A few little somethings from the Atlantis archives.  Episode 5.06: “The Shrine”


Getting ready to shoot.


Waiting to roll.




David and Rachel – all smiles.


Getting into positions.


Writer-Executive Producer Brad Wright overseeing the action.

Alright!  The Crime Club reconvenes to discuss The Gift!


A couple moves to a new city where the husband runs into an old high school acquaintance.  It’s an innocuous run-in, but when Gordo shows up at the new house bearing gifts, things take a turn…for the weird.

Well, this movie was a pleasant surprise.  Enough unexpected twists and turns to keep this seen-it-all writer on his toes throughout.  Throw in some wonderfully suspenseful scenes and a Holy Shit turn at film’s end and you get one of the better Crime Club selections to date.  Jason Bateman is great as the frustrated hubby whose world begins to fall apart as secrets become exposed.  Rebecca Hall is equally terrific as his sympathetic wife.  But it’s Joel Edgerton who steals the show in his portrayal of the socially awkward Gordo.

Love the way the movie subverts expectations and challenges us to question our presumptions of innocence and guilt, culprit and victim.  It also serves as an effective and chilling cautionary tale about how the past can always come back to haunt.

Anyone else watch it?  What did you think?

Three days from now (Monday, August 31st) the Crime Club will reconvene to discuss the South Korean A Bittersweet Life, ranked #3 in Empire’s list of The 20 Greatest Gangster Movies You’ve Never Seen…Probably.

5 thoughts on “August 28, 2020: From the Atlantis archives! The Crime Club discusses The Gift!

  1. After unwrapping The Gift I felt indifferent enough about it that I wanted to exchange it for another selection. I generally enjoy Jason Bateman and his films. This one though is not one I’ll be clamoring to see again.

    While I did appreciate the plot twists I couldn’t overcome the feeling of confusion over who was “the hero” or more sympathetic. Both Simon and Gordo did things that made you dislike them and feel sorry for them. In the end this confusion “for me” left me feeling the same way I did when I viewed The Gift in theaters back in 2015…disappointed.

    There is enough good here story wise that I wouldn’t discourage you from seeing it for yourself. I believe the confusion I feel is a minority opinion after speaking with friends. With a $59,000,000 worldwide box office haul it appears enough people liked it for this film to be a small success. Especially when you consider its $5,000,000 production budget (Though you never really know the marketing costs of a film which is above the films budget).

    Looking forward to the next selection. I have a fondness for Korean films and I’m hoping this one doesn’t disappoint.

  2. Next time you do a Q&A can you tell me a bit about prop production for the SGs an DM? When I see the behind the scene photos it’s amazing just how many people are involved, not mention prop costs, and how much effort must be made, like building a quarter of a Gate to shoot one scene. (On a theoretical note, what would have happened to Rodney and Teyla if the Gate had started up? I bet David and Rachel wouldn’t be all smiles then!)

  3. I agree with you about “The Gift” . It had great twists and turns. Bateman comes across so likable (as always to me) and they way the movie slowly revealed his true character was well done. Sociopaths can be so charming and believable. I’ve read that a lot of successful business people are sociopaths. I stumbled across this movie last month and enjoyed it. The ending was sad and I felt sympathy for the wife/child. It showed his true narcissism that he couldn’t be a father to “potentially” someone else’s. As you know, there are a many great stepparents in this world.

    I’ve started watching “Gorky Park”. It’s difficult watching a flick with hubby working at home because as soon I get into a movie, he has to watch something else. Sigh. Pros and cons to everything. 😉 Anyway, I really am enjoying Gorky Park. Is that on your list? I’d never seen it before. When it came out, I didn’t have a VCR or cable TV. I might get to finish the movie today (fingers crossed) 😉 .

    Times have changed in entertainment selection. It’s amazing how many shows are out there to watch. I have to roll my eyes when my Mom goes off on “There’s nothing on TV anymore”. I have to tell her that there’s more channels than lifetime/hallmark. 🙂 Although, she’s stuck with satellite because she lives in a no cable, no cellphone area. They call it “The Holler”.

    Have a great weekend! I have to do a few miles on the treadmill now. I feel better afterwards but …..

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