terrific guy.  Very much looking forward to working with him when the time comes.  Then, it was a two hour spin session with two other writers that covered everything from warp drives and wormhole travel to zero point modules and generation ships.

How about this holiday Yes/No?

A definite YES for me.  I mean, I’d definitely eat it…after someone else made it.

Informative if you are planning a long interstellar trip:


Fire in the hole!

Stargate-universe-43 Stargate-universe-44 Stargate-universe-45 Stargate-universe-46 Stargate-universe-47 Stargate-universe-48

13 thoughts on “December 15, 2020: In case you missed it…

  1. Eggnog Bread Pudding! – oh yes. I make a version thats kinda the same. Here in the UK we do not do Eggnog like you do but we do have a drink called Advocaat which is a traditional Dutch alcoholic drink made using eggs, sugar, and brandy so kinda like a premade alcolholic eggnog (the closest we get to it). You can have it neat or, how it is mostly drank, mixed with lemonade. How this relates to Eggnog Bread Pudding is I make a Bread Pudding mixed with card dark cocolate and caramel pieces (they melt when cooking) and I serve it with a home made custard made using Advocaat which already has a custard like texture. It is so delicious I dare anyone to only have one slice. Another super delicious dish that my Advocaat custard goes so well with is my Toffee Apple & Pear Crumble (fresh Apple and Pear Slices
    again layered with broken Toffee and Caramel pieces) topped with home made crumble. Again one portion will not be enough. Obviously as Advocaat has Brandy in it these are adult only dishes (any children get normal custard).

  2. I caught a bit of Orville Nation yesterday. I heard Martin’s story about the Stargate door in NORAD. It was hilarious! I just completed a Stargate re-watch but, hey, what the hell, I’m in!

    Good luck with the projects. Author of a fantasy series? Hmmmm. Pat Rothfuss? That would be awesome! Brandon Sanderson? Cool! Jim Butcher? The Dresden Files needs another attempt at a TV series! Oh, Kevin Hearne. I desperately want an Iron Druid series. That would be amazing!!!! That’s it. I’ve exhausted my fantasy knowledge.

    I’ve never had eggnog. It’s not really a thing in Australia. Plus, I’m teetotal.

    Re: The speed of light. Space is big. Really big.

  3. Let’s try this again (third time’s the charm, right? Let’s see if I can accidentally delete this one, too… 😛 )

    I am so out of the habit of…everything…everything pre-May 2017, when we moved. I really miss my nightly check-ins with your blog, Joey. I partly blame my tablet, which makes it easy for me to do mindless things, like checking Facebook, or looking up obscure facts about obscure things on the interwebs. My inquisitive mind has totally been seduced by the lure of instant gratification. I have NOT, however, fallen into the vortex of Conspiracy Theories R Us. Kinda proud of that, if I must say. 🙂

    I am also still not used to living in a two-story house. Before moving, the ship room (my study) was just feet from the kitchen. So easy to eat breakfast in front of the computer, or clickity-clack on the keyboard in the evening while watching tv. Now the ship room – with the ‘real’ computer and the real keyboard – is upstairs, and once I go downstairs in the morning it’s like I travelled to France, or something…upstairs seems so far away!

    And don’t get me started on streaming channels! BritBox, Acorn, MST3K on Pluto and Tubi, ESPN+ (for rugby!), and Charlie Chan movies on the YouTube channel. Did you know that one can watch Bob Ross paint happy little trees…24/7! Bob Ross…all night long…so soothing to sleep to.

    There is really too much to watch, and it has affected my reading schedule. I usually read a lot in the summer, but not this year. Or last. Or the year before that. I have hardly read anything since the move. I am trying to change that, having read (finally) about four books this year. Whoopty doo. 😛 Reading the latest Pendergast book, and it’s pretty good so far. That’s about it. What are you reading these days, sir?

    And lastly, Zoom. In order to protect the health of all in our congregation we still have our religious services via Zoom, and so we meet a couple times a week. I’ve also done a few video conferences with friends, and relatives, and way too many funerals 🙁 . I like Zoom, but boy – do I look hideous on that thing! It is not flattering to me, not at all. There is a reason I never pursued film as a career…lol.

    So, how are you doing, Joe? How’s the family? Canada? Food? Chocolate? Do you go out, or order everything in? Do you still shower? Shave? Wear shoes? Wear pants? I’ve stopped doing two of those things…and I’m iffy on a third. One I’m still doing, you have to guess which!


    1. Das! Welcome back! I was just thinking about you the other day.

      All is well on my end. I will deliver a more detailed update tomorrow. And a list of my recommended reads for 2020 soon after!

  4. Absolutely loved that scene from SG-U. Kinda taken aback by how the explosion came right into my living room. Had to vacuum after watching.

  5. Yes, on the bread pudding! I prefer it gooey and with a nice bourbon sauce.

    I’ve been wanting to try a Babka. Babka’s are hard to come by in the Memphis/Mississippi area. I’ve found a recipe for it but it’s labor intensive. I might tackle it this Christmas.

    Today, I’m making Italia Ricotta Cookies. They are so good and festive. What kind of cookies does your Mom make for Christmas? Also, is she going to post anymore videos?

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