So, the plan was to (possibly) adopt a dog on this trip to L.A.  That WAS the (possible) plan but, alas, it doesn’t look like we’ll be adding to the pack.  Not on this trip anyway.  And, to be honest, it is kind of heartbreaking.  Given the fact that we already have two special needs seniors back home – one of who is quite possessive and a bit of a bully – we had to be very selective.  Ultimately, we needed a beta boy (like our late Bubba) but, at least on this trip anyway, we weren’t able to find a match.  

Yesterday, we visited Pug Nation of Los Angeles.   It was a bit of a trek, over an hour by car, and, while there, I experienced a range of emotions: delight meeting these beautiful pugs and sadness at the thought that, in many cases, people have given up on them.  Which is why the work that rescues like Pug Nation of L.A. do is so important.  The volunteers who work at the shelter clearly love the pugs under their care and it’s heartening to see them receive the care they deserve – but, on the other hand, incredibly hard to leave them.  I made a donation but still, I can’t help but think about those poor little ones.  As I told the woman in charge, if I had a house in L.A. with a backyard, I would probably take a couple.  But living in an apartment in another country on the other side of the continent makes it difficult.


These were just a few of the cuties that smote me on my visit –

This lovable little puffball , Lexxie, was incredibly chill in comparison to many of the other more energetic pugs.  A 12 year old gal with hind leg weakness and some vision issues, the second I put my hand on her she rolled over for a belly rub.

What a sweetheart.

Kandy was another doll.  A quiet 10 year old, she didn’t really respond when we first came by and then, eventually, perked up.  She also suffers from some hind leg weakness and, like Suji, needs to have her bladder expressed.

Love the tongue.

And then there was Sandi.

She was delighted to meet Akemi and just followed her around.

She’s 12 and pretty healthy despite some slight vision impairment.  She does LOVE attention.

These two, I think, were, I believe, Bubba and Mater, a bonded pair.  

Another shot of Lexxie.

And one more shot of Lexxie.

If you care to help out by making a donation, head over to Pug Nation LA, scroll down to the bottom, and hit the donate button.

5 thoughts on “September 27, 2019: Pug Nation of Los Angeles

  1. In the next county to me, there are over 100 poodles getting ready for adoption. There was a hoarding situation. I think a poodle might keep my chigi in line.

  2. I’m not sure if you have heard of The Pug Queen or not. She lives in LA and has a non-profit rescue for pugs (or occasionally small mixed with pug breeds) that she runs out of her home, and uses many foster families too. I think she has about 25 pugs with her right now and shes expecting about 20 more from Chendu China in the next month or so. They were rescued from the horrible dog meat trade. No matter how damaged the pugs are or how much vet work they need she never says no to help a pug from anywhere.
    Anyway I just thought if you have the time and desire you night be able to check out her brood and find a match. Or when your home check out her website and you can see pics of who’s available for adoption now or communicate with her as to what pugs are receiving vet care now but will be up for adoption soon.
    Take care and bless you for helping the innocent pug lives as much as you do! 💕

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