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It’s been four days since Lulu’s sudden passing and it still hasn’t really sunk in.  For any of us.  Today, Akemi was in the kitchen cooking and, from the corner of her eye, caught what she thought was Lulu sitting, as she often did, impatiently waiting for a treat.  The situation with Lulu is, of course, different because, unlike our other dogs, there was no indication she was ill or extended decline that would prepare us.  Looking back now, I can pinpoint the instant she passed.  I’ve heard people reference “the light going out of someone’s eye” and always assumed it was poetic fiction but I experienced it with Lulu.  It’s hard to explain.  It wasn’t a simple case of arrested movement. The luminous vibrancy in her eyes just went dull.  And I knew.

Lulu will never be replaced.  She was one of a kind.  But I can tell that, as much as Suji loves being top dog, she also misses the company.  So, as I mentioned in yesterday’s blog entry, we are considering adopting – in all likelihood, another senior (because they have a harder time finding a good home), in all probability special needs (because they have an especially hard time finding a good home).

But choosing the right pug, not just for us but for Suji, is going to be a bit of a challenge.  Allow Suji to break it down for you –

So a senior pug, possibly special needs, not alpha or beta, who is chill with other dogs.  Also, Akemi would prefer a boy.

Ideally, we adopt from a local rescue, or even one out of Montreal or New York, but in the event we’re unable to find our perfect match here, we would then look to one of the following –

The Pacific Pug Rescue – The rescue that brought us Suji!

Pug Nation Rescue of Los Angeles – Visited this rescue on my last trip  to L.A.  A lot of needy seniors!

The Pug Queen – A tireless crusader, she’s in the process of rescuing a bunch of pugs from China.

Will, of course, keep you updated!

13 thoughts on “January 4, 2020: Moving on

  1. Here’s hoping that Akemi, Joe & Suji find a suitable pug to keep Suji company soon. I had to say goodbye to my dogs in August 2019 but not because of a tragedy but because my ex brought them from Dublin to Los Angeles. However, my heart still yearns for them : (

  2. I was just thinking about Lulu again at dinner time. Although I didn’t see her nearly as often as I would have loved to, she seemed like that friend where though you don’t often see them, it’s a bit of a comfort just knowing they’re out there. She will be sorely missed.

    I know what you mean about the eyes – I saw exactly the same thing when my Mom passed away many years ago (I was 18). For better or worse, it is burnt into my memory.

    Please do keep us posted on the search – I’m sure whichever dog that will have the blessing of having you and Akemi as parents will come to be loved by all of us.

  3. I completely understand how hard it is when we lose our beloved fur friends. In my married life we have had 4 dogs. 2 German Shephards , a rescue Lab Rotti cross and our current dog Yellow lab. I was only once present when a dog passed but the light leaving his eyes absolutely tore me to pieces. Of all our dogs the rescue was the sweetest and best natured we have ever had. I miss him still as you will with Lulu. Hugs to you, Akemi and Suji.

  4. Lulu was so special, but they all are. People who don’t embrace pets don’t understand how unique and fully developed animal personalities are. We love them equally, but our relationship with each one is different.

    Suji, I loved your video! It was good to hear your mama laugh again. Good luck on finding your special sibling!

  5. I’m still broken. 😭😭😭 Can’t imagine having my own.

    Good that you have good pictures of Lulu, good memories!
    When you decide on your new senior dog(s), if I’m free, depending on the location, I may be able to help go transport him/her back to you. ✌️

  6. I work with a local rescue. I always tell people that you can’t replace the animal that has passed, but you can fill the empty space with love for a new baby (even a senior baby). Lulu would not want her sister to be lonely or her mom and dad to be sad; she knows how much love you have to share.

  7. Joe & Akemi, so very sorry for your loss. :'( I just saw her picture on Twitter, and cried out, “Lulu! No!” As in, No, it can’t possibly be. But from the beautiful portrait photos, of course it is. Allow yourselves time to grieve.

    When I lost my Manna girl, my mind tried to argue with my heart to move on, but my heart wasn’t having it. It took six weeks before “the sun broke through” the veil of tears. And years before I could look at pictures of her alone, without me.

    Of all Lulu’s pictures this week, my favorite is the one in the windowsill, a close up, with the brilliant sun highlighting her brilliant smile. And I hear in my mind’s ear, “You are his sunshine, daddy’s only sunshine, you make him happy when skies are gray. You’ll never know, Lu, how much he loves you. Please don’t take his sunshine away…”

    Hugs from
    — Lise in Indy

  8. After I lost my Pico, I would catch glimpses of him out of the corner of my eye for quite some time. His brother Jake died suddenly, while Larry was playing with him, yes, we both saw his eyes fade out. That’s one of the few times I saw Larry cry.

    I hope a new pug love comes into your loves soon.

  9. Love Suji’s video, she is soooo cute! I hope you find a suitable candidate soon. They are out there..
    Joe , was it Lulu that had a number tattoo in her ear, and it was all wrong, or was that another dog? I remember at the time, it was not what was supposed to be or where it was supposed to be, something like that. ?!?!

    1. It was Lulu. My ex, Fondy, hated the fact that the tattoo was very conspicuously displayed on her ear.

  10. Because of Patrick we really can only be a one-dog family. And the dog can’t bark too much. So we need to get him from a foster from a rescue group. Boomer turned out to be perfect for us although I had my doubts when I saw how unruly he was jumping up on Jeff’s shoulders. But it was his turn to pick but I reminded him it was ME who was going to wind up doing the training. But it all worked out. We’ve managed to have a client’s dog here who also didn’t bark and they didn’t bark when together so that worked out for Patrick, too. Just this weekend Jeff told me a little girl came over to give him a hug and I was worried he may have done the bucking horse bronco that he does when he sees a cat or a dog on their walks, but he said the young girl came over and put her arms around him and he actually gave her a little kiss on the cheek. He is very stingy with his kisses. I honestly think he would make a great therapy dog if 1) I could handle him myself 2) he didn’t have to run into any other dogs also coming to visit patients. But he would love to jump up in bed with and let someone pet him. He got a lot of that when I was recovering. A lot of tears that dog absorbed flowing from my eyes.

    Maddie hated other dogs (a golden retriever who hated other dogs is weird–they don’t hate anything or anybody). But yes, I know those eyes. I saw the light go out in her eyes. I still see them and have to push it out of my mind.

    The right pug will come to you–I’m certain of it. I know you went through a lot before you met Suji, but in looking back, maybe all those ones that didn’t work out was because you both were meant for Suji. And if you need any kind of references, well….every single person on this blog would vouch for you both.

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