Well, spent most of the afternoon writing an email I didn’t want to write – but felt I had to.  Most of the afternoon for all of seven lines, two of them being “Wishing you the best” and “Stay safe!”.  I’d been putting it off for days and today, I finally decided to sit down and compose it.  Hopefully it won’t be another few days until I actually send it.

Closing the deals on those two sci-fi development projects and have already started my research on the first.  I’m giving myself a few days as breather, then plan to launch into it next Tuesday, September 1st.  I’m going to tackle the series overview first and, once that’s locked in, move on to the pilot.  This is one of the most challenging shows I’ve ever developed and I suspect the world building alone could take weeks.  Still, it’s an interesting one in that it marries four of the things I truly love: science fiction, anime, gaming, and kpop.  Crazy, no?  And, yes, crazy is the plan.  Let’s call this one Project F.


Amazing people with whom I have worked…

9 thoughts on “August 27, 2020: Project F and more Amazing people with whom I have worked!

  1. Still, it’s an interesting one in that it marries four of the things I truly love: science fiction, anime, gaming, and kpop.

    Huh-uh…you forgot one….you wife! 🙂

  2. That first development project sounds like an interesting challenge. I thought you did a really great job meeting the challenges of marrying music, dance, and science fiction story telling in Utopia Falls.

    Speaking of Projects …. What’s going on with TimEscape? Are you and Vanessa P gonna shop it around again soon? or do you already have a broadcaster?

  3. That email sounded emotionally draining. I’m sorry it came to that.

    Is everyone okay out there from Hurricane Laura? We had tornado watches through the night but thankfully, it went around us. Today, it’s supposed it’s raining, raining, and more rain. My flowers will love it.

    I went looking for today’s movie “The Gift” and found that I’d watched it last month. I’m a Jason Bateman fan. He has a great low key way of acting.

  4. Why not imagine yourself as a character and write the email like a script? How would Three, Samantha Carter or Rodney McKay write that email?

    You’re welcome. 😃

    Cheers, Chev

  5. Project F sounds interesting and very timely. I look forward to seeing how it progresses. Wishing you good luck and happy writing. 🙌😃

  6. Project F sounds like something that I will love quite a bit. Not into anime too much, but eager to learn and right now, I’ve got some time.

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