So I was going through my blog archives in search of something else and I came across the following video from back in the day.  Actors Jamil Walker-Smith, Brian J. Smith, and David Blue watching the finished cut of SGU’s Time –

Good times!

I’ve decided to start a new feature on twitter titled – #AmazingPeopleWithWhomIHaveWorked

My modest attempt to add a little positivity to an overwhelmingly negative platform.  I’m going to try to post one a day.

The candidates so far…

Things have been quiet on the home front since Lulu’s passing.  We’ve noticed Suji has been a little more needy and has taken to circling the apartment, looking for her adoptive sis.

So, Akemi and I have started having preliminary discussions about getting Suji a friend.  On the one hand, she’s a definite alpha, loves being the center of attention and wants ALL the love; on the other hand, she was a lot more comfortable with another dog in the house, especially when we would go out.

Which brings up another problem.  On the rare occasions when Akemi and I traveled, we felt comfortable leaving Suji with a dog sitter because Lulu went with her.  Now that she’s alone, this seems a less likely option give my gal’s separation anxiety.

Meanwhile, 2020 has been a fairly productive year so far.  I’ve made it a point to stick to a bit of a routine and ensure I accomplish a few things every day.  Namely:

A morning work-out.

Two walks for Suji.

Half an hour of spoken Japanese.

Two exercises of written Japanese (hiragana and katakana).

Progress on any of my ongoing projects (the horror script, the outline for the second episode of TimEscape, various pitches, continued research on that comic book project).

A blog entry.

So far, so good.

16 thoughts on “January 3, 2020: So far…in 2020!

  1. I’m still broken with Lulu’s passing. 😭
    Think it’s time to get Lexxie and/or Bugsy?

  2. I was sorry to hear about Lulu’s passing. Our pets are our family and we always feel an incredible amount of sorrow when one passes.

    I agree that getting a friend for Suji is a good idea. Dogs, in my opinion, do better in a pack. They seem happier, complete. My observation, my opinion is, they seem to need at least one non-human friend.

  3. If you can find another rescue pug that is easy going and willing to let Suji be alpha then that would probably be really good for her and for both of you.
    Remember that older pug in NY we stayed up late to find a rescue to take him? I am sure that there are a lot available. I see them on petfinder all the time. Just set a notification and you will see them as they become available for adoption you are both awesome doggie parents and any dog would be lucky to become a part of your home.

  4. Poor Suji. Travel? I would think even a trip out for a couple hours would be hard for Suji (and the neighbors). Maybe one or two new siblings for Suji…

    That reaction from Jamil, Brian, and David was the fan reaction each week!

    More “positivity”? Yes pleeease! And, thank you!

  5. Good fortune on finding a companion for all three of you. It’s difficult saying no to any of those sweet souls. The one you both pick will be very lucky. 🍀🍀🍀🍀

  6. I don’t know if you’ve heard of The Pug Queen or not. She rescues pugs (and occassionally other types of dogs) from California mostly but has had immense response from Chengdu where volunteers are saving pugs from the dog meat trade. I think she’s still waiting on over 60 to come from China.
    Anyway my point is I think it’s a great idea for Suji to have a bunk mate and I am suggesting The Pug Queen for your consideration. or The Pug Queen on FB.
    I still think of Lulu everyday and my heart hurts for you. 💕🐾

    1. Yes, we’re big fans of Pug Queen and have been following her on instagram.

  7. Positivity on Twitter? Sounds crazy… but it just might work! 🙂

    Poor Suji – I’m sure she misses her sister terribly. Please give her a big hug and ear scratch for me.

  8. Sounds like you’re off to a great start in the New year. I love the new feature on the people you have worked with. Turns out they are our favorites, too. Positivity is so welcome!

    On the doggy front, dogs are generally pack animals and Suji would probably enjoy someone to boss around (and snuggle with when nobody is looking). When you are emotionally ready, another dog is most likely going to be good for all of you. Losing Lulu most definitely would change the dynamics for you and Akemi, too. They steal our hearts and are gone so quickly it seems.

  9. Sorry for your loss of Lulu, Joe.
    The video you posted was great fun to watch , thanks.
    I thought all the actors on SGU were exceptionally good, can’t believe the depth of talent there.
    Totally agree with you about Brian J Smith, he is awesome, one of my favourite actors.

  10. Poor Suji. I’m sure she does miss her sister. Good to learn you and Akemi are considering getting her a friend. 💕

  11. I’m all for positivity on social media. The more the better.

    With all the amazing people I know you’ve worked with in your career your new feature could conceivably go on forever and I hope it does.

    I’m also still very broken up by the loss of Lulu. I remember when you got Lulu. Running all over Coquitlam trying to scrape up the cash because the breeder wouldn’t accept a check or credit card. And even though you didn’t always blog about her I always knew she was there, somewhere in the background being Lulu. My Grady had similar issues when I had to put my french bulldog Sophie down this summer. He refused to eat his food and would only eat hers. Not a big problem except that her food was prescription. Now he has the same prescription, even though he doesn’t need really it.

    I hope you find an amazing friend for Suji she deserves a sister, or brother. The world is so lucky to have you and Akemi. It says a lot about the human hearts ability to bounce back after a loss. Even after the loss of a beloved pet we are willing to go right back out on that limb and face it again and again and again.

    Have you thought about reading while you exercise? I read while I ride my stationary bike. It kills two birds with one stone. I get my exercise and I get my reading in. It also helped me lose 90 lbs. Thanks for the book reviews they’ll keep me peddling for a while and hopefully loosing a few more lbs!

    1. Hi Carmelle,

      Thanks so much for this. I completely forgot what a time we had getting Lulu!

    2. Wait — that was the post I re-read and remembered. I thought I saw it was two dogs so I thought maybe it wasn’t Lulu.

  12. I’ll need to keep better track of twitter. I have it on my laptop only, it bugs me on my phone. I’m all for a more positive influence!

    A buddy for Suji sounds perfect. I got kittens hoping my older cat would take to them, but there’s still a lot of swatting a year later.

  13. Loved the guys watching the “Time” episode. It was an amazing episode. SGU deserved more seasons. I hope Treadstone gets another season. Their ratings were phenomenal.

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