Look at what Akemi surprised me with the other day…


No, not a bowl of dyed child tongues.  Even better!  It’s uni – fresh sea urchin!  It’s been ages since I’ve had some.  And sushi for that matter.

What particular foods have you been missing during this pandemic?

Very exciting.  Had a terrific zoom chat today with my new agency.  Very excited about moving forward with them.  First project on deck: TimEscape.


And animated discussion on the Atlantis set.


Lots of laughs on the set of Stargate: Universe.


A romantic interlude.  And, oh, Peter DeLuise!

What say you?


Took this munchkin to the vet for her physical today.  The vet was pleased to report she checks out great – healthy lungs, heart, no weird bumps or lumps and, best of all, she weighs in at a compact 13 lbs.  Akemi was convinced she had put on weight during the lockdown and we would have to curtail her treat intake.  Suji was absolutely thrilled to learn the opposite.  Keep them treats coming!



11 thoughts on “September 22, 2020: What foods are you missing most during this lockdown?

  1. Woohoo! Good news on the agency and TimEscape!

    What exactly is cookie butter? Do they mean cookie batter? I’d have to give a no until there’s more information!

    Great news on Suji’s health. She continues to be the Benjamin Button of pugs!

  2. I miss going out for breakfast. I have avoided all indoor restaurant’s.

  3. I’m missing Chicken Parmigiana (a standard pub menu dish here in Australia but the pubs are closed) and Chicken Katsu Don from a Japanese restaurant near work that I used to get weekly (I seem to have a thing about deep fried breadcrumbed chicken!). I make a pretty good Chicken Schnitzel myself so I’m not completely deprived.

    Cookie butter beer? No thanks. Not because of the cookie butter but because of the beer. While visiting Brussels I became rather fond of speculoos biscuits but have never tried the “butter” version. I reckon it will be pretty good though!

    Good news about Suji. 13lbs! She must be pretty solid! I think my cats are bigger than her but don’t weigh that much.

  4. You are welcome to my share of sea urchins and sushi!

    I only miss pizza and chicken tenders from my favorite joints. I’m not much on cooking or eating out, so I haven’t missed much.

    Good to hear that the new agency looks promising. I can’t wait for TimEscape to be greenlit. And I’m thrilled to know that Suji is in good health and will be enjoying her expected allotment of treats!

  5. Happy news regarding Suji and great to read TimEscape is moving forward.

    I’m desperately missing my local Chinese take away, especially their Sweet n Sour chicken balls, which I used to eat as I walked home and the garlic chicken, so full of garlic my mouth desensitized for the rest of the evening!
    Unfortunately the restaurant was an early casualty of 2020 – been providing excellent food for more decades than I can remember….gone forever.

  6. “Look at what Akemi surprised me with the other day…”

    I looked at that picture and thought…. Akemi fed him some sort of animal brains!

    Do I know you or what?!!!

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