After the first two episodes of Dark Matter aired, one thing was clear – fandom hated THREE.


I was seriously worried.  Had I made a huge mistake by making him TOO unlikable?


But Anthony Lemke was utterly delighted when I told him.  He’d read the next seven scripts, knew where the character was headed, and had no doubt that viewers would grow to love his character.


And he was right. By series end, THREE was a fan favorite.

(photos by Norman Wong)

Please list your favorite Anthony Lemke/THREE moment!

What do you say?  Yes/No?

16 thoughts on “September 24, 2020: Favorite Anthony Lemke Dark Matter moment? Go!

  1. THREE was my favourite from the very first episode. Probably because I appreciated his caustic sarcasm, LOL!

    My favourite moments are probably every scene in “All the Time in the World”, but he was awesome in every scene he was in. They all were, really.

  2. I mean, is there a more adorable moment in the whole series than the musical spot with the android in All The Time In The World? 🙂

  3. You did a great job with 3 and Anthony Lemke was brilliant in realizing the character. He was my favourite.
    My favourite 3 moment? When he tells 5 he hates her so that she will leave him behind as he he trying to sacrifice himself to save her life.
    That scene actually brought a tear to my eye (damn you Joe) : )

  4. My favorite Anthony Lemke/THREE moment is definitely the All the Time in the World episode!

  5. Funny you should mention all the above as indeed, that was also my initial reaction and also I changed over time as well. As for favorite moment: How about when he and the Android were singing.
    i thought that was really a great unexpected special moment. I can think of other too though –

  6. I admit… at first I didn’t like three. But grew to like him. Great acting by the way. I was angry when they canceled the show. Miss you guys!

  7. Anthony did a great job portraying a tough guy who ended up having a big heart. I always loved Three’s interaction with the Android whether it was him purposely calling her the Robot or depending on her to help him learn to speak a foreign language in Season 3. I too enjoyed their duet.

  8. Hard to choose just one… But if I had to pick it’d probably be when he tries to sacrifice himself so Five can get away. After that it’s the scene when he introduces Bubba.

  9. Lemke showed Three as being a complex person. He played a priest in Murdock Mysteries and was excellent in that, as well. Dark Matter’s casting people did a great job.

  10. One of my favorite moments is when three and six are in the shuttle just after they learn who they are. Three asks six who has the baddest reputation.

  11. He quickly became a fave! Him, Two and Five were my favorite family unit on the show 🥰 I loved learning more about his past, and seeing him getting close to Two, and being a bit of a father figure to Five. I was rooting for Three and Two – especially since alt version Portia and Boone were kind of a thing.

  12. Aside from naming his guns and being surprised One didn’t in Episode 2, I really warmed to him when he was reading Charlotte’s Web alone in his bunk, after lambasting One about how pathetic it was, and a tear rolled down his cheek. It showed that there was a lot more to him that would eventually start coming out

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