It was close to start but, eventually, Rising was able to pull away for the win.

Next up, it’s the Stargate: Universe Greatest Episode Tournament!

Hey, look at what arrived in the mail today…

It’s the 2020 Suji and Lulu limited edition Love Pin!  Available…soon!

After taking the week to decompress from my L.A. trip and catch up with duties on the home front, I switch my focus to my ballooning development slate.  Plenty more marbles being added to the race.  But still holding high hopes for my favorite.

On a somewhat related note, starting to outline my second script for TimEscape, my positively bananas sci-fi time travel romp.  Head on over and follow the growing army @timescape_hq.      

Making a living terrifying children.  What a dream job!

One thought on “October 4, 2019: And the winner of the Stargate: Atlantis Greatest Episode Tournament is…

  1. The Suji/Lulu pin is cute as anything.

    Wrinkles the Clown however, is like every nightmare I ever had as a kid wrapping up into one. (I hate clowns!)

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