5 thoughts on “October 6, 2019: Suji Sunday!

  1. Lulu & Suji. Adorable as usual. Lulu definitely wins the most priceless expressions award this week. xo

    @Tam Welcome back. XO How was your mini vacation with the gal pals?

    I just got home from my birthday steak dinner. Yep. same as last years b-day dinner.
    Guess I did so much celebrating last year (the whole month long)
    to make up for the previous two years that i didn’t get to celebrate,
    because of extreme weather events, that I just wasn’t feeling much in party mode this year.
    Albeit, My best pal Don insisted we at least do dinner – so we went out for steak again.
    Who knows? Maybe I’ll feel up to the larger celebration again next year.

    By the way Joe,
    If you do decide to do a mini honeymoon in NY in December before heading to your moms for Christmas…
    On your 1st day, after settling in, freshening up and grabbing a snack,
    might I suggest doing a laid back tour of The NY Public Library.
    I think you both might genuinely equally enjoy its interior
    and its something relatively easy to do on your first day after the long drive or flight in, to shake off travel stress n build an appetite.
    And if you don’t feel like having supper the 1st night in the hotel,
    try The Brasserie. Its located within walking distance of The Plaza hotel.
    The food usually does not disappoint and the elegant interior of the restaurant itself, with its grand staircase & paintings,
    lends beautifully to a NYC honeymoon experience.
    Next morning (before doing a pre lunch carriage ride thru central park),
    you can do an interior tour of Carnegie Hall. It’s also within walking distance of the Plaza.

    All in all, a beautifully memorable, photo worthy, mini honeymoon in NYC can definitely be achieved in 4 days/3nights if planned properly.

  2. Gosh, I remember when Lulu was just a puppy. Doesn’t seem that long ago.

    @Drea – HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! Steak, grilled shrimp, mashed potatoes is my favorite birthday dinner. Hope you have a wonderful year!

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