My Snow Monkeys commence their quest for a championship tonight with my fantasy football league draft kicking off at 8:00 p.m. tonight.  In previous seasons, I have been both enthusiastic and well-prepared.  This year, I am neither.  For the first time, I am taking part in a draft having done absolutely zero research – and I’m not entirely sure that will be a detriment.  Between all the injuries, dropped passes, blown coverages, and inexplicable underperformances, I’ve become increasingly convinced that it all comes down to pure luck.  I would spend hours (days!) reviewing statistics, reading expert opinions, looking for trends and tracking historical performances, ultimately making managerial decisions based on all of the aforementioned – only to to either miss the playoffs or flame out in the first round.  So this year, I’m going to try something different.  No research.  No listening to the experts.  Simply not as much caring.  I just don’t have the time.

Let’s see how that goes.

Switching to t.v.-themed questions…

Amazing people with whom I have worked…

9 thoughts on “August 29, 2020: Snow Monkeys, TV Villains, and Amazing People With Whom I Have Worked!

    1. Always mean to add a ‘Thank you’ for the ‘AmazingPeopleWithWhomIWorkWith’ introductions. It’s great to actually ‘meet’ BTS crew members as well as the actors of your productions.

  1. I have never done a fantasy football season but I have done what we call in Australia “Footy Tipping” where you basically just need to pick the winning teams each week (perhaps with a points spread to break ties). Knowing nothing about (in fact, loathing) football, if I bother to enter these things I’ll write a little program that randomly assigns winners for every game for the entire season. As you would expect, I get about 50% accuracy and end up around the middle of the leaderboard. But given that everyone else is probably playing seriously it means that I do better than some people who are actually researching and thinking about their tips!

  2. I’ll still say … Go Snow Monkeys for the win! (Maybe they’ll beat the odds.)

  3. I used to enter the College Basketball picks betting pool at work to try & win the pot. I know nothing about Basketball-college or Pro. I never won but came pretty close. vs. the guys who thought they knew everything & were out within a couple of games.

    I love Snow monkeys & the hot springs they sit in & the mesmerising action of picking nits out of each other’s coats.

  4. I appreciate your mention of Actor Corin Nemec. In watching the Comet channel this week it featured Corin Nemec’s season work. I remember your talk about has return and the actress who was his co-star. She was his love interest in this return episode. Ya, your would have thought they were brother/sister.

    I was reading the most recent issue of the magazine “Experience L!fe”. It is a monthly I receive with my membership at Life Time Fitness. This month features Jason Mamoa. It talked about his goal of eliminating single use plastics and promoted his newly launched company that features water in non-plastic containers by launching Mananalu Pure Water. The articles only mentions his stint with Stargate:Atlantis as “he appeared on SgA as Ronan Dex.” Though, I have Game of Thrones DVD, I don’t recall his appearance. Oh, the article said he did get his start in Baywatch.

  5. Just finishing watching Killjoys. Wish you could get Hanneh John-Kamen in on your next project, if she fits. Know there were personnel crossovers from DM, but were there shared or barrowed sets. I just watched a scene that Five could have crawled though an air duct or was there a show shooting season?

    1. No shared or borrowed sets to the best of my knowledge, but after Syfy cancelled us, our Production Designer Ian Brock did move over to Killjoys.

      1. OK, That does answer a question when I was looking at the Credits. I learned that when I saw Amanda Tapping following an episode and others; she played a “made” doctor who experimented on the older brother for the military

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