Had a great time chatting with the amazing Sabrina Furminger on her YVR Screen Scene podcast.  Check it out here:


Well, I’ve completed a first draft of the Project F series overview.  It’s a robust but spacious 21 page document that covers everything you would want to know about the series – unless, of course, you want spoilers.  If you do, that would be another week and another 2-3 pages.  Anyway, I’ve got the document out to some fellow writer friends for notes, setting up one more pass after which I will switch focus to the next thing…whatever that may be?  TimEscape?  The comic book thing?  The fantasy series adaptation?  You’re guess is as good as mine.

I’ve been dreaming a lot lately.  Or maybe it’s more a case of “I’ve been remembering a lot of my dreams lately”.  Instead of dreaming about being a passenger on a doomed air flight, my recurring dreams have focused more on me dodging falling objects – shipping containers, trains, loose pieces of concrete and, last night, a lawn chair from a penthouse balcony.  Okay, you closet dream-interpreteters, tell me what it all means.

More from the Stargate vault…

Nup_115988_0209 Nup_115988_0212 Nup_115988_0243

He was super high on the day.  Can you tell?


Iron Man!  Or “some similarly cool alien alloy” Man!


Third floor!  Sporting goods, ladies hats, and stun grenades!


Pssst.  He’s behind me, isn’t he?


7 thoughts on “September 23, 2020: Interpret my dreams!

  1. Regarding the dreaming, you do live in Toronto so it sounds like it could just be a reflection of daily life. Didn’t they prosecute that lady that threw the chair over, though?

    I have a copy of that big group SGU pic signed for me by John Lenic! So cool, and what a gracious guy to do it.

  2. Sit down.

    During this pandamit, are you feeling frustrated or overwhelmed with your writing and trying to get another project off the ground? Do you feel hopeless or like you don’t have control right now? Maybe you feel like there is all kinds of stuff being thrown or placed in your path to success. It’s getting in your way and you have to constantly fight your way around it or through it all.

    Calm down. We are all in this together. This too shall pass.

    (said the person who ate too many donuts and can’t get over it)
    (I only ate 6 donuts in one day)
    (3 glazed and 3 chocolate glazed)
    (they sure were good)
    (why do I feel so bad?)
    (well… at least I’m not dreaming about it!!)
    🙂 🙂

  3. I think that your dream indicates your subconscious desire for a new Stargate series to be greenlit and for you to participate in its production. The items falling from the sky are projects and obstacles that would be in your way and prevent you from accepting an offer to be part of the new series. In order to stop these dreams you should place a phone call to Brad Wright expressing your interest.

  4. Again with fear related to heights, all of these things come from above. They fall toward you and you have to evade them. In this scenario it describes how nimble you are being and also how precarious your stability feels. You must execute properly and it is always a quick reaction or a harm. I would consider this dream related to stress and concerns about continuing your path. If you are successfully navigating obstacles in this dream I would use that imagery to give yourself confidence in the waking world.

  5. Have you looked closely at the balcony above you? Like maybe structural flaws or cracks that were too subtle to notice consciously? Sometimes dreams get more and more specific; maybe the lawn chair was zeroing in on the balcony.

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