And following four hard-fought quarterfinal matches, the stage is set for the semifinal match-ups in our Stargate: Atlantis Greatest Episode Tournament!

McKay and Mrs. Miller vs Rising

Two clear fan favorites face off in second round action.  I’m not surprised to see Rising here but, to be honest, am a little surprised to see McKay and Mrs. Miller make the semi’s over episodes like Vegas, Duet, The Last Man, Common Ground, and Be All My Sins Remember’d.  Not that I don’t think the episode is terrific.  It’s just that, at the time of their airing, the aforementioned episodes received so much more buzz.  But, I suppose, time and re-watches have a way of evening the playing field, allowing audiences to come at them with a fresh perspective.

Midway vs Siege Part 3 vs The Shrine

It was supposed to be a Final Four but because Siege Part 3 and The Shrine ended up tying in their face-off, both ended up advancing, setting up a three-way duel where only one will survive.

Unless, of course, we end up with another tie.

All three of these episodes received a lot of love on their initial airing and it’s no surprise to see any of them make the semi’s.  But, as I mentioned earlier in this post, it IS surprising to see some of the more seemingly popular episodes NOT make it.  I’ve already mentioned my surprise upset victims.  What are yours? 


7 thoughts on “September 28, 2019: The Stargate: Atlantis Greatest Episode Tournament semifinals! Who made it and who didn’t!

  1. Hi Joe
    I remember Harmony very fondly. I don’t recall seeing it on the playdowns (I might have missed one) then again it might not have been a fan favourite.


  2. I was a big fan of The Shrine, so I am not surprised it got this far. In fact I would take The Shrine over the Tao of Rodney. Although I must say that I would have taken Duet over either of them.

  3. Ach! There have been so many great episodes over the years, that having to choose just one isn’t fair! 🙂 I’ve thought about which episode would I recommend to someone not familiar with the show. For me, it was “Tao of Rodney” because no matter what show anyone watches it always comes down to how you become emotionally engaged with the characters and how they interact with each other. And this one had a great sense of humor along with the peril and camaraderie.

    So sorry you couldn’t find a pup to take home. They were all adorable, and thank you for your dedication to adopting seniors with issues. You and Akemi are special people.

    And hoping you finally get traction on a project. Executives – what can you do? Smack em’ up side the head in my opinion.

  4. Too bad Sateda wasn’t considered. It had a very “cinematic” feel to it. Well written, produced, and directed. Also Runner which introduced the Ronon character played by a young Jason Momoa.

  5. What? After his ground breaking and award winning appearance of “A Dog’s Breakfast” you would be surprised at the emergence of the performances of “McKay and Mrs. Miller” as a finalist?

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