Over on twitter, I’m offering tidbits of little known behind-the-scenes trivia under the hashtag #SecretsOfStargate.  Well, they’re little known only if you haven’t been a blog regular for the past 10+ years.  But, on the off-chance you’re late to the party…

October 5, 2019: Secrets Of Stargate!

October 5, 2019: Secrets Of Stargate!
October 5, 2019: Secrets Of Stargate!
October 5, 2019: Secrets Of Stargate!

We interrupt this blog entry for an EMERGENCY REQUEST!  Akemi needs a good cauliflower recipe!  The last time we picked some up at our local farmer’s market, she brushed it with one of my hot sauces and roasted it in the oven.  It was so spicy that it was almost inedible.  I remember someone on the crew once mentioning a preparation that involved them slathering it in mayo before roasting.  According to Akemi, this variation is served in approximately 85% of Japanese households.  What else ya got?

It’s altogether bizarre.  After my greatest ever reading year, I find the thought of starting another novel downright daunting.  Checking out a new show seems an equally formidable task.  I recently decided to check out a series that had all of six episodes – a relatively short-term commitment.  The first four episodes were intriguing, but the last two so godawful that I’m now even further discouraged.  I’ve got enough on my development plate to keep me busy (a second TimEscape script, the Crosswind pitch we’ll be taking out in November, a pitch and package for that high concept procedural, my series take on that well-received web series, a possible pitch for that fantasy book series), but I’m feeling…somewhat distracted.  Antsy and unfocused.  To quote John O’Hara in Pal Joey: “What gives?”. 

BTW – We’ve made some changes to the blog.  Have you noticed?  

9 thoughts on “October 5, 2019: Secrets of Stargate!

  1. The “snippet view” on the front page?
    .. though that was a week or two ago.
    Other than that, nothing I can spot.

    Looking forward to seeing EVERYTHING!!! TimEscape sounds the most fun, though.

  2. If you were a fan of the original him Henson Dark Crystal 🔮 movie I highly suggest watching the Netflix prequel series I loved it .

  3. Rather than watching a new show you could finish the last couple seasons of Babylon 5 (or, better yet, rewatch from the beginning).

  4. I roast my cauliflower with a coating of olive oil, salt, pepper, garlic and and 1 teaspoon of yellow curry powder. I also make a cheesy version where you cook until tender then add whatever kind of cheese you want and put back in oven until cheese melts.

  5. If you’d like a quick TV series on Netflix try Kim’s Convenience. Thirty minute episodes go by fast. Very funny with lovable characters.

    Took time to check out Travelers. Despite some predictability to some episodes I did like the series.

    Amazon’s Carnival Row is visually stunning. Some very interesting twists on the fantasy genre. And I’m a sucker for a period drama and this show while fantasy is mostly set in a time reminiscent of the UK just before cars came along.

    Speaking of period dramas of course Downton Abbey is a must see.

    Although it took a lot for me to get thru the first episode I also liked The Crown a lot as well.

    If you are a fan of the movie Alien there’s a great documentary in the theaters called Memory: The Origins of Alien. Great interviews that include an in depth look at the origin of the plot and art used for creating the look of the franchise. Some of the cast even give their perspective on filming.

  6. I can’t stand cauliflower. It tastes like puke. But, my girlfriend and family seem to like it so I’ll occasionally make Cauliflower Cheese. It’s basically steamed cauliflower covered in a cheesy sauce (bechamel or similar), grated cheese on top and baked in the oven until the cheese is melted and beginning to brown.

    I like “Prometheus” but the hijacking was very implausible. These people got a job as a camera crew months in advance on the off chance that the reporter would be invited to tour the ship? And there was no other security on board one of the Air Force’s most expensive and secretive projects? C’mon!

  7. With regards to a cauliflower recipe, cauliflower cheese tends to be my go-to dish for the vegetable. However, every so often I’ll make a roasted aloo gobi. Even though there are potatoes, cauliflower, onions, tomatoes and a whole heap of spices involved, and it doesn’t sound like it should work, it tastes pretty good… you just need to be careful that the cauliflower doesn’t go soggy when cooking (unless you prefer it that way).

  8. I make “butter chicken” but use cauliflower florets instead of the chicken. You could spice it up if you want more heat.

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